Case Study & Testimonials

Mira Jamnadas

(Abbey Primary School – Leicester)


We started using Language Angels 3 years ago in our French lessons. It is an active learning tool for both the experienced and inexperience Language teachers and a fun way for children to learn a new language. It is a complete package from planning to assessment. Moreover Language Angels takes on board teachers’ suggestions and requests adding in fantastic new materials!

Markella Afenti-Sassis

(Little Hadham Primary School - Hertfordshire)


Language Angels is a great scheme which targets and can enthuse all types of learners. Our teachers have found this scheme very easy to use; all resources support teachers to teach our pupils, to differentiate their lessons, to make them interesting and fun through interactive resources and to assess pupils (assessment is a valuable tool of this scheme). We especially like the cross-curricular units as well as the phonetics and grammar units - something that was missing from our previous scheme.

Laura Potter

(Guardian Angels Primary School - Birmingham)


We purchased Language angels 2 years ago to support the consistent and cohesive teaching of Spanish within KS2 and we haven't looked back since! There are lots of language programmes on the market at the moment but this resource is great value for money and reduces planning time significantly. In addition the language angels team go above and beyond in supporting teachers, whenever I have had an issue or query Paolo is always at the end of the telephone or computer providing quality support and detailed advice. This resource is fantastic especially for non-specialist teachers as it is easily accessible. Language Angels supply organised planning, additional support notes on correct pronunciation and clear assessment tools to enrich the learning of language. I find that having this structure has given me the confidence and skills to teach the curriculum but most importantly enjoy teaching Spanish! It promotes progressive learning across the key stage that securely meets the current expectations for MFL provision. Our staff are equally happy with the variety of differentiated resources to engage and challenge all learners at the right level; It is fun, engaging and enjoyable! It is evident that the children love using language angels as they look forward to their lesson each week. I often hear them singing songs and chants and repeating phrases with an authentic Spanish accents during break times, thanks to the incorporated native Spanish speaker. They especially love the time challenge interactive games that we play at the end of each lesson to reinforce new language learnt. Overall I cannot rate this scheme high enough, Guardian Angels loves using Language Angels!

Jacqueline Farley

(St Patrick's Primary School - Southport)


I would like to say thank you for the wonderful resources and brilliant service we have received whilst we have been working with Language Angels. The Language Angels program of study for French has allowed my school to deliver French lessons that are well planned, interesting and differentiated. The teachers using the system have commented on how easy it is to use and time saving for them, as well as how much the children in KS2 are enjoying their French lessons.

Donna Warrington

(Brookburn Community School - Manchester)


I have been using Language Angels for 2 years now and I am a specialist French teacher and find it brilliant. It has everything including differentiation and the assessment and tracking tool is so easy and the topics are all thematic leading to a mini project and assessment in all 4 skills. The topics are really interesting too especially the World War 2 topic and The Olympic Games!

Sharon Bird

(Millfield Primary School - Staffordshire)


We love Language Angels! As a Modern Language Specialist, I like using LA because there is a huge choice of topics and resources to choose from, without me having to make my own resources and worksheets each time. The children love the music and listening to the authentic native speaker on the IWB. They love volunteering to have a go and see if they can say the correct word and pronounce it the same as the native speaker. It saves them getting bored listening to my voice all the time! I asked for more worksheets to practise writing skills and to consolidate new learning; no sooner had I asked then new worksheets appeared! It’s brilliant to have differentiated levels already catered for too, as in “most”, “some” and “a few” children. One of the elements which persuaded me to trial LA originally was the ICT games; I am still really pleased with these as the children can practise at their own pace and even at home. I do consult the Lesson Plans and support sheets to ensure I don’t miss anything, but I tend to still rely on previous experience and resources in addition to these. For a non-specialist, however, these would be absolutely crucial in guiding the teacher. For a non-specialist nothing else is required. The only hiccup I have encountered is in losing the first assessment data that I had spent hours inputting … absolutely my mistake somehow but frustrating in terms of time and work lost! Paolo came to my rescue and ensured that his team replaced what I had lost, for which I was very grateful. The only possible improvement that I could ask for would be to make some screens in the PowerPoints interactive in terms of “drag and drop” (currently each answer appears in a set order). No doubt if I enquire about the possibility Paolo will already have been working on it, as they always seem to be one step ahead. Overall, absolutely love Language Angels. If ever you are in Staffordshire, you would be very welcome to come and meet my little Language Angels!

Hayley Boag

St Peter's CE Primary School (Saltburn-by-the-Sea)


Language Angels has worked really well for our children. They are enthused by the language thanks to the fab resources, games and songs. It's been heartening to hear children chatting about French in the playground and singing the songs together in their free time. Our staff have love the materials too. We are all so time poor now that having a ready-made program at our fingertips has made sure French is never pushed out of the week as it was in the past. We are all able to teach languages across KS2 in a cohesive and consistent way. In short, Language Angels was and is exactly what we were looking for!

Miguel Santillan

Midfield Primary School (Kent)


We have been using Language Angels for our third consecutive year. We started with a short trial and the accessibility it provided us as well as the clear horizontal progression for the children have been a solid platform for them to develop and fly. This has been evidenced on a termly basis on their easy to use assessment system, which is clearly related to the National Curriculum requirements. Pupils have really enjoyed it and have been learning and reviewing by using the online games at home.

Jo Hilton

(Cottenham Primary School - Cambridgeshire)


I think Language Angels is an excellent resource; it is easily accessible, relevant and gives the teacher everything they need to deliver a lesson where significant learning takes place. I have a degree in Modern Languages, but colleagues who have little or no knowledge of another language are equally happy and comfortable using this programme. In my experience, the children love the range of resources - from crosswords, to matching games, to songs and stories - and I love the pronunciation guides, the clear lesson plans and additional notes which come with each unit. It's all simple and easy to use and it saves me a lot of time because it's all right there and extremely comprehensive. Language Angels is set up in such a way that you can dip in and out for five or ten minute bursts, or you can teach a longer lesson with plenty of variety, if and when time allows. Additionally, there are units which cover - amongst other things - Christmas, the Second World War and the environment, complimenting topics you might be teaching at school. There are many excellent language teaching resources out there, but I have found that the team at Language Angels really goes the extra mile to support teachers. They're always mindful of the pressures we face and the budget constraints we are under. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services and I really appreciate what they do. The most important thing however, is that the kids in our school really enjoy learning French!

Leann Valiquette

(St Mary's School - London)


We have used language Angels for two years now. The teachers enjoy the ease of following the syllabus and SLT enjoy clarity of the tracking and progression tool. The children have utilised the at home access as well.