Case Study & Testimonials

Mina White

(Westfield CP School - Hertfordshire)


Language Angels is a great language toolkit consisting of planning, teaching tools, interactive activities, tests and assessment tools. It ensures coverage of the curriculum and reduces long hours of planning. The children are engaged and excited about Italian and have access to an excellent selection of online games which they can use at home as well as school. Language Angels is current and always looking at ways to improve their service. Thank you, Language Angels.

Myra Papaspyratou

(Livingstone Primary School - Barnet)


I have been using Language Angels for French language teaching in our school for two years and I find it extremely easy to use, especially if you are a non specialist teacher. The children love the interactive games we play at the end of each session as well as the songs. It is also great that it links to some of the topics covered in school, like WWII, which gives us the opportunity to teach French very much like the CLIL method.

Jakki Thorne

(Round Diamond Primary School - Hertfordshire)


We have been using Language Angels at our school since September this year and we are absolutely delighted with the difference it is making to our MFL here at Round Diamond. It is the most fantastic resource with lesson plans and worksheets all easily accessed to prepare each lesson. The power point presentations mean we can also deliver the lesson with new confidence and without the stress of finding the resources ourselves. As none of our staff are French speakers, to have the correct pronunciation for the children to hear has given us all a boost and it is very reassuring to know we are doing the right thing. The scheme is carefully planned providing well organised, progressive learning across the school that meets or I feel exceeds expectations for MFL provision. I was thrilled to see how successful our children were after following the assessments in lesson six of our first topic. Our staff are also very happy with how easy the scheme is to follow- even the tracking has been organised brilliantly making it simple and quick to administer. Finally the most important feature of Language Angels is that the children really love it and look forward to their French lesson. They are gaining in confidence every week and it is something for everyone to look forward to. I should also mention that Paolo has been very supportive and is always happy to help and we feel the whole package is incredibly good value for money and well worth every penny.

Anna Low

(Sticklands Primary School - Dorset)


Language Angels has made the teaching of French in our school a much more enjoyable experience. I find that the structure and additional information provided give me the confidence that I am covering all of the curriculum objectives and am able to easily assess progress and attainment. The wide range of differentiated activities ensure that all of the pupils are challenged and supported at the right level. The children love the games and they are excellent as a way to reinforce and apply the vocabulary learnt during each unit.

Hollie Ringe

(Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School - Leicester)


Since using Language Angels at our school I have found the children to be engaged and excited about French. I feel relaxed and confident about teaching it and I love using the colourful eye catching presentations each week with voice files to support me when needed. It has been wonderful to hear the children, their parents and teaching staff commenting on how much the children are enjoying their French lessons. Hearing from the parents that children are sharing their learning at home is particularly wonderful. Many thanks to the Language Angels team for your fantastic resources and support!

Delphine Sim

(Northside Primary School - Barnet)


I have been using Language Angels for a couple of months and have been very impressed by the overall product. As a French teacher in a primary school I find the website very entertaining for the children with its interactive games provided for each units. It is also full of worksheets with different sort of exercises adapted to children's capabilities. The vocabulary section of the units is very well done and the core knowledge of the French language. It is easy to use as well. Paolo Pini and his team provide amazing client support and training. I can only recommend it.

Georgia Chew

(Torre Academy - Torquay)


Language Angels is a great way to develop French across the school. It is easy to use and has very simple and achievable lessons in the different modules. The children enjoy learning from the activities and the programme is flexible as well as progressive.

Adam Whitworth

(Westcott Primary School - Hull)


I'm delighted with Language Angels as a scheme. The ease of access, high quality resources and linked planning/activities provide a structured and thorough starting point for colleagues' language lessons. I particularly like the integrated language sound files, as they are very useful for teachers who are not language experts. I have had positive feedback from my colleagues in my school.

Mira Jamnadas

(Abbey Primary School - Leicester)


The Language Angels program is a great tool to use, either on its own or as a complement to my own lessons. The resources to practise (worksheets) and assess learning (assessment units) are fantastic! The pupils love the activities & games!

Kerry Bowie (The Arches Community Primary School)


We use Language Angels to teach KS2 French. The lesson plans are easy to follow and even if you have never spoken French the PowerPoints are fantastic. In this day and age with the mount of planing and assessments we have to do it\'s nice that French is all taken care of.