Case Study & Testimonials

Fiona Cohen

(Bronte House School - West Yorkshire)


I have been really pleased with my decision to subscribe to Language Angels. Even though I have been teaching French for the last 12 years and have tons of resources, I like the way Language Angels is organised. Each unit is well planned, allowing for progression and building on skills. The printed resources are useful and I especially appreciate the end of unit assessments, as this has always been a challenge. The songs and games also give an extra dimension to aid language teaching and to encourage a love of language in young children. Finally, having been off sick for a period of time recently, I was relieved to be able to let the cover teachers ( all non specialists) use Language Angels to carry on my lessons, as it is so clear and easy to use.

Ruth Cousins

(Round Diamond Primary School - Hertfordshire)


Language Angels has enabled us to enjoy teaching French. The prepared resources and support materials allow time to be given to the quality of the delivery and deepening the understanding of the content. We even learn too! The cross-curricular links are wonderful and it has inspired the children to take ownership and WANT to learn more vocabulary and share their French words in different subjects.

Jane Best

(St Jude's Primary School - Portsmouth)


Language Angels is an exceptional website. It provides an extensive and informative step by step guide to primary languages success. It has broken down and interpreted the 12 foreign language teaching requirements listed in the DfE Languages Programme of Study into interesting and exciting lessons within the classroom. It also ensures that we are on track to meet what is expected of schools in terms of foreign language teaching and learning. The pupils in our school thoroughly enjoy the lessons and their confidence and enjoyment in speaking another language is growing.

Claire Casson

(St Bede's Prep School - Manchester)


I’m really enjoying teaching MFL to Key stage 2 using Language Angels. I am a year 4 class teacher but also teach Spanish to years 3 ,4 and 5 and French to year 6 . I am very busy and so it is great to have language angels as a structure for my lessons. I plan around it and as I used to be a secondary language teacher for many years , I do supplement it with my own things . A non language specialist , however, could easily and simply just follow the programme with no additional resources or planning required. It is very easy to use and having all the worksheets, PowerPoints games and assessments ready and waiting is great. I also love all the documentation that you provide to show that it is national curriculum compliant as well as schemes of work, lesson plans etc all ready to go . The creative units are great and cover many ks2 topics. My year 4 loved learning about the Tudors in Spanish alongside our history lessons. Great cross over. I also used it for kS1 as the core language units are very basic and accessible to younger learners too. I would recommend Language Angels!

Helen Jackson

(St Stephen's Primary School - Kent)


We are delighted with our experience of Language Angels. Before we subscribed to it, staff felt very self conscious and reluctant to teach French as they were particularly worried abut pronunciation. This barrier has been removed as Language Angels does the pronunciation for you if you want it to. Now, staff love teaching French, it is taught regularly and the pupils enjoy learning it. They love the PPTs, online games and activities. Subscribing to Language Angels has drastically cut our planning and preparation time for French. Paolo Pini has been so helpful since we first subscribed. He ran a staff meeting to introduce the resources to staff and is always available and willing to help us. Any member of staff can email or ring him if they need help and I as subject leader greatly value and appreciate this support. I would definitely recommend Language Angels.

Arthe Kandeepan

(Oak View Primary School - Hertfordshire)


As a fellow Language Angel user I can confidently say that it is a platform designed with the children and teachers in mind. Every lesson has an objective and focus whilst also working to impart a thorough and enriched learning experience across the school. I would highly recommend Language Angels. Support and assistance is always at hand. Confidently teach and enjoy the experience of learning a foreign language!

Debbie Farcinsen

(Westbourne Primary School - Hampshire)


Prior to taking over as Spanish Coordinator, all Spanish lessons were delivered by the three Spanish Specialists in our school ( Yes we were very lucky). The Head of Spanish and a specialist a year ago and I took over. I was really keen to find a comprehensive programme which all teachers, including, non specialists could use and feel confident using. I delivered a staff CPD on Language Angels and the staff received it warmly. They liked the fact that it was step by step, they could learn along with the children and it had a teacher guidance for each lesson. They said it looked easy to use and liked the idea of the slides, interactive games and worksheets. I would like to report to you that there are now three non specialist teachers delivering their own weekly lessons and enjoying it. They are incredibly proud of the fact they are teaching a language they are unfamiliar with and they love the website. Success! this is the first time in our school that Spanish has had such a boost and teacher confidence in it is high. I have been using it in my class and the children love the interactive games which they love playing on the interactive whiteboard and have them on during wet play too. Thank you!

Thomas Gee

(Brookland Junior School - Cheshunt)


I would like to thank the Language Angels team for the invaluable support that they have given me, in taking over the role as Spanish lead at Brookland Junior School. The support that they provide in terms of a well planned and balanced set of units with excellent quality resources, is invaluable for the day to day teaching. I am also very grateful for the help and guidance given in assessment and the fact that everything is clearly linked to the curriculum.

Suzanne Dent

(St Werburgh's C of E Primary School - Derby)


My school launched Language Angels in September 2018 in Key Stage 2 and the children have taken to it very quickly. We are still finding our way round all the great resources, but the staff are finding it very easy to use and the children are giving us good feedback about enjoyment of learning. Online support from the Language Angels team is exemplary. I’m so glad we chose this resource when we reviewed the effectiveness of our language teaching!

Sarah Bennett

(Broad Oak Primary School - St Helens)


My school decided to completely change direction and switched to teaching Spanish this year, after decades of teaching French. This change meant we faced some real, serious issues about the quality of our teaching a foreign language. Many teachers were anxious, and some had absolutely no Spanish knowledge. We decided that opting for some assistance in the guise of Language Angels may help provide teachers and children a smoother process. Not only has Language Angels done this, but they have by far surpassed all of our staff’s expectations. The lessons we now teach have purpose, progression and something we felt we were starting to lack: fun! The feedback I have had from children and teachers right through from Year 1 to Year 6 is clear. There’s a new love of learning a language, less hesitation from teachers as they are guided and supported the entire way and much more interest in the wider curriculum. Furthermore, the customer service and support from Language Angels has been some of the best all staff have experienced. It’s not an exaggeration, the entire Language Angels team have worked above and beyond to help me implement a brand new curriculum in a 3 form entry primary school and it’s been one of the easiest changes in school to date. Thanks to them I cannot recommend the investment highly enough.