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We started using Language Angels during Lockdown as a free trial and quickly realised what a comprehensive, engaging and fantastic resource it is.

The children are completely engaged in every lesson and the resources are well thought out and of an excellent standard. Language Angels provide differentiated resources to challenge every level of ability which ensures that each individual in your class is challenged and stretched.

The dashboard provides resources and easy to access materials for every aspect of teaching, learning and assessment. Every aspect is covered! Every unit finishes with a child friendly assessment that allows you to chart every child's progress and POS covered.

In addition, the support seminars have been incredibly useful and highlight the professionalism and passion for ensuring MFL continues to be central to our broad and varied curriculum.

Thank you so much to Francesca and Paolo Pini for creating Language Angels. I can't imagine our school without you!

Date of Posting: 08 July 2021
Posted By: Christina Al-Hasso
(Hampton Junior School - Richmond)

This past year and a half has been crazy with Covid and trying to teach. That's where Language Angels stepped in, and truly like an Angel, helped me organize and teach my 7th graders, French 1a classes in middle school! It's the best!

Date of Posting: 01 July 2021
Posted By: Jeanne Engelkemeir
(West Milwaukee Intermediate School - Wisconsin, USA)

Language Angels has transformed our French teaching. The scheme is so well thought out and sequenced with resources provided that it has given our teachers (all of whom are non-specialist) the confidence to have a go with language teaching. The children really enjoy the range of games and songs, and the online games were an amazing resource to share with the children over lockdown.

Date of Posting: 17 June 2021
Posted By: Anna Judd
(Meon Junior School - Portsmouth)

We are very new to Language Angels; so far we have been trialling it during the summer term! We have found it very user friendly, it has lots of ready made resources and interactive games to use and clear step by step lessons to follow. Language Angels has helped our school raise the profile of MFL and spark lots of interest and excitement in learning a new language. Parents have also reported that their children have been keen to share their learning at home. We have just designed our long term plan and can't wait to get started with it in September. We are having a French themed day, across school, to launch our learning.

Date of Posting: 10 June 2021
Posted By: Kathrine Gibson
(Hartshead J&I School - Kirklees)

Fabulous resources and exceptional service! Such a wonderful scheme!

Paolo (and the rest of the team) is always helpful, attentive and very thoughtful. I’m fairly new to my MFL role in my school and he has always been supportive, going the extra mile to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The lessons are so easy to follow; pupils engage fully! Great planning, games and differentiated and visual resources. Language Angels has really increased the confidence of all the staff in my school thanks to the comprehensive curriculum guides and extra CPD for non-specialist teachers.

Thank you, Language Angels. You provide outstanding resources and support which saves us time and all our teachers and children love. Simply wonderful and I couldn’t recommend you highly enough!

Date of Posting: 17 May 2021
Posted By: Maria Del Rio
(Budbrooke Primary School - Warwick)

We have now been using Language Angels in our school for three years and I highly recommend it. The system is very well-structured so that children can build on their knowledge year on year and there is a very clear learning pathway. The activities are engaging and are well-differentiated. The children enjoy the interactive games which are an excellent way of revisiting vocabulary. As well as being extremely reliable, the site is very well laid out enabling you to find resources quickly and easily. The assessment system is very easy to use and provides a good record of units covered and attainment in the key skills of reading , listening, reading and writing. This really is an excellent system which I would not hesitate in recommending.

Date of Posting: 22 April 2021
Posted By: Nicola Geller
(Holland House School - Edgware)

I have been using Language Angels in both my previous school and my current one, and have always found Paolo and the team to be a delight to work with. They communicate quickly and efficiently and are always open to ideas on how to further support teachers by constantly evolving and developing the resources on offer. The children enjoy the interactive games and these really help to consolidate language we cover in class. The Home School section was very useful during lockdown too. I would highly recommend Language Angels to anyone teaching MFL as a class or a club.

Date of Posting: 19 April 2021
Posted By: Anouska Blaza
(Kent College Junior School - Canterbury)

As a small, independent school, we have used the lessons and resources on the Language Angels website with tremendous success. The repetition of key vocabulary as well as the reinforcement of the units with appropriate and differentiated worksheets has been an invaluable addition to our vibrant French curriculum. Students enjoy the wide range of activities and PowerPoints. We have also noticed a marked improvement in the pronunciation of words since using the website.

Date of Posting: 12 April 2021
Posted By: Languages Teacher
(St. Martin's School - London)

I have been teaching French to primary and middle school aged pupils for over 20 years. I have always used a textbook-based resource and have supplemented this with my own PowerPoints, worksheets and video clips etc.

Since starting at Woodfield Academy in September 2019, I have been teaching French to all of year 5 and 6, using Language Angels, which I had not previously been aware of!

I find Language Angels extremely easy to follow and like the progression of skills and assessments provided. My pupils really enjoy the lessons and are fully engaged with the activities. Differentiated work is included in every lesson, so each pupil is able to achieve success. There are a range of activities, focusing on all 4 skills. It has been particularly useful during the current lockdown to support our pupils' French learning at home.

Date of Posting: 08 April 2021
Posted By: Nathalie Brooker
(Woodfield Academy - Redditch)

We have been using Language Angels since September and have had a very positive experience so far. Prior to this, MFL teaching was not as consistent as we would have liked resulting in gaps in the children's knowledge. Paolo and his team worked with me to create a bespoke two-year plan to plug those gaps. The children have enjoyed the units we have used so far and even staff with little or no MFL experience are now teaching units with increasing confidence. The units are extremely clear to follow, with follow-up activities for a range of abilities and assessments to track progression. During lockdown we have given access to the home school section which has allowed our pupils to continue to learn at home. This is brilliant and easy to use and we have had great feedback from parents.

Date of Posting: 08 April 2021
Posted By: Gemma Bryan
(St Leonard’s C of E Primary School - Staffordshire)

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