Case Study & Testimonials

Rosemary Eldridge (Summerswood Primary - Herts)


Thank you for your continually, updated and improved resources which make MFL so much easier to deliver, for both experienced and non- language specialists, without hours of extra planning or stress. Thank you to for responding so promptly and enthusiastically every time that we have asked for additional resources, like flash cards and songs, to support our language learning. The addition of assessment materials is useful and the programmes allow lots of flexibility and options about delivery to make it possible to fit well with class teachers creative curriculum topics too. The children are so amazed at how quickly they can begin to understand, speak, read and write the information and love to link French learning with other subject learning like the planets. It increases their interest and self-esteem and reinforces their understanding and learning in these areas too.

Danielle Ingleston (Hillstone Primary -Birmingham)


I am new to Language Angels and started using it this year as MFL co coordinator for our school; I have found it to be a fantastic scheme that provides teachers with structured lesson plans, PowerPoints, activities and assessment for a variety of topics ranging from core vocabulary to much more advanced content. The website and resources are extremely easy to navigate and provide a very clear progression as you move through the lessons and the topics. As well as this, and most importantly, the children love it! They are engaged and motivated in their language learning and look forward to the next lesson. I have spoken with staff and children throughout our school and have heard nothing but praise for Language Angels and the resources provided. I would highly recommend Language Angels for any school and can\'t thank them enough for all of their wonderful work!

Anna Low (Sticklands Primary School - Dorset)


I love using Language Angels as do my colleagues in KS1. Language Angels provides you with fun, interactive and easy to use resources that the kids really enjoy. It also gives you great tips on how to teach it and what to focus on in each session, a must-have if you are new to language teaching. This is combined with the tracking and assessment resources to give you confidence that you are meeting the new curriculum objectives. We love it.

Nicola Macdonald (Hillstone Primary - Birmingham)


We started using Language Angels in our school in the autumn term of this school year. We searched to find a scheme that was comprehensive enough for staff new to teaching languages to feel confident to deliver their MFL lessons. This scheme is not only in enough detail to do that, but the colourful power points, excellent activities and games, and the structure of each unit are enjoyed so much by our children. One of the challenges facing teachers when delivering languages is accuracy. AS MFL co coordinator for our school, I have taught the majority of KS2 a language at some point, and the children always want to know WHY a word has to be masculine/feminine and if there is a rule/pattern- amongst many other questions. I have found that the notes provided with each session allow teachers to feel comfortable answering such questions, and teachers can be prepared for them by reading the unit overview provided. The sound bites for each word only add to building confidence of the staff, as pronunciation was a concern to many members of staff. Language Angels allows you to clearly and easily assess the children in their language learning. Each end of unit assessment provides feedback on how well the children can read, speak, write and listen to the language that they are learning. The nature of the units themselves allows for the teacher to see if children are struggling, and the differentiation provided allows a higher level of support for those who are having more difficulty. On top of all of the wonderful teaching and learning that takes place within our language sessions now, the staff at Language Angels is extremely professional, helpful and friendly. They respond to emails quickly, they are always at the end of the phone and offer training for schools new to the scheme. They are happy to accommodate the needs of your school, such as topics and how their units can fit in with this. I asked for a suggested yearly overview of units based on the curriculum we teach at school , and Paolo very quickly replied with a sequence that offered progression and kept as closely in line with our wider curriculum as possible, which was extremely helpful! I would recommend Language Angels to any school. It makes language learning stress free for staff and more importantly fun and accessible for ALL children. We love it here!

Chris Barwell (Scraptoft Valley - Leicester)


I really do like the tasks on this website and have been using them significantly with my classes. I find that it\'s very easy to navigate and the resources are succinct. What I also like is the fact that there is a great focus on the interactive listening activities. A non-linguist can rely on the listening activities to deliver the lessons without any hesitation. I do not need to create any resources nor even dip into any other scheme of work. I also highly rate the resources, not just for the development of children\'s learning but for the sheer multitude of activities and resources which can help influence my own language learning and in turn helps promote their love of learning languages. Thumbs up from me!

Rachael Staples (Burlington Juniors - Yorkshire)


Language Angels is easy to use, a god send for those who are less confident delivering MFL, providing engaging resources to enrich your teaching. I would recommend this product!

Jackie Gunter (Hindon Primary School - Salisbury)


Used in a mixed age group class very effectively. Easy to use and the children enjoy it!

Sarah Garbutt (Five Lanes Primary - Wiltshire)


Language Angels is quick and easy to use, providing a great starting point for teachers who may be unfamiliar with a certain language. The resources are simple to navigate and use within the classroom. I\'ve been using the French on Language Angels, it is easy to use and navigate around. The PowerPoint resources are bright and eye catching with really useful pictures to explain the words.The audio pronunciation is really clear and it can be repeated as many times as you like using the speaker symbol. This is very useful both in the class and when planning, so I can check my own pronunciation!

Susan Wiles (Bursted Wood Primary - Bexleyheath)


Language Angels supported our teachers who are not specialists in MFL and those who can\'t speak Spanish. They used the lesson plans to either follow or for ideas and the resources were very useful especially those with the sound buttons as they didn\'t feel embarrassed by having to speak a language they were not confident in to the children.

Helen Manly (Bowmansgreen Primary - Hertfordshire)


Language Angels has been a brilliant support for me as I was given the task of introducing Spanish across the whole of KS2 this academic year. The scheme Is ‘fool-proof’; each lesson is planned and resources explained step by step for teachers. Added to this, my students really enjoy the games and worksheets the scheme provides, and being able to log on with their individual logons at home means that parents can be involved in their learning too. Paolo and his team respond to questions and queries quickly and can’t do enough to help!