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Language Angels is a fantastic resource - enabling confident and non-French speakers alike to deliver interesting and engaging lessons to the children. There is a great variety of differentiated activities, games, songs and more to choose from in each unit meaning an end to searching for resources (with support and challenge).

One of the aspects that I like the most, is the confidence that Paolo, Francesca and the Language Angels approach gives me as MFL Subject Leader. They provide tracking tools, subject leader advice and all the resources that you require to show that you are providing a systematic and progressive approach to modern languages teaching. CPD sessions are also offered and specifically delivered to give practical tips and understanding of the key requirements.

I would recommend it to anyone looking to deliver a structured and fun approach to language provision.

Date of Posting: 03 January 2022
Posted By: Anna Low
(Sticklands Primary School - Dorset)

Language Angels is a fantastic scheme of work that has really transformed the way our school teaches French. Since using Language Angels, we have seen such a difference in the engagement of the children and it has really brought a love of language into the school. The website is incredibly user friendly and the high quality resources have saved teachers so much time. Each lesson ensures children take part in speaking, listening, reading and writing activities which has increased the progression for the children. We now feel that they are so much better prepared for the transition into secondary school language learning. Additionally, Language Angels always go above and beyond to interact with our school on Twitter which we are so appreciative of! Thank you Language Angels!

Date of Posting: 30 December 2021
Posted By: Hayley Prichard-Jones
(Boldmere Junior School - Sutton Coldfield)

Language Angels is a great tool to help teach another language to our children. It has great videos for us teachers to learn from. The range of activities the children do is great. We did a pupil voice and they all said they loved learning with Language Angels as it was fun and they liked the part where it helps to pronounce the words and sounds.

Date of Posting: 09 December 2021
Posted By: Samantha Whatling
(Nene and Ramnoth Primary School - Wisbech)

Language Angels is an essential teaching and learning resource for me, especially as I am completely new to Spanish, not knowing a word of it other than Hola, Adios, Agua con gas or Agua sin gas when I'm on holiday! The resource is easy to navigate and very straight forward to use. The interactive, ready-made slides are great fun, engaging pupils and teachers alike, whilst the differentiated, ready-made resources for every lesson accommodate all stages of learning.

Date of Posting: 06 December 2021
Posted By: Claire Macfie
(The Galfrid School - Cambridge)

We initially started considered changing our Language scheme provider during the first National lockdown, as our school’s IT platform was not compatible with that of the scheme provider - although online learning was available, often it did not match the unit of work classes were following.

I enquired about a trial scheme. Language Angels was trialled after reading testimonies from other MFL teachers. The children were told what was happening with regard to the trial and their opinions sought for each Language Angel lesson they had. Unanimously, the children preferred Language Angels.

However, it became clearer that as a school we had made the right choice after I had completed teaching the first unit. I had looked at the various videos, uploaded each classes’ individual children’s names, then after inputting the assessment scores, I was given an overall score in percentage terms and Mastery; Exceeding Expectations; Meeting Expectations; Working Towards Expectations and Below Expectations. I could also use informal “I can” assessments.

The scheme matches National Curriculum expectations; has key vocabulary, knowledge organisers for each unit. It has Early Language, Intermediate and Progressive Language levels, plus many units within each level, so I can ensure breadth and depth of language learning throughout Key Stage 2. As a school, we are due to be inspected this academic year. I was recently interviewed by a School Improvement Partner in preparation for a possible MFL “deep dive” style interview - I was able to provide evidence to support my answers, as support and guidance given in Language Angels curriculum and tracking and data areas is thorough.

I’m completing the school’s first term using Language Angels - I absolutely love watching the children’s engagement and enjoyment in learning Spanish - best of all, I love their informal comments whenever they see me - usually in Spanish, always asking when they’re next having their formal lesson!

Date of Posting: 06 December 2021
Posted By: Annemarie Roberts
(St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School - Warrington)

Our school started using Language Angels this year. We have found it to be easy to access, very straightforward with clear concise lessons. The children enjoy the games and are even excited about the assessments! We found it has enhanced our children's learning.

Date of Posting: 03 December 2021
Posted By: Claire Newton
(Overchurch Junior School - Birkenhead)

Please find herewith a testimonial from one of my teachers...

My confidence in teaching French has increased significantly and I find myself really enjoying teaching the French lessons. The children are able to use their knowledge from prior lessons to complete the current task. I feel that the children are enjoying the French lessons too and love the interactive games that are available.

... and myself

I cannot praise Language Angels enough. They have increased the confidence of my staff in delivering lessons and the children look forward to their French lessons each week. There is a great balance or oral work, reading and written work building towards conversational French. The resources are excellent . As a small school I had to have the plans personalised to meet the requirements of our mixed age classes and Paolo and his team swiftly organised that for us. They are also always available to support with any issue you may have.

Date of Posting: 03 December 2021
Posted By: Sharon Hatton
(Worlaby Academy - Brigg)

We subscribed to Language Angels following a recommendation from our local languages network meeting as part of the Loughborough Learning Alliance. Subscribing as part of a network of schools meant that we were able to secure a very good price and share the experience of using the same resource.

Whilst it is early days in terms of using the scheme my experience so far has been very positive. Initially the Language Angels team were able to advise me brilliantly on selecting the most suitable units for our KS2 classes. This advice meant that our children experience a solid and steady progression in their language learning. The units are interesting and engaging for the children whilst also giving them valuable language knowledge and understanding.

Previously we had used photocopied pupil booklets and I had to create all relevant resources but with Language Angels the children work in exercise books and all resources, including differentiation, are all provided. This is a massive bonus for me in saving time and having a variety of engaging tasks for the children to complete that consolidate their knowledge. There is an excellent balance of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

What I believe will be most valuable is the assessment task at the end of each unit. This is something I have found challenging to achieve in the past but now it is all there for me. Whilst a great deal of assessment is on-going I now have a summative assessment to use.

The PowerPoints are fabulous and mean that any member of staff can pick up a lesson and give it a try as all the audio is integrated into the slides. I just need to build staff confidence in trying this when I am not able to teach!

There have been some areas that I have been less sure of. The phonics units at the start of each year are on the whole very good but the expectation that we could get through the full alphabet with the Year 3 & 4 children was too optimistic for me. We focused on the vowels and key phonic sounds and have left the full alphabet for Y5 & 6. Fitting the full phonics unit in before the main unit has meant time is tight to cover everything. So far the majority of tasks have been well matched to ability and having differentiated tasks is great but one or two tasks have proven to be tricky for the Year 3 children. For example, labelling the key cities on the map of Spain was hard for them. I opted to use a different map outline and created my own PPT to support this task.

Overall I am really pleased with Language Angels and am enjoying delivering the scheme.

Date of Posting: 02 December 2021
Posted By: Jo Smith
(Belmont Primary School - Swadlincote)

Everything about Language Angels is amazing! Right from the start of setting up the subscription to the actual teaching of the lesson. The website is easy to navigate around. When I have a query, the team is happy to help regardless of how silly my query is. The lessons are well planned and it is so helpful to have the pronunciation of the words there for you (especially as I'm not a French speaker) The children love the games and songs and, as the subject lead, I find having all the relevant documentation in one place extremely helpful (progression, assessments, guidance etc.) I have attended CPD which I found very interesting. I personally think the subscription to Language Angels is well worth the money.

Date of Posting: 02 December 2021
Posted By: Sally Clark
(Newlands Primary School - Kent)

Language Angels has been great for our staff having previously used an outdated scheme that required a lot of additional work to use effectively and that didn’t support teachers with developing subject knowledge. Language Angels has however equipped our teachers with easy to use resources, CPD support and is something the children enjoy with specialist speakers providing voice and sound clips for correct pronunciation. Language learning made much easier! Thank you!

Date of Posting: 02 December 2021
Posted By: Tom Gawne
(Great Sankey Primary School - Warrington)

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