Ready-Made Resources

A full suite of resources is provided for every lesson. Whether you teach KS2, KS1 or the whole of the primary phase – everything is catered for.

All of the teachers in your school get full, unlimited access to all of our resources - giving you access to all the resources you need to teach through the whole of primary phase, from Reception through to the end of key stage 2.

Our resources guarantee learning and progression and can be used by any teacher in your school - irrespective of their linguistic ability.

Everything needed to teach brilliantly successful foreign language lessons is provided including:

Interactive lesson materials

Interactive lesson materials with all instances of the foreign language pre-recorded using a native speaker and fully controlled by the teacher. No more pronunciation worries or concerns!

Detailed lesson plans & teacher support notes

Detailed lesson plans and comprehensive teacher support notes detailing what's on each PowerPoint slide plus language and grammar guidance and hints and tips so you get the very best from every one of your lessons.

Differentiated desk-based activities

Choose from a wide variety of differentiated activities and worksheets to embed knowledge, consolidate learning and ensure whole class learning. Activities cover all of the main language learning skills – speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar.

Auto tracking of learning & progression

Our Tracking & Progression Tool automatically links your teaching to the 12 teaching requirements set out in the DfE Languages Programme of Study for KS2. Use the comprehensive reporting facility to monitor where each of your pupils is in their foreign language learning journey. Click here to learn more

Cross-curricular units

A whole range of cross-curricular units linking to familiar curriculum topics. These include The Tudors, World War II, Healthy Eating, The Romans, Habitats and The Planets (to name but a few).

Songs & karaoke videos

A full range of fun and exciting karaoke videos and interactive games which your pupils can also access from home. Designed to consolidate your teaching, pupils love these and will be clamouring for more.

24/7 support

For total peace of mind, email and phone support is available 24/7.

Home School & interactive games

Full access to our Home School site to support the remote learning of all of your pupils.


Our resources support teachers of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities to ensure they can access the foreign languages curriculum.

Each of our teaching units contain 6 teaching lessons with each lesson designed to run for between 30 to 45 minutes.

We group our resources by the level of challenge and stretch they provide. This makes it easier for teachers to pick and choose units that will ensure their pupils are always learning and progressing.

We approach the teaching and learning of foreign languages like ‘language lego’. Start with small blocks of language knowledge, increase the number and complexity and encourage pupils to put the blocks together to create complex, adventurous and amazing linguistic structures.

Our units are organised by ‘Teaching Type’ with each teaching type representing a different level of challenge and stretch to make it easier and clearer for teachers to choose the most appropriate units for each of their classes. Our ‘Early Language’ units are our entry level units and are most appropriate for children with little or no previous foreign language learning. Our Intermediate units begin to get more challenging so they are good for pupils with some basic foreign language knowledge. Our Progressive units tend to be our most challenging units and are suitable for pupils with good foundations and understanding of the basics of the foreign language they are learning.


Full Curriculum Guidance

Whether you teach foreign languages or lead the subject in your school, all the documentation and guidance you need to ensure you are always ahead of the curve is provided.

Our curriculum guidance and planning service includes everything from providing all of the documentation and policies your school requires to guide your school’s foreign language learning journey to unit planners built bespoke for you. Everything your school’s foreign language leader needs is provided. Our unit planners cover your medium and long-term planning and detail which units we recommend are taught to each year group in your school for each half-term of the school year to ensure each pupil is challenged and stretched, all the requirements of DfE Languages Programme of Study for KS2 are met and substantial learning and progression is achieved.


Built-In Tracking & Assessment

Our resources automatically link your teaching to the 12 attainment targets set out in the DfE Languages Programme of Study for KS2 as well as giving you a comprehensive history of pupil learning and progression in the main language learning skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Our Language Angels Tracking & Progression Tool enables you to record, analyse and interpret data for the foreign language teaching you provide. You can use the comprehensive reporting facility to monitor where each of your pupils is in their foreign language learning journey.

With this tool you can:

  • View the Learning and Progression Timeline of a class or individual pupil. This visually demonstrates the progress your classes are making against the 12 teaching targets stipulated in the DfE Key Stage 2 Languages Programme of Study.
  • View and analyse overall class and individual pupil performance in each of the four key language learning skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).
  • All results are given as a total score, a percentage score and a performance description.
  • Our Tracking & Progression Tool records the progress of each of your pupils as measured by our End Of Unit Skills Assessments provided in Lesson 6 of each of our units.


Our Expertise & Experience

Click here to meet the team

Francesca and Paolo founded Language Angels in 2012 and since then the team has expanded to include an ever-growing number of foreign language teaching professionals, linguists and tech experts.

Francesca has spent more than 25 years teaching languages through all the educational key stages. She has held numerous leadership roles from Head of Department and Teaching & Learning Mentor to Advanced Skills Teacher for Languages in one of London’s largest boroughs.

Our team at Language Angels currently includes six of Francesca’s previous students who went on to study languages at university and are now an integral part of our Language Angels family. We have teachers on the team who have spent many years teaching languages using our resources and now offer our users advice, support and guidance to ensure they get the very most from every one of their language lessons.

Together, the Language Angels team support an ever-growing number of primary schools around the world, aiding their staff to embed and sustain foreign languages in their schools using Language Angels as their primary languages teaching platform.

At Language Angels we have a very clear aim: We want to ensure every child at primary school has a real opportunity to learn a foreign language, irrespective of where they live, stretched school budgets and lack of subject specialism. We know these may not be ideal conditions but we continue to prove it can be done and done well. We know that, together with the brilliant primary school teachers that use our platform, we can reverse earlier trends of poor foreign language acquisition and can help produce future generations of linguists. Importantly, we can do this without adding to the workload or stress levels of teachers.

Together we will build solid language learning foundations at primary level so a passion for languages and subsequent linguistic success will follow.

The Language Angels team regularly speak at conferences and present webinars on primary language teaching.

If you would like further information, please feel free to contact Francesca ([email protected]) or Paolo ([email protected]) directly


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