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We are using the units in our school to deliver the MFL curriculum. The teachers are comfortable using it as they don’t need to be “French Speakers” and your website makes this less scary and less stressful especially as it is all planned, ready to deliver. I would (and have) recommended it to other schools to try!

Date of Posting: 03 January 2015
Posted By: Justine Florido (Lime Walk Primary - Herts)

Language Angels has been really supportive as we have moved over to the New Curriculum 2014. We were already teaching French to our Key Stage 2 pupils, but this resource has given our teachers the confidence to teach MFL in the light of the curriculum changes. The children find the interactive nature of the lessons interesting and the teachers like the planning format. Thank you Language Angels for all your help!

Date of Posting: 03 January 2015
Posted By: Wendy-May Foster (Wareside Primary - Herts)

Two Waters Primary School have been using Language Angels to teach French, for around two years. Prior to that, we were using 'bits and bobs' from 'here and there' and in some classes no French was being taught at all! All KS2 teachers now teach French lessons every week and there's even some teaching in KS1 too! Teachers and pupils love the scheme! Teachers, who had previously lacked confidence when delivering a language, now confidently teach the subject. Each lesson has been planned for them, including all of the required resources. The children (and teachers) can hear the vocabulary being pronounced by a French speaker at the click of a button! The games and worksheets have been enjoyed by all age groups. Many of the topics link to subjects being taught in the class, which certainly enhances our creative curriculum. Display material, linked to the topic, reinforces new language learnt and also assists visual learners. In addition to all of this, teachers now have end of unit assessments (self assessments and more formal), which it seems, will satisfy Ofsted criteria. Finally, Language Angels now provide a suggested timetable which shows which topics should be taught for each year group over each half term. This ensures that clear progression is achieved. On a last note, I must also mention the excellent and very prompt support provided by Paolo and Francesca. Thank you Language Angels!

Date of Posting: 03 January 2015
Posted By: Jane Hill (Two Waters Primary - Hertfordshire)

Our children love the fun and interactive games on Language Angels, they particularly love the games where they have to beat the clock! The children listen to an authentic French speaker modelling the target language. Lesson worksheets are differentiated for most learners & every unit gives our children an opportunity to practise the 4 language learning skills. I am really enjoying teaching French with Language Angels.

Date of Posting: 03 January 2015
Posted By: Samantha Ridout (Downsell Primary School - London)

Teachers are finding Language Angels a fantastic resource. It gives them confidence with pronunciation and lesson planning. The modules are well designed to match curriculum topics which helps to reinforce prior learning across subjects. Links to grammar are strengthened giving an added boost to the focus on English grammar in the new curriculum.

Date of Posting: 03 January 2015
Posted By: Bridget Knapper (Burnt Ash Primary - Bromley)

Language Angels has been a brilliant support for me as I was given the task of introducing Spanish across the whole of KS2 this academic year. The scheme Is ‘fool-proof’; each lesson is planned and resources explained step by step for teachers. Added to this, my students really enjoy the games and worksheets the scheme provides, and being able to log on with their individual logons at home means that parents can be involved in their learning too. Paolo and his team respond to questions and queries quickly and can’t do enough to help!

Date of Posting: 03 January 2015
Posted By: Helen Manly (Bowmansgreen Primary - Hertfordshire)

Language Angels supported our teachers who are not specialists in MFL and those who can't speak Spanish. They used the lesson plans to either follow or for ideas and the resources were very useful especially those with the sound buttons as they didn't feel embarrassed by having to speak a language they were not confident in to the children.

Date of Posting: 03 January 2015
Posted By: Susan Wiles (Bursted Wood Primary - Bexleyheath)

Language Angels is quick and easy to use, providing a great starting point for teachers who may be unfamiliar with a certain language. The resources are simple to navigate and use within the classroom. I've been using the French on Language Angels, it is easy to use and navigate around. The PowerPoint resources are bright and eye catching with really useful pictures to explain the words.The audio pronunciation is really clear and it can be repeated as many times as you like using the speaker symbol. This is very useful both in the class and when planning, so I can check my own pronunciation!

Date of Posting: 03 January 2015
Posted By: Sarah Garbutt (Five Lanes Primary - Wiltshire)

Used in a mixed age group class very effectively. Easy to use and the children enjoy it!

Date of Posting: 03 January 2015
Posted By: Jackie Gunter (Hindon Primary School - Salisbury)

I have been using Language Angels to teach Spanish to children with special educational needs. I have used it to teach pupils aged between 8 and 14 with varying degrees of needs. I have been able to differentiate all the resources available for the language. The children have enjoyed the structure of the lessons and staff have also enjoyed learning the language.
The games for each topic are great for group work on the interactive whiteboard or for individual work on tables or computers. The end of the topic assessment was easy to complete and I was able to use this as my assessment evidence.

Date of Posting: 23 December 2014
Posted By: Jeanette Cole (Fairmead School - Somerset)

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