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Primary Teaching Resources For Foreign Language Teaching – Created By Teachers For Teachers

Primary Teaching Resources

In the early 2000s, when foreign language teaching first came to prominence at primary school level, we soon realised that schools and teachers had little or no support. There were piecemeal solutions, but no primary teaching resources covered all aspects of the curriculum.

We set out to create a system that would make life easier and found there were two major problems in our primary schools:


Firstly, teachers were (understandably) wary of foreign language teaching.

Perhaps they struggled with a certain language at school and felt they couldn’t develop the skills necessary to teach the subject with confidence. Or, they simply couldn’t contend with the stress of further training, on top of an already heavy workload that keeps on increasing.

Then secondly - headteachers struggled to fill the skills gap. 

As you know, there’s a shortage of qualified language teachers and assistants – either for full time or visiting roles. On top of which – I don’t have to tell you – budgets are stretched to the limit.

Both problems seemed insurmountable, so we created Language Angels as a ready-made foreign languages primary teaching solution.

Written by teachers for teachers, it’s a new breed of classroom primary teaching resources – without the usual price tag of high-end digital learning.

  • It uses games, songs and interactive whiteboard materials – including digital audio files to help with pronunciation.
  • There's no lesson preparation – every lesson comes pre-planned.
  • Any teacher can use it - whether they have language skills or not.
  • And it's fully compliant with the DfE Languages Programme of Study for Key Stage 2.

Each lesson is built around specific goals and subject themes so that pupils can develop their language skills as a series of building blocks. Teachers are equipped with answers to questions that might emerge during the lesson – and with 24/7 support, they can escalate any questions that present more of a challenge.

That makes it ideal for teachers. And headteachers find it invaluable too:​​​​

  • Reporting is easy. It comes with an all-encompassing Tracking and Progression Tool, so you can measure the progress of each pupil, each class, and the school as a whole.
  • It’s cost-effective: just £199 (exc. VAT) for unlimited access for all teachers and all pupils in your school – that’s less than £5 per school week.
  • Plus, it’s future-proof - continually updated and improved, as the curriculum evolves.

I believe that Language Angels primary teaching resources are the complete answer to the challenges of teaching foreign languages in primary school. Not just a low-cost alternative to finding language specialists, but also a more reliable and more enjoyable solution.

However, I wouldn’t expect you to just take my word for it. Which is why we offer a COMPLETELY FREE 6-WEEK TRIAL of all of our resources. This “test-drive” really is the best way for you and your colleagues to see for yourselves exactly what Language Angels primary teaching resources can help you and your school achieve.

You can sign up for a free trial of our primary teaching resources HERE or, alternatively, at our website You’ll also find lots more information about Language Angels there including pages of testimonials from real teachers in real primary schools all around the UK.

Maya Brown

Withymoor Primary School - Dudley

Our school has found Language Angels brilliant. As MFL coordinator it has eased the burden of curriculum planning and resource making and has empowered the staff to have the confidence to teach French even when they know little of the language themselves. The children also love the games and activities that come with it. Thank you.

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