How does it work?

Teach a foreign language as part of your normal teaching day without adding to your workload or stress levels - irrespective of your linguistic confidence.

A full suite of resources

A complete suite of teaching resources is provided for every lesson. Whether you teach KS2, KS1 or the whole of the primary phase – everything is catered for. Interactive teaching materials are provided for all lessons.

Designed by experts

Our experienced team of foreign language teaching specialists and linguists have spent thousands of hours over many years creating, testing and refining our lessons and resources to ensure they deliver each and every time.

Remote access for pupils

Give your pupils remote access to resources to support their learning from home via our Language Angels app or the main website. Give pupils access to our fun and exciting interactive games – all designed to support and consolidate their learning.


Access to everything for 6-weeks!
No cost. No obligation. No-brainer.

You and everyone in your school gets full access to everything. Nothing is held back. You can review our resources with your colleagues, road-test them in your lessons and evaluate learning and progression - all before you make your decision.


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Full curriculum guidance & planning

Full curriculum support and bespoke planning for your languages medium and long-term planning.

Interactive lesson materials

Interactive lesson materials to use in your lesson – all including full pronunciation support.

Auto tracking of learning & progression

Automatically link your teaching to the attainment targets set out in the DfE Languages Programme of Study.

Detailed lesson plans & teacher support notes

Detailed teacher support documentation covering everything in your lesson so you always get the very best outcomes.

Differentiated desk-based activities

Choose from a wide variety of differentiated activities and worksheets to help embed knowledge.

Songs & karaoke videos

A full range of fun and exciting karaoke videos to use in class and your pupils can also access from home.

Home School & interactive games

Our Home School and range of interactive games can be used to support pupil learning.

Cross-curricular units

A range of cross-curricular units in the foreign language, linking to curriculum topics familiar to pupils.

24/7 support

For total peace of mind, email and phone support is available 24/7.

No extra workload - No extra stress

A complete set of ready-to-go teaching resources is provided for every lesson so teacher workload is minimised.

No pronunciation worries - No language expertise

All of the foreign language in our lessons is supported by professional native speaker audio files that are fully controlled by the teacher.

Access for ALL teachers and ALL pupils included

A Language Angels subscription gives all of the teachers and all of the pupils in your school access to everything.

Join our ever-growing Language Angels community.

We’re constantly in contact with users of our resources. Feedback and suggestions are built back into the platform to ensure you always have the most up-to-date, relevant and supportive platform of resources possible. Take a 6-WEEK FREE TRIAL and see for yourself.

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You and everyone in your school gets full access to everything. Nothing is held back. You can review our resources with your colleagues, road-test them in your lessons and evaluate learning and progression - all before you make your decision.

Free Trial

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There is nothing more important to us than the very highest standards of teaching and learning of primary foreign languages. To help you get the very best out of our platform and resources we have collated some of our most frequently asked questions to help you.

If your question is not answered below, please get in touch and one of the team will be delighted to help you.


What is Language Angels?

Language Angels is a ready-made foreign language teaching solution for all primary schools. This makes it possible for all primary school teachers to teach successful foreign language lessons irrespective of their linguistic confidence and without adding to their workload or stress levels.


Are your resources curriculum compliant?

Our resources are completely curriculum compliant. They have been written around the 12 DfE Languages Programme of Study attainment targets. As experienced teachers, linguists and trainers we are always abreast of any changes and ensure these are immediately reflected in our materials.


Are you a complete scheme of work?

Language Angels is a complete scheme of work with enough units and materials provided for the teaching of foreign languages through the whole of primary phase. Short, medium and long-term planning is all provided as well as our fully resourced lessons.


Do you provide resources for EYFS and/or KS1?

Yes, we provide a full programme for EYFS and KS1. These units look very different to our KS2 materials and the pedagogy and methodology is tailored specifically to this learning phase. These are not ‘watered’ down KS2 units.


Do you provide resources for mixed aged classes?

Yes, we work with many schools that have mixed age class teaching. We categorise our resources into three main ‘Teaching Types’ (not to specific years or age groups), making it easier for schools to tailor our programme to cater for mixed age teaching.


Is yours a ‘step-by-step’ approach to teaching languages?

There is most definitely ‘a step-by-step approach’ at Language Angels. The three ‘pillars’ of language learning (phonics, grammar and vocabulary) are all built into the scheme and, as pupils progress through the units and teaching types, previous language is recycled, revisited and consolidated.



In their own words...

As a school, we very much enjoy using Language Angels. The teaching staff particularly like the sound files with a native French speaker. The lessons are engaging and there is a good variety of associated worksheets. Recapping vocabulary from previous learning at the start of the lessons is invaluable as preparation for new learning. The children enjoy the songs at the start of the lessons. This is also a good way of introducing the vocabulary for the unit as the children can experience deciphering unknown vocabulary in an informal way. Language Angels provide plenty of supporting material for subject leaders and for teaching staff. When I have made enquiries they are quick to respond. The webinars they hold are informative and recordings are sent out which allows you to time catch up or revisit the webinar at leisure. We highly recommend Language Angels.

Janet Worsley

(Malvern Parish CofE Primary School - Malvern)

Whilst we have only been using Language Angels for just over a year, it is safe to say the platform has not only completely transformed our children's experience of learning an additional language but has also supported our teachers in feeling more confident in delivering engaging and interactive French lessons to our pupils. Each unit offers a huge variety of high-quality resources, whether it be differentiated worksheets, exciting songs, supportive vocabulary maps and interactive presentations. We cannot thank Paolo and the Language Angels team enough for creating such a wonderful platform and supporting our school in planning a curriculum which has not only ignited a passion and interest in learning an additional language amongst our pupils but also ensures that the children are progressing in their learning in line with the National Curriculum.

Gabriella Gambarini Perez

(St Paul's Primary School - Mill Hill)

As a language lead it is essential that all staff teaching Spanish (the majority having no previous language knowledge themselves) have the resources, lesson plans, audio etc. to deliver Spanish lessons confidently whilst ensuring progression. This has most certainly been the case since using the scheme. Pupil and staff voice has improved drastically. Children look forward to their Spanish lessons and progression is clearly seen across units. Assessment results have been fantastic with lower ability and SEN children thriving. More hands are up in Spanish lessons than ever before and it has given our lower ability and SEN children the chance to really shine in a subject they might not have before. Support received from staff at Language Angels has been brilliant and myself and other staff would highly recommend the scheme.

Sarah Frith

(Wybourn Community Primary School - Sheffield)

I have been teaching Spanish in a Primary school for the past 6 months and absolutely cannot praise Language Angels enough.  I made the transition from teaching MFL in Secondary Schools for 25 years and although I am confident in my subject knowledge, it would have been really challenging and time consuming to resource and pitch material to the different age groups without the help of Language Angels. I teach Spanish from Nursery age through to Year 6 and have found the progression of activities from nursery rhymes to hobbies and topics, such as, the planets and habitats which link in with the National Curriculum, in Years 5 and 6 to be tremendous. I have attended 3 free CPD training sessions online provided by Language Angels which have been very helpful when planning a curriculum folder and to network with other primary MFL teachers. Whenever I have a query, a member of the Language Angels will message back that same day and also take into consideration any suggestions I have regarding providing a wider variety of languages to Yr 6 to aid the transition to secondary learning. All in all, if you are teaching a language in primary school, it would be like winning the lottery and not cashing in the ticket if you taught without the resources Language Angels provide. The children love the songs, interactive games and worksheets provided. Make languages fun with Language Angels.

Helen Fitzpatrick

(Gordon Primary School - Ilford)

We have been using Language Angels for several years now. We have found that it has increased staff confidence when teaching MFL. It helps that all of the resources are ready and the progression in pre planned as many non specialists were very concerned re: ensuring this was apparent in lessons. The models of Language in the form of fun videos and the speech option on each ppt, has been amazing for those who by their own admittance, struggle with language and pronunciation. As someone who specializes in French myself, I am very pleased to see that the phonics and grammar are taught, 'as you go.'  In my own primary (and sadly, secondary)language experience, this was not the case and I found that it hindered my language abilities. When taught little and often, we are seeing great results and have more enthused language learners, that I hope will become life long learners of language. Thank you to Paolo and the team for their commitment to encouraging and enhancing languages.

Helen Pennicott

(St Joseph's C E Junior School - Chichester)


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To complement our platform, we also offer extensive personalised CPD & training opportunities.

CPD options are offered to individual subject leaders and/or groups of staff in schools that subscribe to Language Angels.

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