Francesca Pini is the founder of Language Angels. As well as writing all the Language Angels materials she works alongside her husband managing the Language Angels team. She supports an ever-growing number of schools around the country, aiding their staff to embed and sustain foreign languages on their curriculum using Language Angels as their primary tool. Importantly she still teaches languages in a London Gold school and currently holds the title of Teaching and Learning Mentor. She regularly speaks at conferences and presents webinars on primary language teaching - most recently focussing on assessment and progression in the new primary foreign languages Programme of Study.


She has over 20 years cross-phase teaching experience, ranging from teaching preschool and nursery children all the way to teaching and training adults. During her career she has held a variety of language teaching posts including Head of Department, Primary Coordinator, CILT regional trainer and AST but her most impressive work has been in the creation and subsequent success of Language Angels. By enabling primary schools to easily deliver a compliant, challenging but fun foreign languages curriculum, we are helping them lay down the foundations for each pupil's foreign language learning journey. Having helped primary school children develop confidence, competence and a passion for language learning over the past 6 years, we are now beginning to see an increase in the uptake of foreign languages at GCSE with significantly improved results, as pupils continue their language learning journey post primary phase.

"I want to ensure that every single child at primary school has a real opportunity to learn a foreign language, irrespective of where they live, dwindling budgets and lack of subject specialism. We all know these are not ideal conditions but I have shown and proven it can be done and done well. I am adamant that I will reverse the trend of poor foreign language acquisition in this country and produce the excellent and committed linguists our country so desperately requires and deserves for our future success. I have shown that, if we get it right and build on the solid language foundations laid at primary level, passion for languages and subsequent success will follow"

If you would like further information, please feel free to contact Francesca at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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