Case Study & Testimonials

Jane Best

(St Jude's C of E Primary School - Hampshire)


As the MFL lead I have used Language Angels for 7 years now and have never looked back! I find it easy to use and the resources are excellent . It expertly covers all the necessary requirements for Reading , Writing, Listening and Speaking through many different topics. I have reduced my hours and although still MFL lead I only teach Spanish to Early Years . As non-specialists, the teachers and cover supervisors who now have to teach Spanish find Language Angels very easy to follow and gives them confidence in delivering the lesson. The pupils themselves love learning the language and thoroughly enjoy the varied subjects covered.

Rebecca Cacioppo

(Pallister Park Primary School - Middlesbrough)


'My class (and I!) thoroughly enjoy Spanish using Language Angels. The lessons are varied, engaging and user friendly. We use the audio buttons to check the pronunciation of new words which boosts children's confidence and the games available to play at home are always accessed.

Jenny Gray

(Elm Grove Primary School - Worthing)


We teach French at our school. Most of the French is taught by our fantastic HLTA during PPA cover. I myself am a Year 2 teacher and this year I have started to teach French to them. We have done the 'Nursery Rhyme' unit and just started the 'Salutations' unit. The children love the Language Angels videos and like to air guitar along. They are so excited to know some words in French and today were greeting each other in French with no prompts from me. The plans are all set out clearly and the real voices with the correct pronunciation are great.

Nadia Allen

(The Ryleys Preparatory School - Alderley Edge)


Language Angels is a well-structured and engaging programme designed to support teachers delivering modern foreign language lessons following the languages programme of study in the national curriculum in primary schools. I have found the ‘Tracking and Progression Tool’ a simple and useful way of keeping a record for monitoring the children’s progress across year groups and the CPD webinars offered throughout the academic year to subscribers are always informative and most enjoyable. I'd like to thank Paolo and Francesca and all the team at Language Angels for their continued support.

Rebecca Slater

(Gusford Primary School - Ipswich)


Language Angels is the scheme to use whether you are new to the role of an MFL lead in your school or a specialist like myself. I have been able to implement Spanish into our school over the last three years by using this scheme. The scheme is varied and balanced and you even have the option with Paolo and Francesca and the team to have a bespoke curriculum made for you, it really is that simple. The tracking tool and assessments in each unit allow you to be able to track across a year group, class or like myself, the whole school. I have grown in confidence with the scheme as a subject lead as everything you need to be able to teach MFL effectively and accurately is there all ready for you to use. The lessons are designed in such a way that you don’t have to worry if your children are making progress as they do through the grammar progression in units and the vocabulary that is taught and built upon as they move through different year groups. This scheme is completely fool proof too! I have other colleagues who were reluctant to teach MFL, as they did not have language knowledge themselves. This scheme takes the pressure out of teaching MFL with the audio buttons for correct pronunciation already there. The children love to hear the audio and when I have completed monitoring, it has been fantastic to see my colleagues growing in their confidence too as they now use the audio buttons but are also speaking more in Spanish. We have recently introduced KS1 to Spanish through the karaoke videos and simple songs that the scheme offers and this has been invaluable to implement a love of language learning throughout the whole school, perfect for when the children move into KS2, they already have that love of languages firmly cemented into their daily routine in school. If you are looking for a complete package of language teaching, then Language Angels has to be the scheme you reach for. There is no hidden extras like other schemes; you get exactly what the team promotes. Children in your school, making clear progression in MFL, children who are exposed to the wider world through language learning and children who are developing their love of language learning which will continue into further education not just in a Primary setting. Everything you need for those all-important visitors whenever they arrive to Deep Dive into MFL in your school is there with this scheme. The Language Angels team are there every step of the way too, I cannot thank the team enough for answering even the smallest of queries about MFL provision. They are always on hand to guide you through whatever the concern is. The CPD is also phenomenal, it is always a pleasure to be part of the CPD with Language Angels even on a weekend as it is informative and I know I am a better subject lead for completing it as there is always something useful, inspiring and that you will be able to use it in everyday teaching. Thank you to you all at Language Angels for making my role as MFL lead so much easier and achievable and just being there every step of the way.

Lena Rose

(Wyke Primary School - Dorset)


We have been using Language Angels for the past 18 months and in that time, I can honestly say that the pupils at our school have made excellent progress. They always look forward to French lessons and particularly love the games and karaoke. They have a positive attitude towards French and demonstrate this through the enthusiasm and participation they show in lessons. As MFL leader, I have been given lots of support and guidance by Paolo and his team and they are always on hand to answer any questions. All the documentation that you need as an MFL leader is there to be adapted for your particular school which has saved a lot of time. Language Angels is also fantastic for non specialists and I have witnessed teacher's confidence and enjoyment of French teaching, increase. I have nothing but praise for Paolo and his team and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Language Angels to other schools.

Valerie Lyn-Jones

(Purley CE Primary School - Berkshire)


Language Angels has lifted the quality of our French lessons. The teachers find it easy to navigate and the children love it. The songs are catchy and fun and the progression of skills and vocabulary is clear.

Suzanne Cook

(Templefield Lower School - Bedfordshire)


Language Angels has been an amazing source of support for myself as MFL lead as well as the class teachers delivering French. It has enabled me to empower non specialists at my school to teach French with confidence. As a subject leader, I have found the guidance available on the website extremely comprehensive for curriculum planning and monitoring and the wonderful team at Language Angels also go out of their way to answer questions and provide support over email. Thank you Language Angels!

Emma Smart

(Wheatfields Junior School - St Albans)


We have used Language Angels to support our French learning at Key Stage 2 for several years. The units are varied, relevant, engaging and user friendly. There is a wealth of material to dip into. During Lockdown, the Language Angels Team set up a home learning website, as part of the school subscription, which parents and families could access. This was a wonderful addition which supported remote learning. The team offers webinars and responds to queries regarding content in a timely fashion. The resources are reviewed and updated regularly. The cross curricular content is well resourced. This has been a bonus when trying to create a bespoke language curriculum. Overall, a great resource which reflects its creators passion for engaging young language learners.

Alex Feldman

(Dairy Meadow Primary School - Southall)


Having worked in primary schools for 13 years, MFL is usually one of the most neglected subjects. Whether this is due to a lack of specialist expertise, language learning not being a priority or the eternal struggle to find time in the curriculum. I’ve found that Language Angels is a truly comprehensive system that provides teachers all the resources they need at the click of a button to develop a quality MFL lesson. Children love the simplicity and ability to reflect and build on previous learning as well as the games at home. Would wholeheartedly recommend.