Case Study & Testimonials

Nicola Geller

(Holland House School - Edgware)


We have now been using Language Angels in our school for three years and I highly recommend it. The system is very well-structured so that children can build on their knowledge year on year and there is a very clear learning pathway. The activities are engaging and are well-differentiated. The children enjoy the interactive games which are an excellent way of revisiting vocabulary. As well as being extremely reliable, the site is very well laid out enabling you to find resources quickly and easily. The assessment system is very easy to use and provides a good record of units covered and attainment in the key skills of reading , listening, reading and writing. This really is an excellent system which I would not hesitate in recommending.

Anouska Blaza

(Kent College Junior School - Canterbury)


I have been using Language Angels in both my previous school and my current one, and have always found Paolo and the team to be a delight to work with. They communicate quickly and efficiently and are always open to ideas on how to further support teachers by constantly evolving and developing the resources on offer. The children enjoy the interactive games and these really help to consolidate language we cover in class. The Home School section was very useful during lockdown too. I would highly recommend Language Angels to anyone teaching MFL as a class or a club.

Languages Teacher

(St. Martin's School - London)


As a small, independent school, we have used the lessons and resources on the Language Angels website with tremendous success. The repetition of key vocabulary as well as the reinforcement of the units with appropriate and differentiated worksheets has been an invaluable addition to our vibrant French curriculum. Students enjoy the wide range of activities and PowerPoints. We have also noticed a marked improvement in the pronunciation of words since using the website.

Julia Bowen

(Maple Primary School - St Albans)


The Language Angels scheme has completely revitalized the teaching and learning of French in our school. Our staff feel much more confident and enthusiastic when teaching MFL, and as a result the children are highly motivated too! It is such an engaging scheme which helps pupils to become keen learners of languages in the future.

Amy Sutherland

(Southwood School - Milton Keynes)


As MFL subject lead, I have been very happy with the whole package that Language Angels offers. It provides absolutely everything you need, and I've only had positive feedback from other teachers. In particular, the home school section was extremely beneficial during remote learning and the children really enjoyed using it from home. They've even asked if they can still use it for extra learning!

Ioana Lucaciu

(Parkway Primary School - Bexley)


Parkway Primary School have been using Language Angels for a year now and choosing this scheme for teaching and learning French in our school was the best decision we made for our children. Staff find it easy to use, the lessons are very well structured, we love the interactive games and audio files which offer very good and accurate pronunciation of the focus words and phrases. We recently started to use the assessment tool to complement our school’s own assessment system and the home school access has been received enthusiastically by our pupils, especially during lockdown. Francesca and Paolo are very supportive, we appreciate the fact that all our queries are answered promptly and extra resources and ideas are offered to boost out teaching and learning of French, i.e. certificates to give out to pupils, new content regularly added to support various topics. Could not recommend more highly. Thank you to the whole team of ‘angels’ for doing an amazing job!

Kay Gobby

(Dagnall C of E Primary School - Hertfordshire)


We started using Language Angels this year and it is fantastic! Very easy to navigate the site and the children love the songs and activities. Great for a non-specialist!

Paul Burton

(St Botolph's CoE Primary School - Kent)


As a school, we have introduced Language Angels to provide our staff with an easy-to-use programme to deliver language lessons without the need for teachers to have language skills of their own, and with minimal lesson planning required. The provision of power points with audio provided by native speakers, and differentiated worksheets has been fundamental to the success of this. The detail and transparency of Language Angels' approach has facilitated the overarching vision and planning of units mapped against the national curriculum to ensure our pupils progress and can maximise their learning opportunities. I also appreciate the CPD opportunities and support offered by the Language Angels team and look forward to using them for years to come. Additionally, the home learning platform provided during lockdown has been a big hit with many pupils and classes, and a fantastic additional resource for which we are grateful.

Kate Birss

(St Nicholas CE VA Primary School - Hertfordshhire)


Our school started using Language Angels following a recommendation from a colleague based on using it in a previous school. We have been using it now for over a year and feel it has really enhanced our provision. It enables all our language teachers to feel confident that they are delivering a structured and well planned curriculum. The variety of topics and resources keep pupils engaged and there is a great balance between listening, speaking, writing and reading activities. For the subject leader, Language Angels offers fantastic support in terms of model policies, curriculum planning documents and assessment resources.

Gemma Bryan

(St Leonard’s C of E Primary School - Staffordshire)


We have been using Language Angels since September and have had a very positive experience so far. Prior to this, MFL teaching was not as consistent as we would have liked resulting in gaps in the children's knowledge. Paolo and his team worked with me to create a bespoke two-year plan to plug those gaps. The children have enjoyed the units we have used so far and even staff with little or no MFL experience are now teaching units with increasing confidence. The units are extremely clear to follow, with follow-up activities for a range of abilities and assessments to track progression. During lockdown we have given access to the home school section which has allowed our pupils to continue to learn at home. This is brilliant and easy to use and we have had great feedback from parents.