Case Study & Testimonials

Hollie Ringe

(Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School - Leicester)


Since using Language Angels at our school I have found the children to be engaged and excited about French. I feel relaxed and confident about teaching it and I love using the colourful eye catching presentations each week with voice files to support me when needed. It has been wonderful to hear the children, their parents and teaching staff commenting on how much the children are enjoying their French lessons. Hearing from the parents that children are sharing their learning at home is particularly wonderful. Many thanks to the Language Angels team for your fantastic resources and support!

Delphine Sim

(Northside Primary School - Barnet)


I have been using Language Angels for a couple of months and have been very impressed by the overall product. As a French teacher in a primary school I find the website very entertaining for the children with its interactive games provided for each units. It is also full of worksheets with different sort of exercises adapted to children's capabilities. The vocabulary section of the units is very well done and the core knowledge of the French language. It is easy to use as well. Paolo Pini and his team provide amazing client support and training. I can only recommend it.

Georgia Chew

(Torre Academy - Torquay)


Language Angels is a great way to develop French across the school. It is easy to use and has very simple and achievable lessons in the different modules. The children enjoy learning from the activities and the programme is flexible as well as progressive.

Adam Whitworth

(Westcott Primary School - Hull)


I'm delighted with Language Angels as a scheme. The ease of access, high quality resources and linked planning/activities provide a structured and thorough starting point for colleagues' language lessons. I particularly like the integrated language sound files, as they are very useful for teachers who are not language experts. I have had positive feedback from my colleagues in my school.

Mira Jamnadas

(Abbey Primary School - Leicester)


The Language Angels program is a great tool to use, either on its own or as a complement to my own lessons. The resources to practise (worksheets) and assess learning (assessment units) are fantastic! The pupils love the activities & games!

Kerry Bowie (The Arches Community Primary School)


We use Language Angels to teach KS2 French. The lesson plans are easy to follow and even if you have never spoken French the PowerPoints are fantastic. In this day and age with the mount of planing and assessments we have to do it\'s nice that French is all taken care of.

A Gorton (Head Teacher - St Josephs Waltham Cross)


Language Angels...the answer to our \'Languages\' prayers!! Quite simply, before we invested in Language Angels, our staff were struggling to deliver the Languages curriculum...but once we invested in Language Angels we were \'on cloud nine\'!! The resources are \'magnifique\'...our children love all of the activities that they can access...and the \'behind the scenes\' support is second to none, including the marvellous initial INSET provided for all staff so that they can deliver the content with confidence and understanding. Sometimes, things can seem \'too good to be true\'...but this is certainly not the case with Language Angels. Would you expect anything else from such \'heavenly beings\'?! \'Tout simplement superbe!!\'

Jane Hill (Two Waters Primary - Hertfordshire)


Two Waters Primary, pupils and staff ,continue to enjoy Language Angels. Several new staff have joined the team and they very quickly got to grips with the full package of learning and assessment information. Paolo ran an excellent training session only last week, where he revisited the units of work and talked us through the new assessment tool. Thank you Language Angels for providing an excellent service!

Joanna Holt (Boxgrove Primary - Greenwich)


We started a free trial with Language Angels at the start of this academic year and have now taken out the full subscription for French. It is proving a popular and effective key teaching resource with non-specialist class teachers and the pupils. The Language Angels team are extremely supportive and have gone the extra mile to support us.

Rachel Bateman (Tritlington Sch - Northumberland)


Myself and the children love our Language Angels sessions. We enjoy all aspects of the programme and the children are progressing well. I find it very easy to use and follow with the tests at the end of each 6 week session helpful in assessing how the children are doing. I am always keen to recommend the Language Angels programme to other teachers and schools. Thank you so much for making learning a new language such a pleasurable experience for teacher and pupils alike.