Case Study & Testimonials

Gillian Fraser

(Long Wittenham CE Primary School - Oxon)


Long Wittenham School is a small rural primary school with an equally small staff team. As a result, we lack the expertise to deliver high quality foreign language lessons. Language Angels has enabled the teachers to feel confident delivering French lessons from year 1 to year 6 and the children have loved the engaging and interactive lessons. I now feel confident that the children in our school are getting much improved language provision.

Clare Hulme

(St. Peter's C of E Primary - Manchester)


As a school we have been using Language Angels for the past 2 years. I can not recommend this company highly enough. It is the best scheme I have come across for teaching MFL. Everything you need is easily accessible and in one place. There are straightforward plans for every lesson with ample resources which include interactive PowerPoints, games and songs to reinforce the children's learning as well as differentiated written activities. The assessment activities at the end of the unit are easy to carry out. The scheme is very easy for all staff to use, there is no need for prior knowledge in the language you are teaching. There are a variety of different languages available, we are using the Spanish scheme. It is very well thought out and progressive. The staff that work at Language Angels are amazing. Really easy to get hold of either via email or phone and any questions are dealt with promptly. The customer care is second to none. If you are looking for a whole school scheme that you can pick up and run with from day one, I highly recommend you use Language Angels. It is great value for money for everything they provide. I am so glad I found them!

Bruna Montis

(Coston Primary School - Greenford)


Language Angels changed our life at Coston. This scheme is wonderfully resourced and the website is easy to navigate. In compliance with the NC, it enables us to plan for the four skills of learning languages: reading, speaking, writing and listening. Progression Maps are available, which are a visual demonstration of the progression that takes place in each of the key language learning skills within each Language Angels Teaching Type and also across each Language Angels Teaching Type. Units vary from Early Language Units (which are ideal for children with little or no previous foreign language knowledge) to Intermediate Units through to the Progressive Units. The structure of units helps link the learning of French with other subjects, thus making learning meaningful. Within each lesson, there are videos, songs and a range of activities and differentiated tasks. Pupils continuously build on their previous knowledge as they progress in their foreign language learning journey through the primary phase. Children show a positive attitude to the learning of French. They are very curious during lessons and show an inquisitive interest in how the language sounds; they are keen and engaged and make good progress.

Debbie Ogles

(Gatcombe Park Primary School - Portsmouth)


At Gatcombe Park Primary, we invested in the Language Angels program for teaching Spanish in July last year (2022) in preparation for teaching Spanish to children from Y1 to Y6. What a great investment and absolute value for money it has turned out to be! I am not a Spanish speaker, or even a languages expert, but I teach a Spanish lesson to every class every week and the response has been 'muy bien'!. Language Angels provides a clear learning program, with skills progressions and resources to support high quality teaching and progression across the school. Everything I need is there to help me plan the lessons and the resources are purposeful and engaging. The audio files, attached to the interactive lessons, provide expert and authentic pronunciation, which has helped me hugely, as I am learning with the children! The range of topics is broad and appropriate, with packs for cultural learning too. As a non-class based Deputy Head, I work across the whole school in my role and am so often greeted in Spanish by children in all classes. The team at Language Angels are constantly on hand for enquiries and support and they provide regular CPD to their team of teachers/schools, which has been really useful so far. I would highly recommend Language Angels to any school.

Rebecca Slater

(Gusford Primary School - Ipswich)


Language Angels is the scheme we use across our whole school including KS1. This is the only programme which clearly outlines every lesson, every unit and most importantly the clear progression for children as they go through Key Stage 2. It quite frankly could not be any easier to teach MFL in your school using this scheme of work. Paolo and the team are on hand if you want to ask any questions, day and night and offer phenomenal and meaningful CPD to teachers regardless of their own language ability. I have found the implementation of Spanish in my school easier as the MFL lead, as you cannot go wrong even if you are not a language specialist. Each lesson is supported by lesson plans, teacher notes and full PowerPoints with language pronunciation buttons for those less confident teachers. The children are engaged with lessons as they have fun, especially with the karaoke songs. The children have a clear understanding of what they are learning and why and can see their own progression through each unit. We have used this scheme for over 3 years now and I know there is no better scheme out there for language teaching. As busy professionals, as teaching is, this programme takes away that stress and worry that you are meeting all curriculum requirements especially when you have important visitors in school. Quite simply because you will be and you can prove it too! The units are set out in such a way that you can tailor make them to fit your own school curriculum and ethos. We have been able to link all of our enquiry topics to a unit from Language Angels ensuring we are offering a broad and balanced curriculum to our children. You can be assured by following Language Angels, you are teaching effective and purposeful lessons to children, opening their world to the joy that is understanding and speaking a different language. They are building a wonderful foundation of language learning that will grow with them through their educational journey. Thank you, Language Angels, for all of your hard work and your fantastic scheme. I could go on for hours but really, to feel the true benefit of this, just try one lesson, I promise you, your school won’t look back once they have experienced this scheme.

Andrea Arrol

(Yarm Preparatory School - North Yorkshire)


Our school aims to instill a love of language learning in our pupils. Using Language Angels is helping us do just that!. There are so many exciting and interesting topics to choose from the more traditional units to the unusual cross curricular ones. Lessons plans and resources are high quality and accessible for specialist and non specialist teachers alike. The lessons ensure optimum progress by embedding the grammar the pupils need to become linguists rather than simply learning vocabulary by rote. Curiosity is further fostered amongst our pupils by the inclusion of cultural lessons and interesting assembly materials. We have only just started using Language Angels but are already Language Angels fans.

Jerome Lantelme

(Middleton Primary School - Nottingham)


We have been using Language Angels for 5 years now and their website is only getting better and better. It is the perfect solution for delivering MFL in primary schools even whether you have or do not have a specialist teacher in school. The differentiated levels, as in “most”, “some” and “a few” children, are also a great help to show progression. They also provide invaluable support with plenty of ready-made resources and excellent guidance regarding the curriculum. I would like to take this opportunity to thank their team for their fantastic work and their availability when we needed it.

Francesca McGowan

(St. Edward's Catholic Primary - Birmingham)


As a new FL lead, I introduced the use of Language Angels to assist the delivery of the Italian language into our school, at the beginning this academic year. We were in need of a new scheme that was easy to use and engaged both pupils and teachers. I am pleased to say that Language Angels was certainly the right choice! Lessons are fun, enjoyable and pupil progress has been evident throughout. The range of activities, songs and games have really helped to develop pupil confidence and have enhanced their knowledge and skills. Staff confidence in teaching a foreign language has also increased thanks to this clear, easy to use scheme. Assessments have helped to track progress and have been an extremely useful tool. Any issues or queries regarding theme scheme have been dealt with promptly and efficiently. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Language Angels for use in your school.

Julie Barron

(Fleet Wood Lane School - Spalding)


Language Angels has been a very valuable investment for our primary school. French is now taught with confidence and clear progression from Reception through to Year 6 by not only class teachers but also teaching assistants. The program provides fantastic teaching materials - power points, songs, worksheets, quizzes, puzzles and games ensuring all children are challenged in their learning of French. Lesson plans, unit summaries, support notes and vocabulary are very comprehensive. This program is wonderful and I highly recommend it.

Louise Pape

(Bourne Abbey CofE Primary Academy - Lincolnshire)


We subscribed to Language Angels this year when I took up the role of Director of Languages across our Academy Trust. We are three schools and I teach in two of the schools. I have a group of teachers in my third school who are non-specialists and are absolutely loving teaching Spanish using Language Angels. I have done some observations on my non specialists and the level of language the children have is amazing. Both staff and students are absolutely loving the lessons and learning alongside one another. A huge well done to all Language Angels staff for producing such an amazing resource.