Case Study & Testimonials

Helen Jackson

(St Stephen's Catholic Primary School - Bexley)


We have been using Language Angels for a few years now and our teachers love it, especially those who are anxious about their ability to teach French. All the resources, including pronunciation, are provided, and the site is very easy to navigate. Paolo is always very helpful whenever I, as subject leader, have a query and he responds very promptly. Recently they have added CPD to their provision. I would not hesitate to recommend Paolo or Language Angels.

Judith Crouch Algorta

(East Preston Junior School - Littlehampton)


We introduced Language Angels in our Junior school in September 2019, following recommendations from other schools. It's an invaluable resource for busy class teachers as it's designed to be accessible to non-MFL specialists and provides all the necessary resources for lessons, including online interactive games and PowerPoints. The children really enjoy it and the teachers say it's a great time-saver in terms of planning. It thoroughly covers all aspects of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum and its engaging units of study plot a clear progression path over four years. It helped to provide an excellent framework for evidence in our recent successful Ofsted inspection in which the children’s enthusiasm for MFL was also noted: inspectors described how the children “have embraced this learning with zest”.

Cesare Galasso

(Federation of Trosnant Schools - Hampshire)


Language Angels has helped our school massively in delivering focused and fun lessons to our students. It has helped to develop their love of language while supporting staff in the delivery of topics. It underpins our drive to make children aware of other cultures and enjoy learning a language.

Christine Shaw

(Honilands Primary School - Enfield)


Language Angels is a must for all adults teaching MFL, whether they are able to speak another language or not. The whole scheme is designed to make teaching MFL fun and informative. The resources are helpful, interactive and easy to use. We teach Spanish at our 3 form entry primary school, and as non speakers of this language, myself and a higher level TA, were filled with the anxiety of teaching MFL to our children. However, since having this resource purchased for us, teaching Spanish has become one of our favourite lessons. I am the PE lead of our school and with my colleague, cover classes of 90 pupils in each year group from years 3 - 6 using Language Angels. The lesson plans and teacher support notes are so helpful and easy to navigate. The children really do enjoy the power points and the repetition of language ensures that by the end of the unit, pupils have grasped the basics for each unit. The pronunciation of vocabulary isn't a worry as there are audio files to help with this. The programme focuses on all aspects of the MFL curriculum, eg listening, reading, writing, and grammar. In fact, a Spanish speaking supply teacher who came in to cover once was very impressed and congratulated us on purchasing such an easy to use scheme of work. Language Angels is a great resource and the children are making good progress. It has even improved our Spanish and we are enjoying learning along with the children.

Megan Moore

(Fleetwood's Charity Primary School - Lancashire)


We recently renewed our Language Angels subscription and changed from French to Spanish. So far we have started all of the children in KS2 on the early learning programme as the children have only ever been introduced to Spanish in the past. The lessons are engaging and really easy for all of our teachers to use. We are all very happy with it and are confident that it is all there so is one less lesson to have to worry about planning for! The children have responded well and we feel like the children in our school have had a good introduction to speaking Spanish!

Alexandra Morgan

(The Crescent Primary School- Croydon)


The thought of teaching French to me was horrendous due to lack of knowledge and expertise. However, using the Language Angels programme my confidence has grown and there is a clear structure to the lessons with great progression. The best part of the scheme is the recorded vocabulary phrases, without this I would not be able to teach being a non speaker myself. This has meant my confidence has grown as I don’t need to worry about pronunciation and can learn alongside the children. The children have now become more active within their French lessons, learning with me. For anyone lacking in confidence in this area this is an invaluable resource and comes highly recommended.

Sangeetha Batra Vecchi

(Holywell Primary School - Hertfordshire)


I really enjoy using Language Angels in my Spanish primary teaching. The graphics are attractive and colourful and my young learners find the activities engaging and fun. I particularly like the sound buttons which are voiced by native speakers so that the children can hear and try and reproduce native-speaker pronunciation. There are lots of brilliant go-to worksheets such as crosswords and matching up activities which I can pick and choose and are often differentiated too. The interactive games are fabulous for motivating students and I often use them as starters or plenaries or even just for fun. Thank you so much for the plentiful resources and lesson ideas.

Louise Bates

(St Peter & St Paul Catholic Primary School - Bolton)


We had a high school Spanish teacher (an expert to us) in the other day and the headteacher asked her to look at Language Angels for us to see if it offered our staff and children support and quality and give us her opinion. She was amazed by it and said that our children were far more advanced than other primary schools that she visits. She was very impressed and said that she wished she had known about this resource before. I was surprised that she hadn't heard of it. I feel so lucky and fortunate to have this amazing resource. More people should know that you are out there and what your website offers the staff and children.

Claire Cameron

(Oakridge Junior School - Hampshire)


For many of our staff, the thought of teaching a language was a daunting task due to a lack of confidence and expertise. They weren’t secure on where to begin or how the progression of skills would work which lead to the patchy teaching of languages. However, within months of introducing the Language Angels programme, our teachers are a lot more confident and enthusiastic to teach languages. The best parts of the scheme are: the recorded vocabulary phrases on every lesson; and clear and easy to follow medium and short term planning designed with clear progression of skills. This has meant even the least confident members of our staff have become more confident and enthusiastic. As a result, our children have been more engaged in the learning and enjoying the interactive lessons and games. Not only this, but the units of work have clear assessment opportunities planned in to allow the tracking and monitoring of progress identifying the children who are at Age Related Expectations, above or below. The impact and value for money can not be argued with.

Fatma Saraci

(St Mary's Catholic Primary School - London)


"Language Angels is a very well thought our program which is designed to cater for all ages across the primary range. It is fun and engaging and consolidates learning before moving onto the next topic. It teaches children strategies they can use when learning Spanish, that can also be applied to other languages." "Language Angels has been put together very coherently and is effective in teaching children to communicate even in the early stages of their language learning. It's a great program and I would highly recommend it to other schools."