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Language Angels has been a life saver to me in providing resources and support for the three schools in which I teach. The scheme covers everything a school needs to be compliant for non-specialist teachers and allows specialists to tweak according to their need. The technical support has also been prompt and thorough. I certainly feel part of a Language Angels team.

Date of Posting: 24 April 2019
Posted By: Elizabeth Fletcher
(Woodlands Primary Academy - Oldham)

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that the children absolutely love your resources and they especially adore the songs that they have learnt so far. Their favourite by far is the days of the week song. If they are well behaved, I put it on as a treat for them to sing and dance to. We haven't been able to check out all the songs available yet but we look forward to what else you have. I just felt you should know how much we are enjoying your resources! Language Angels is fabulous and I regularly recommend you guys to my teacher friends in other schools. Thank you for everything.

Date of Posting: 10 April 2019
Posted By: Trudi Amponsah
(St Andrew's Benn C of E Primary School – Rugby)

Our school has found Language Angels brilliant. As MFL coordinator it has eased the burden of curriculum planning and resource making and has empowered the staff to have the confidence to teach French even when they know little of the language themselves. The children also love the games and activities that come with it. Thank you.

Date of Posting: 01 April 2019
Posted By: Maya Brown
(Withymoor Primary School - Dudley)

We have been using Language Angels for the past 2 years across years 3-6 for French and Spanish and have found it an interesting and useful MFL tool. The topics are ordered in an appropriate and interesting way for each year group covering a variety of vocabulary sets and grammar points. We have the found the worksheets to engage the pupils, enabling us to extend their knowledge and easily track progress. The games are an excellent extension/rewards activity and our pupils love being able to access them at home – thus reinforcing classwork,

Date of Posting: 29 March 2019
Posted By: Louise Lightfoot
(GEMS Metropole School (Motor City) - Dubai)

We love Language Angels! It is so easy to use and laid out so well. The children love the range of topics, songs and games and the staff love how they (as non-specialists) can teach languages so effectively. Could not recommend it more!

Date of Posting: 29 March 2019
Posted By: Helen Robbins
(Cape Primary School - Smethwick)

Language Angels is so easy to use. All the planning is done for you and the end of unit assessments provide an accurate picture of where each child is. The programme is presented in such a way that units can be allocated to different year groups for each half term. The children enjoy being able to access the games at home, providing valuable activities to consolidate their learning, while sharing what they have been covering with their parents. The lesson resources include sound which means that even a beginner can teach the correct pronunciation. The team at Language Angels are always on hand and respond to requests efficiently.

Date of Posting: 06 March 2019
Posted By: Arlene Hudson
(Holy Cross Primary Academy - Nottingham)

I have been really pleased with my decision to subscribe to Language Angels. Even though I have been teaching French for the last 12 years and have tons of resources, I like the way Language Angels is organised. Each unit is well planned, allowing for progression and building on skills. The printed resources are useful and I especially appreciate the end of unit assessments, as this has always been a challenge.
The songs and games also give an extra dimension to aid language teaching and to encourage a love of language in young children. Finally, having been off sick for a period of time recently, I was relieved to be able to let the cover teachers ( all non specialists) use Language Angels to carry on my lessons, as it is so clear and easy to use.

Date of Posting: 11 February 2019
Posted By: Fiona Cohen
(Bronte House School - West Yorkshire)

Language Angels has enabled us to enjoy teaching French. The prepared resources and support materials allow time to be given to the quality of the delivery and deepening the understanding of the content. We even learn too!

The cross-curricular links are wonderful and it has inspired the children to take ownership and WANT to learn more vocabulary and share their French words in different subjects.

Date of Posting: 07 February 2019
Posted By: Ruth Cousins
(Round Diamond Primary School - Hertfordshire)

Language Angels is an exceptional website. It provides an extensive and informative step by step guide to primary languages success. It has broken down and interpreted the 12 foreign language teaching requirements listed in the DfE Languages Programme of Study into interesting and exciting lessons within the classroom. It also ensures that we are on track to meet what is expected of schools in terms of foreign language teaching and learning. The pupils in our school thoroughly enjoy the lessons and their confidence and enjoyment in speaking another language is growing.

Date of Posting: 31 January 2019
Posted By: Jane Best
(St Jude's Primary School - Portsmouth)

I’m really enjoying teaching MFL to Key stage 2 using Language Angels. I am a year 4 class teacher but also teach Spanish to years 3 ,4 and 5 and French to year 6 . I am very busy and so it is great to have language angels as a structure for my lessons. I plan around it and as I used to be a secondary language teacher for many years , I do supplement it with my own things . A non language specialist , however, could easily and simply just follow the programme with no additional resources or planning required. It is very easy to use and having all the worksheets, PowerPoints games and assessments ready and waiting is great. I also love all the documentation that you provide to show that it is national curriculum compliant as well as schemes of work, lesson plans etc all ready to go . The creative units are great and cover many ks2 topics. My year 4 loved learning about the Tudors in Spanish alongside our history lessons. Great cross over. I also used it for kS1 as the core language units are very basic and accessible to younger learners too. I would recommend Language Angels!

Date of Posting: 28 January 2019
Posted By: Claire Casson
(St Bede's Prep School - Manchester)

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