Case Study & Testimonials

Donna Dean

(Leen Mills Primary School - Hucknall)


Our school has adopted Language Angels as a teaching aid for our key stage 2 pupils for the last few years. The benefits of this resource are as follows: • children enjoy both listening and trying the verbal and practical activities • enjoyment of a variety of resources: games, songs, visual cards for the classroom and practical written tasks encourage progression • staff feel supported with teaching pronunciation if a non language specialist • staff are guided by useful lesson plans • subject leaders are supported with ideas, updates and webinars • Language Angels is designed in line with DfE requirements hence progression within year groups and across the key stage I have no hesitation in recommending this resource to help primary children enjoy and build their language skills.

Jennifer O'Brien

(St Michael's School - Essex)


Language Angels has proved very successful in teaching French and Spanish to KS1 and KS2. With engaging and well-structured lessons already planned, and progress easily demonstrated, Language Angels is a blessing for the busy teacher. I particularly appreciate the fact that as the children are listening to native speakers, they are able to reproduce the language authentically. Moreover, they eagerly participate in lessons, and particularly enjoy the games, songs and differentiated worksheets. Thank you Paolo and Francesca for your unending support and encouragement. I wholeheartedly recommend Language Angels!

Eve Glawinska

(St Mary's Catholic Primary Academy - Wolverhampton)


We are very impressed with Language Angels and our teachers are enthusiastic about the lessons. It's definitely value for money and so well aligned with Ofsted requirements. I and my shadow MFL leader completed your CPD training which we found extremely useful and shared many findings with our staff. We think that it's brilliant that children can have access to Language Angels from home too. I can't remember how many people I have recommended it to as I constantly do when anyone asks on teachers' blogs or groups. Thank you for all your help and continuous support.

Martha Margetson

(Central Academy - Chichester)


I am an MFL lead in a two-form entry Junior school in a small city location. Before Language Angels, French was taught throughout the school. However, some teachers lacked confidence when teaching the weekly lesson as they felt they did not have sufficient skills, expertise and appropriate resources to execute engaging and accurate lessons in French. Therefore the concern was that children would not be accessing best possible language teaching and learning. Since signing up to Language Angels, this has all changed. From the very outset Paolo and his team provided clear and simple instructions to get the school started on the site and all it has to offer. Any phone call or email sent to the team was dealt with promptly, patiently and efficiently. Nothing has been too much trouble for Paolo who has ensured that the school and myself as Language lead have all the information we need, in order to execute the lessons successfully. The progression of skills is well laid out and it was particularly helpful to have a suggested yearly scheme of work for us to use as we got used to teaching the units. The selection of unit subjects is wide and can often be chosen to be relevant to the current class topic being taught. The lessons are engaging for the children with great visuals on a PowerPoint and the ability to hear the language pronounced correctly and with consistent opportunities for the pupils to practice the vocabulary . Exercises are very well differentiated to suit and challenge all abilities. Each unit has a useful set of 'I can' steps for children to fill in as they progress through the unit. Each unit vocab sheet is invaluable as children are able to refer to it in their written, listening and spoken responses within each lesson. Children of course relish the interactive aspect of the site and have enjoyed singing, completing word searches and other fun activities available in each unit. The flash cards are handy as can be printed off and used as display to reinforce the current unit's vocabulary. The assessment is clear and enables each class teacher to keep a close eye on how each child in their class is progressing. Teachers can feel confident that everything being taught is in line with National Curriculum guidelines. The staff at school are now much more confident in delivering French lessons safe in the knowledge the lessons are tailored well to the children's ability while children look forward to their weekly French lessons. Their confidence in speaking, writing and listening to the language has significantly grown.

Rebecca Slater

(Gusford Primary School - Ipswich)


I would like to begin by saying thank you to Language Angels for all of their hard work and dedication to languages and the scheme of work that they have produced. I cannot recommend this scheme enough to all teachers, teaching assistants whether you are a specialist or non-specialist this scheme will change the way you approach language teaching in your school. I have taught Primary Spanish for over ten years and followed varying schemes, as a specialist and fluent speaker, this scheme from Language Angels is by far the most efficient scheme to follow and to teach from. As the MFL subject lead for my school I have been responsible for introducing Spanish into our school and it was easily achieved with the Language Angels scheme. I am the only fluent speaker, as all my other colleagues are non-specialists but they have found the scheme easy to navigate around and are reassured by the sound buttons which aid their pronunciation. As one of my colleagues stated in her staff voice survey recently, “I absolutely love the scheme, so easy to use and I am learning along with the children how to pronounce vocabulary correctly!” Recently, I attended the webinar from Language Angels with a focus on grammar and I was inspired and motivated but also reassured that within school we are covering the National Curriculum requirements for language teaching by using the Language Angels scheme. It was wonderful to understand in more depth how the grammar is interwoven into the scheme without having to concern myself if all the year groups are covering the requirements. I especially like the tracking and monitoring of the scheme as it allows me as a subject lead to be able to monitor Spanish and know how well the children are progressing within each year group. Everything that you need is within this scheme, every language teacher should be using this scheme and I cannot thank Language Angels enough for the support that they give too. I am fully supported by Paolo and Francesca and the Language Angels team anytime, any day! They are true angels, thank you so much!

Bobbie Reid

(St James's School - Bermondsey, London)


It is simple to navigate the site, having all the things we need in one place. Also, the fact that there is already planning and differentiated worksheets, help with the teacher workload and direction for taking creative/interactive routes for activities. Most of all, the embedded audio files have boosted teachers confidence in teaching French.

Bethany Atkinson

(Newland St John’s CE Academy - Hull)


I am the MFL lead at a Primary school in Hull and we have been using the Language Angels scheme to teach French for 3 months now. As we are a 1.5 form entry school and have many mixed year group classes, we needed a scheme which would cater well to this. Paolo and Francesca were both extremely helpful when applying for the scheme and put together a personalised long term plan for our school. This plan ensured that children would not repeat any units. Units are organised into ‘Teaching Type’ rather than by year group. Each ‘Teaching Type’ represents a different level of challenge which makes it easier and clearer for teachers to choose the most appropriate units for each of their classes. The resources provided by Language Angels also make teaching each unit a lot easier. There are lesson plans, presentations with sound files, differentiated worksheets, songs and assessment materials. Children have been extremely engaged in lessons and feedback from teachers throughout KS2 has shown that those who are new to teaching French, feel more confident in doing so. I can definitely say that introducing the scheme has had a positive impact on the quality of teaching and learning within our school. Thank you Language Angels.

Louise Rogers

(St Mary's Catholic Primary School - West Midlands)


I am the MFL subject lead for my Primary school and a non-language teacher. When I was given the role as subject lead I felt really overwhelmed as I had no experience in how to teach languages or where to start with the subject. I signed up for the free trial of Language Angels and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. Language Angels has been fantastic with the support, resources and CPD training they have offered. I emailed them about CPD for the other teachers in the school and they were more than happy to help and sent videos for me to share with the staff. The site is easy to use and all the staff in my school have said that they are really more confident when teaching the lesson. The team are also great with communication and always so quick to reply if I have any issues.

Jack Day

(Bishop Rawle C.E. Primary School - Cheadle)


I am very much enjoying using the Language Angels programme and the children are enjoying the lessons too. I have also enjoyed getting to grips with all of the different elements that you have to offer and things that I would still like to explore further.

Elena Beltran

(Avanti Park School - Somerset)


Language Angels is an excellent method to teach a foreign language. It gives you the structure, the resources, the planning and the assessment... All you need to save your time so you can just enjoy delivering the lessons. Children love the interactive games or simply listening to the recordings on the slides. I strongly recommend it!