Case Study & Testimonials

Sophie Gorski

(Park Hall Academy - Stoke On Trent)


Language Angels is a fantastic resource to support with the teaching of MFL. We have recently changed from French to Spanish and with the help of Paolo and the website resources, we were able to create a new whole school long term plan. Language Angels is a brilliant tool for planning and teaching as the resources are high quality and easy to follow. I love how each word is accompanied with a speaker to ensure pronunciation is taught correctly. The songs and raps are also fantastic! Thank you Language Angels.

Carmen Aguilar

(St Mary's CE Primary School - Slough)


Dear primary language teachers out there, I would like to talk to you about what Language Angels has done for me as a teacher and language leader and for my students since we joined their organisation back in September. They have given me a different and new perspective on how to put across certain aspects of grammar and vocabulary to young learners, which, as a native speaker, is not always easy to do. Getting the balance right between giving too much information and over-simplifying is a challenge, but it is a crucial task when trying to get the students to engage and progress throughout their learning journey. I think Language Angels have got it just right. For Subject Leaders, they also provide invaluable support, with a wealth of documents and advice that helps enormously with getting an overview of what is required in terms of documentation and how to put together a sound Leader's File. Their very well designed and delivered CPD free webinars only emphasised the great dedication that this team puts into what they do, the expertise they bring to their work and the total love for languages they radiate. The students are currently benefiting from a Home Learning Pack which is useful and interesting for the children, with games and other activities to keep them going with their language learning. I would advise you to have a look at their website and take advantage of the 6 weeks free trial, which will allow you to get to know what they do and what they can provide for you a bit better. Don't just take my word for it. Carmen Aguilar (Subject Lead and Teacher of Spanish)

Jacqueline Farley

(St Patrick's Primary School - Southport)


I have just been involved in a Language Angels CPD webinar and wanted to say a huge thank you. The content was great and as a language leader in school I feel very supported by Language Angels. I really don't think there is another POS for French that delivers as much as Language Angels, at such a reasonable price. For that I am eternally grateful! Many thanks.

Sarah Fahey

(Coxhoe Primary School - Durham)


Language Angels is a fantastic resource which is easy to use and does all of the work for you. The units are progressively structured and we've found the long term planning very useful to ensure progression for all. The lesson powerpoints give the children the chance to hear the vocabulary pronounced clearly and accurately and our staff and children enjoy the range of follow up activities provided. It has The online gaming area has been particularly useful at this time, with lots of children enjoying the games at home. We've yet to explore the tracking and reporting tools as we are fairly new to Language Angels but know that the support from the how to videos or via email will be exceptional. It has transformed our teaching of languages.

Lauren Willetts

(Middleton St Mary's Primary School - Leeds)


Language Angels is a fantastic resource for teaching French. We recently switch from teaching Spanish to French in school and you made the switch and allowed us to keep both subscriptions whilst we were transitioning! All teachers have said that they have gained in confidence teaching French as they can use the speaking button, which allows them to hear the correct pronunciation before teaching it themselves. The activities are easy to follow and well differentiated. I love the topics and these have linked to our history and science learning so have allowed us to revisit this knowledge as well! The CPD webinars available have been amazing and allowed me to create progression documents for the rest of the school and gave me a great understanding when I first started as subject lead. I could not recommend you guys enough. Thank you!

Gina Job

(Park Hill Junior School - Croydon)


Language Angels has been a fantastic resource in our MFL teaching. With concise and engaging activities on the plans, as well as the interactive resources and printable worksheets and revision materials, Language Angels has been very useful in getting the children excited about language learning.

Katherine Smith

(Vale Languages)


Language Angels is a fabulous interactive resource. As well as being able to use it in my teaching, I also needed a platform that the pupils could access at home to consolidate their learning. It has been so easy for them to logon and access the engaging games; I can manage whole classes or even whole schools with passwords so I can select activities relevant to our learning. Paolo's personal touch & support is hugely impressive: always available and willing to solve any query. Paolo and Francesca have clearly put a lot of work into their product and share a passion for its success.

Rado Kvak

(The James Cambell Primary School - Essex)


My experience with Language Angels in year 3 is as follows: I, as a non-speaker of Spanish, have greatly appreciated the option where the children can hear and adopt native pronunciation of Spanish. As in any language, the spoken form of it is the most fundamental and significant part. I loved the fact that the learners have the opportunity to be exposed to the verbal part of Spanish as much as possible without us teachers being proficient speakers of Spanish. In other words, the learning starts with listening which simulates first language acquisition and in children of this age, it is the most natural way of acquiring a language. I have loved the fact how the skills and knowledge are divided into speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. For a foreign language learner, using a language is not just about speaking and listening, but the correct use of grammar expressed through writing is very important as well. This needs to be delivered academically and Language Angels managed to provide it implicitly by focusing on the speaking and listening form of the Language first as I explained in the paragraph above. Grammar is introduced in logical and comprehendible steps adequate to children’s age, again, by delivering it implicitly which is natural for the children. I think explicit explanations of grammar would not work that well in year 3. All the other essential skills such as reading and writing are complemented through activities through stories, songs, exercises etc. In summary, Language Angels provides an adequate substitute for a Spanish speaking teacher and has played a significant role in my class whereby I have gained confidence and progressed as a Spanish speaker myself and have learnt the language skills alongside the children.

Bec Dolphin

(Mansfield Green E-ACT Primary Academy - Birmingham)


Mansfield Green E-ACT Primary Academy has found Language Angels very useful when teaching the KS2 modern foreign language curriculum to our pupils. The interactive lessons have kept the class engaged and the recordings of native speakers have been an invaluable resource - supporting pronunciation for even the most nervous Spanish speakers (including some of the teachers!) We would highly recommend it to those looking to explore MFL in the wider curriculum.

Vicky Gray

(Lobley Hill Primary School - Gateshead)


How has Language Angels helped me? Let me count the ways. 1. The lessons are well organised, structured, highly resourced. The language is spoken throughout on the PowerPoints so non language specialists can deliver with peace of mind. There are three levels of differentiated worksheets to be used as is or adapted. There are games for every lesson 2. My non language specialist teachers and teaching assistants tell me how confident they feel delivering the lessons, due to the set up. Equally they feel as if they are learning, they enjoy teaching it and the children enjoy their learning. 3. As a language specialist, I felt that every lesson was appropriate and easy to teach to, adaptable where I wanted but all there too. 4. Language Angels are always there for support. Whether it be to access something when the school’s internet is down, delivering training via webinars or face-to-face, or even offering advice when delivering my own training, they are there to help. 5. I feel very safe in the knowledge that Language Angels are up to date with all the latest info. Deep-dives, Ofsted, I know that everything is constantly updated and implemented. 6. As a languages coordinator who now doesn’t teach the language, I feel very confident that our children are making progress; being taught in a fun, up-to-date and challenging manner by adults who are now enthusiastic about teaching them.