Curriculum Guidance

Below are a series of documents that will help you get even more from your Language Angels resources.


Below is a Foreign Languages Policy template for you to use. We’ve made it pretty all-encompassing but it is fully editable so you can change it to meet the specific requirements of your school. We’ve left some areas blank so you can enter the data that is relevant to your school. Blank areas that need completion / editing by you are represented by text in < > brackets (for example < INSERT FOREIGN LANGUAGE(S) TAUGHT >).

Language Angels Foreign Languages Policy


With the changes to the KS2 languages curriculum that took effect from September 2014 you may be wondering what key areas you should now be focussing on in your foreign language lessons. You may also be trying to plan which Language Angels units you should teach to meet and surpass each of the new requirements expected of you. You can download our KS2 Programme Of Study Curriculum Compliance Grid by clicking on the link below. The grid lists each of the 12 teaching requirements from the new programme of study and then explains which key language learning skill is being focussed on and which Language Angels unit(s) best meet the requirements stated.

Language Angels KS2 Programme Of Study Curriculum Compliance Grid

In addition, if you'd like to know where each of the key language learning skills required by the new curriculum (speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar) are taught in each of our Language Angels units then download our Language Skills Grid below.

Language Skills Grid For Language Angels Units

Below you will find our Grammar Grid. This document details which essential grammar concepts we introduce, teach & revise in our units for each year of KS2. It’s a great document to use in your mid and long term planning.

Grammar Grid

If you're wondering how to interpret the 12 broad teaching requirements listed in the DfE KS2 Languages Programme of Study so that you can turn them into appropriate, manageable, deliverable chunks of information for delivery in your classroom then our Real Classroom Activities Per Skill For Each KS2 Year document below is a great place to start.

Real Classroom Activities Per Skill For Each KS2 Year

If you'd like to read the Department for Education KS2 Languages Programme Of Study for yourself you can download it by clicking the link below.

DfE KS2 Languages Programme Of Study


If you're looking for some suggestions as to which units to teach in which half-term throughout KS2 then download our Suggested KS2 MFL Teaching Half-Termly Planner.

Suggested KS2 MFL Teaching Half Termly Overview By Year Group


Many schools have asked us for some ideas on a KS2 into KS3 transition checklist that they can use to ensure their pupils are ready to successfully move into KS3 foreign language learning when they leave primary school at the end of Year 6. You can download our version below. It's being used in schools already and is helping both primary and secondary schools ensure their foreign language handover at the end of KS2 is accurate, clear and informative.

KS2 - KS3 Transition Checklist