Case Study & Testimonials

Gemma Matthews

(Sheep Dip Lane Academy - Doncaster)


Language Angels is a fantastic resource to use to support the delivery of MFL within school. It has a range of resources and planning to support the teaching of French or Spanish. Our children really enjoy the sessions.

Sam Sunderland

(Parklands Primary School - Leeds)


At Parklands Primary, we absolutely love Language Angels and the huge positive impact it has had on Spanish at our school. The lessons are easy to follow with excellent differentiated resources and in-depth lesson plans; making it straightforward for all teachers to pick it up and go. It has allowed us to build on our Spanish skills with confidence and the children now absolutely love language learning and they are making excellent progress as a result. The karaoke and games are wonderful, the lesson content is fantastic and the support from Language Angels has been second to none. This is a scheme with heart and soul, and anything you might need, the team are there for you. Without a doubt, the best money our school has ever spent!

Anna Dyke

(Reaside Academy - Birmingham)


We have thoroughly enjoyed using Language Angels so far this term. Lots of teachers have shared how they feel much more confident at delivering the Spanish lessons each week. Children have really enjoyed the visuals and varied listening and speaking tasks. Language Angels is definitely raising the profile of Spanish across the school and we look forward to continuing with it moving forward.

Theresa Ryan

(St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School - Stockton on Tees)


Language Angels has enabled non-specialist teachers in my school to teach languages confidently, knowing that they are providing the children in their class the language experiences they require in order to progress securely to KS3. The slides are created in a way to motivate the children and helps to structure the lessons so that there is a lot of opportunity for learners to practise what they are learning, in order to embed new knowledge, so that they learn more and remember more. At the beginning of each lesson, there are slides which require children to recall prior learning to ensure that they build on this learning so that progression takes place. Resources, such as worksheets which are provided, create an opportunity for language learners to demonstrate what they have learnt and now know. Worksheets are also differentiated to include every child in the class so that the learning is inclusive to all and helps to improve confidence and raise self-esteem. Games, flashcards and songs enable the teacher to be creative with their lessons and also encourage the children to love learning languages. Children experience a sense of achievement as they feel successful and can see how they are making progress. In addition to the implementation of the curriculum the topics covered and the progression between early teaching, intermediate and progressive, ensures the 3 pillars of language learning, phonics, vocabulary and grammar is taught explicitly so that children can continue to develop their ability to understand and produce language. Language Angels also provides CPD in the form of live webinars which helps the specialist, non-specialist and language leaders to improve their knowledge and skills to ensure staff continue to gain confidence in their teaching and leading staff so that children see learning a language as purposeful, providing them with aspirations and enhancing their love of languages.

Jo Smith

(Belmont Primary School - Swadlincote)


We are currently in our second year of using Language Angels and are so glad that we made the switch from our previous scheme! Spanish is delivered in timetabled lessons across KS2, this is for one hour every two weeks. Over the course of the year we aim to cover three units and include phonics work. There are so many brilliant features to Language Angels: from the support given to establish our curriculum map and ensure progression and consolidation opportunities to excellent resources that include PPTs, songs, games and differentiated worksheets. We deliver Spanish using a Spanish specialist but if a class teacher ever needs to cover a lesson this is so easy with Language Angels. All teaching resources have Spanish audio so the teacher does not need to know the language and actually they really enjoy learning themselves. I used to have to spend a lot of time creating resources with our previous scheme but not anymore, everything I need is provided. End of unit assessments cover listening, reading, speaking and writing and provide me with a summative assessment to compliment what I assess formatively. I love this resource and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Shirley Hindley

(Edge Hill University - Lancashire)


We have been using Language Angels at our university with all our trainees in undergraduate and postgraduate teacher training in primary education for a couple of years now. Trainees (like teachers!) come with a variety of backgrounds in many different languages and Language Angels increases their confidence and subject knowledge in French, Spanish and Italian to support them to teach high quality lessons in school. The trainees particularly appreciate the excellent resources and games and the embedded links to the native speaker audio. These give them models of high-quality pronunciation, allowing both the trainees and their pupils to make grapheme-phoneme connections supporting pupil progress. As a teacher trainer, I also appreciate the simple to use end of unit assessments and pupil self-assessment "I can" statements. These really support good practice in a challenging area, with languages being one of many foundation subjects. I have attended some excellent online CPD on different language focus areas which are really useful. Paolo, Francesca and the team are also really helpful and understanding and have time to communicate with you about your bespoke school situation. An increasing number of our partnership schools in the Northwest are choosing Language Angels to support their delivery of the National curriculum and I would wholeheartedly recommend a subscription, as it is excellent value for money.

Gillian Fraser

(Long Wittenham CE Primary School - Oxon)


Long Wittenham School is a small rural primary school with an equally small staff team. As a result, we lack the expertise to deliver high quality foreign language lessons. Language Angels has enabled the teachers to feel confident delivering French lessons from year 1 to year 6 and the children have loved the engaging and interactive lessons. I now feel confident that the children in our school are getting much improved language provision.

Clare Hulme

(St. Peter's C of E Primary - Manchester)


As a school we have been using Language Angels for the past 2 years. I can not recommend this company highly enough. It is the best scheme I have come across for teaching MFL. Everything you need is easily accessible and in one place. There are straightforward plans for every lesson with ample resources which include interactive PowerPoints, games and songs to reinforce the children's learning as well as differentiated written activities. The assessment activities at the end of the unit are easy to carry out. The scheme is very easy for all staff to use, there is no need for prior knowledge in the language you are teaching. There are a variety of different languages available, we are using the Spanish scheme. It is very well thought out and progressive. The staff that work at Language Angels are amazing. Really easy to get hold of either via email or phone and any questions are dealt with promptly. The customer care is second to none. If you are looking for a whole school scheme that you can pick up and run with from day one, I highly recommend you use Language Angels. It is great value for money for everything they provide. I am so glad I found them!

Bruna Montis

(Coston Primary School - Greenford)


Language Angels changed our life at Coston. This scheme is wonderfully resourced and the website is easy to navigate. In compliance with the NC, it enables us to plan for the four skills of learning languages: reading, speaking, writing and listening. Progression Maps are available, which are a visual demonstration of the progression that takes place in each of the key language learning skills within each Language Angels Teaching Type and also across each Language Angels Teaching Type. Units vary from Early Language Units (which are ideal for children with little or no previous foreign language knowledge) to Intermediate Units through to the Progressive Units. The structure of units helps link the learning of French with other subjects, thus making learning meaningful. Within each lesson, there are videos, songs and a range of activities and differentiated tasks. Pupils continuously build on their previous knowledge as they progress in their foreign language learning journey through the primary phase. Children show a positive attitude to the learning of French. They are very curious during lessons and show an inquisitive interest in how the language sounds; they are keen and engaged and make good progress.

Debbie Ogles

(Gatcombe Park Primary School - Portsmouth)


At Gatcombe Park Primary, we invested in the Language Angels program for teaching Spanish in July last year (2022) in preparation for teaching Spanish to children from Y1 to Y6. What a great investment and absolute value for money it has turned out to be! I am not a Spanish speaker, or even a languages expert, but I teach a Spanish lesson to every class every week and the response has been 'muy bien'!. Language Angels provides a clear learning program, with skills progressions and resources to support high quality teaching and progression across the school. Everything I need is there to help me plan the lessons and the resources are purposeful and engaging. The audio files, attached to the interactive lessons, provide expert and authentic pronunciation, which has helped me hugely, as I am learning with the children! The range of topics is broad and appropriate, with packs for cultural learning too. As a non-class based Deputy Head, I work across the whole school in my role and am so often greeted in Spanish by children in all classes. The team at Language Angels are constantly on hand for enquiries and support and they provide regular CPD to their team of teachers/schools, which has been really useful so far. I would highly recommend Language Angels to any school.