Case Study & Testimonials

Jo Smith

(Belmont Primary School - Swadlincote)


We subscribed to Language Angels following a recommendation from our local languages network meeting as part of the Loughborough Learning Alliance. Subscribing as part of a network of schools meant that we were able to secure a very good price and share the experience of using the same resource. Whilst it is early days in terms of using the scheme my experience so far has been very positive. Initially the Language Angels team were able to advise me brilliantly on selecting the most suitable units for our KS2 classes. This advice meant that our children experience a solid and steady progression in their language learning. The units are interesting and engaging for the children whilst also giving them valuable language knowledge and understanding. Previously we had used photocopied pupil booklets and I had to create all relevant resources but with Language Angels the children work in exercise books and all resources, including differentiation, are all provided. This is a massive bonus for me in saving time and having a variety of engaging tasks for the children to complete that consolidate their knowledge. There is an excellent balance of speaking, listening, reading and writing. What I believe will be most valuable is the assessment task at the end of each unit. This is something I have found challenging to achieve in the past but now it is all there for me. Whilst a great deal of assessment is on-going I now have a summative assessment to use. The PowerPoints are fabulous and mean that any member of staff can pick up a lesson and give it a try as all the audio is integrated into the slides. I just need to build staff confidence in trying this when I am not able to teach! There have been some areas that I have been less sure of. The phonics units at the start of each year are on the whole very good but the expectation that we could get through the full alphabet with the Year 3 & 4 children was too optimistic for me. We focused on the vowels and key phonic sounds and have left the full alphabet for Y5 & 6. Fitting the full phonics unit in before the main unit has meant time is tight to cover everything. So far the majority of tasks have been well matched to ability and having differentiated tasks is great but one or two tasks have proven to be tricky for the Year 3 children. For example, labelling the key cities on the map of Spain was hard for them. I opted to use a different map outline and created my own PPT to support this task. Overall I am really pleased with Language Angels and am enjoying delivering the scheme.

Helen Sutcliffe

(Whitechapel C of E Primary School - Cleckheaton)


Our French teaching & learning in school has been transformed, thanks to Language Angels. Teachers are now confident to be able to deliver the quality curriculum, which the children deserve. The resources are easy to follow and engaging for the children. We're so pleased we have Language Angels in our school!

Laura Suttill

(Ringway Primary School - Northumberland)


with Class teachers delivering Spanish for the first time in their bubbles. Initial feedback of the programme was excellent, so after the 6 weeks we signed up for the full package in one language for the year. The children love the karaoke videos and songs, and the staff love the sound icons that demonstrate the correct pronunciation of all vocabulary being learned. As MFL lead in our school, I have used the data tracking system and assessments to give a whole school overview of achievement and progression. We have used the home learning section when bubbles had to isolate last year and the online games. The resources are differentiated and easy to use. Progression is clear, with older children able to see how they are building up their knowledge week on week. I have continued to use Francesca's CPD sessions, which have all been relevant and super useful. Language Angels Help Desk have assisted me in drawing up a programme of study that covers Reception to Year 6, which shows clear progression across the school, and covers a variety of topics suitable to the interests of each age range. I now feel more confident in my role as MFL subject lead, with a clear vision and understanding of the intent, implementation and impact of language learning across the whole school. Thank you Language Angels!

Amanda Waters

(Swale Academies Trust- Sittingbourne)


Language Angels has been so helpful for the staff at our school to teach well planned and engaging lessons. The website is easy and clear to use and appeals to the children in all year groups. All children have enjoyed the Spanish lessons that have been delivered since we started using Language Angels. The resources provide a great way to support the lessons and are easy to locate. We have very much enjoyed using this website so far!

Helen Stanistreet

(Galton Valley Primary School - Smethwick)


Language Angels, for me, is really, really useful! It is carefully thought out and very well presented! It provides everything you need- and more- for each lesson! Children and teachers can hear the correct pronunciation for everything, which is invaluable! And for Spanish speakers, it provides a brilliant base, which you can add to if you want to. By using Language Angels, it means you know you are covering everything you’re supposed to and you’re getting the assessments right! The support from Paolo, Francesca and the team has been invaluable too! They are at the end of a phone or email and have provided lots of free cpd - super! Thank you

Megan Edmunds

(Birchington CE Primary School - Kent)


The service that is provided by Language Angels is invaluable. It's amazing how a resource that is provided to so many schools can feel so personal! Language Angels have enabled our teaching staff to teach French with increased confidence and the children are thoroughly enjoying their language learning. On top of all of that, the generous amount of CPD that is offered is fantastic and has developed my ability to successfully enjoy leading the teaching and learning of a language.

Charlotte Alen

(Charleton Academy - Kingsbridge, Devon)


I have recently signed up for Language Angels after lots of recommendations when looking for a new language scheme for my school. As soon as I signed up the communication from Language Angels was exceptional and within a matter of days, I had a full scheme of work taking into consideration the small, mixed age classes in my school. The programme is so simple to use with everything you need there. which is amazing for reducing teacher workload. The lessons are engaging for all children, and they love the follow up activities, often wanting to take them home to show their families. The other teachers in my school also really enjoy the programme and say it has really increased their confidence when teaching French.

Funmi Tinuoye

(Emmanuel Community School - London)


My experience with Language Angels has been brilliant! When I was assigned the MFL Lead responsibility in my school about 2 years back, I panicked but reaching out to you personally and your effective and efficient support that first year (and continually) was the best decision I could have made. And since then, your support over the years pre pandemic and during has been phenomenal. E.g. Provision of Subject Leader document templates, very friendly and easy to use resources & curriculum coverage, organising very informative and supportive CPDs/workshops, keeping abreast of the required curriculum coverage/breadths is another plus, e.g. inviting Michael Wardle (Ofsted Subject Lead for Languages) as keynote speaker on a CPD in November 2020. Also keeping in touch with your subscribers (i.e. good communication skills), listening to your users/customers etc. has been a great strength of Language Angels! I remember telling you that I'd like to have a French Celebration Day for our children and you included this via Virginie that creates fab interactive game for teachers and our pupils to enjoy. Same was the case when I mentioned that I love children learning French through play and you directed me to the online interactive games and how easily yet safely create accounts for our children to mention a few. Thanks very much to you and Francesca for your support that gets better year in year out! I look forward to leading French come 2021-2022 academic year with Language Angels!

Christina Al-Hasso

(Hampton Junior School - Richmond)


We started using Language Angels during Lockdown as a free trial and quickly realised what a comprehensive, engaging and fantastic resource it is. The children are completely engaged in every lesson and the resources are well thought out and of an excellent standard. Language Angels provide differentiated resources to challenge every level of ability which ensures that each individual in your class is challenged and stretched. The dashboard provides resources and easy to access materials for every aspect of teaching, learning and assessment. Every aspect is covered! Every unit finishes with a child friendly assessment that allows you to chart every child's progress and POS covered. In addition, the support seminars have been incredibly useful and highlight the professionalism and passion for ensuring MFL continues to be central to our broad and varied curriculum. Thank you so much to Francesca and Paolo Pini for creating Language Angels. I can't imagine our school without you!

Jeanne Engelkemeir

(West Milwaukee Intermediate School - Wisconsin, USA)


This past year and a half has been crazy with Covid and trying to teach. That's where Language Angels stepped in, and truly like an Angel, helped me organize and teach my 7th graders, French 1a classes in middle school! It's the best!