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This is the fourth year I am using it so it must be good!

Date of Posting: 23 December 2014
Posted By: Noella Cuven (Al Yasmina School - UAE)

Earlier this year I was thrilled when our Head Teacher asked me if I would be interested in teaching Spanish to KS2. Learning Spanish is my hobby and I visit my house near Barcelona, as often as I can. However, moments after saying yes, the reality hit me. Where would I start? How good is my accent? I lead Nursery and Reception, I haven't taught KS2 for some years, how would I keep these older children engaged? Would this mean more hours of making games, props and work sheets? Then my Head explained he was considering buying in to 'Language Angels' and would I have a look at it and tell him my thoughts. This I did and I immediately realised what a brilliant resource he had discovered. I quickly emailed him saying 'Yes please!' and in September the children and I began our 'Language Angels' adventure. Right from the start we have all found it fun and engaging. I deliver lessons to a Y3/4 class and a Y5/6 class. Both classes started at the same entry point but it is fascinating to see how each lesson evolves differently, as we make full use of all the resources available. Everything is so easy to use: listening repeatedly, moving through the lessons, playing the interactive games. I have not needed to write lesson plans, to prepare any resources and have not needed to worry about my accent as the voice on the program is so clear. Everything I need is at my fingertips. However, as stated in the teacher's notes, there is plenty of opportunity for me to add in bits of my personal knowledge and although it is absolutely unnecessary, I have enjoyed adding in some little ideas of my own, like playing a bingo game about colours, after learning them through the program. At the end of the first unit the children used the assessment sheets. As we had some extra time we used the two options and the children reported that they really enjoyed doing both. All the children are very enthusiastic about our lessons and I hear them practising around school. They seek me out to ask what we'll be learning next and many are teaching their parents and siblings and bringing in books to support their learning. So .......... what more could you want but this easy-to-use, engaging, fun, hassle-free program. I thoroughly recommend it to all and thank you Paolo Pini for Language Angels.

Date of Posting: 23 December 2014
Posted By: Ann Stone (Acorns Primary School - Warwickshire)

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