Case Study & Testimonials

Myra Papaspyratou

(Livingstone Primary School - Barnet)


As a devoted Language Angel, I must admit that the home schooling section that you have created has been life-saving. The lessons are detailed and the best of all is that pupils can self- assess, which takes the pressure off teachers marking endlessly. Thank you for adding new material all the time as well.

Anna Low

(Sticklands Primary School - Dorset)


Language Angels are a fantastic company to work with. They are always just at the end of an email to answer any questions and send out just the right amount of timely emails with information about new features or to remind you of how they can help with tracking and assessment. The children love the interactive aspect of the lessons and, even though I am a confident French speaker, I love the fact the planning and resources are of a high quality so I don't need to spend hours preparing to deliver a good lesson that we all enjoy.

Maria Nichols

(Holly Trees Primary School - Essex)


We trialled Language Angels over six years ago using their very generous 6-week Free Trial period and we haven't looked back. As subject leader responsible for supporting reticent, non-specialist staff I had plenty of time to check it out and allow (encourage) my colleagues to give it a go. It proved to be just what we needed and meant that myself and my colleagues felt well supported with differentiated lesson plans, authentic voice clips, PowerPoint presentations for every lesson complete with teacher 'script' and interactive games and differentiated activities. All this for a wide range of unit subjects including an assessment lesson. We also had access to assessment and tracking tools, plus more. Since then, Language Angels have gone from strength to strength, adding more units across three levels, songs and more games that can now be accessed from home; and can be set and monitored to suit. In addition, Language Angels provide excellent FREE CPD and during the recent pandemic created a successful Home School section (children are fully engaged), delivered CPD and offered unfailing customer support throughout. I really can't recommend Language Angels enough and school budgets being what they are, I HAVE looked at other schemes, but for value for money I think Language Angels has it all!

Helen Newbold

(Pallister Park Primary School - Middlesbrough)


We are currently in our second year of using Language Angels to teach Spanish. All of our staff find it so easy to use and the children love it! Many have accessed the Home School section and feedback from parents are that the children really enjoy it. I have taken part in CPD sessions and found them extremely useful as a subject lead. Nothing is ever too much for Paolo and Francesca, they are always there to help in any way they can. A fantastic resource which I would definitely recommend!

Nicci Prescott

(Huyton-With-Roby CE Primary School - Liverpool)


We are in our third year of using language angels in school. Our KS2 children enjoy participating in the lessons and often ask if they can do French on the days it’s not timetabled! The lessons are interactive and a great way for the children to show off what they’ve learnt. There is lots of help for teachers that are not confident teaching French and teacher notes for every lesson to go with the PowerPoints. The assessments and tracking tools are great for us as school to see where our children are at and the progress they have made throughout the units. CPD training ha also been great and nothing is too much trouble for Paolo and Francesca, they’re always at the of an email or the phone should you require extra support. I would highly recommend Language Angels

Jo Mercer

(Inkersall Primary Academy - Chesterfield)


Since we purchased the Language Angels programme, I have been delighted with both the programme itself and the costumer care. Previously we had an external Spanish specialist teaching MFL in our school, this stopped at the end of last year. A number of our staff expressed their concerns about delivering Spanish so it was important we purchased a scheme/programme which supported the teachers fully. Language Angels has been great at building the confidence in staff. All of the schemes are meticulously planned and supported fantastically by high quality resources. In the first term it has been great to hear staff speak confidently about their teaching of Spanish. In terms of support from Language Angels, I cannot speak highly enough of the company. Historically Spanish had not been taught well in our school so most children irrespective of age were at the same point. I contacted the company and they creative a long term scheme bespoke to our school, which has helped immensely. Whenever I contact them I am struck by their friendly 'nothing is too much trouble' attitude. I have been delighted with our purchase and would highly recommend Language Angels to other schools.

Annette Waugh

(Linby-cum-Papplewick C.E. Primary School - Nottingham)


I want to thank language Angels for their great resources and support. As a French coordinator with little language experience, Paolo and Francesca have made me more confident to deliver French not only to my own class but I can now support the staff in their language journey. Paolo and Francesca were brilliant at creating a bespoke 2 year rolling programme based on our mixed aged classes and also taking into account the children's previous French understanding. The staff and children are loving the weekly lessons.

Donna Dean

(Leen Mills Primary School - Hucknall)


Our school has adopted Language Angels as a teaching aid for our key stage 2 pupils for the last few years. The benefits of this resource are as follows: • children enjoy both listening and trying the verbal and practical activities • enjoyment of a variety of resources: games, songs, visual cards for the classroom and practical written tasks encourage progression • staff feel supported with teaching pronunciation if a non language specialist • staff are guided by useful lesson plans • subject leaders are supported with ideas, updates and webinars • Language Angels is designed in line with DfE requirements hence progression within year groups and across the key stage I have no hesitation in recommending this resource to help primary children enjoy and build their language skills.

Jennifer O'Brien

(St Michael's School - Essex)


Language Angels has proved very successful in teaching French and Spanish to KS1 and KS2. With engaging and well-structured lessons already planned, and progress easily demonstrated, Language Angels is a blessing for the busy teacher. I particularly appreciate the fact that as the children are listening to native speakers, they are able to reproduce the language authentically. Moreover, they eagerly participate in lessons, and particularly enjoy the games, songs and differentiated worksheets. Thank you Paolo and Francesca for your unending support and encouragement. I wholeheartedly recommend Language Angels!

Eve Glawinska

(St Mary's Catholic Primary Academy - Wolverhampton)


We are very impressed with Language Angels and our teachers are enthusiastic about the lessons. It's definitely value for money and so well aligned with Ofsted requirements. I and my shadow MFL leader completed your CPD training which we found extremely useful and shared many findings with our staff. We think that it's brilliant that children can have access to Language Angels from home too. I can't remember how many people I have recommended it to as I constantly do when anyone asks on teachers' blogs or groups. Thank you for all your help and continuous support.