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Language Angels is a fantastic resource to use to support the delivery of MFL within school. It has a range of resources and planning to support the teaching of French or Spanish. Our children really enjoy the sessions.
26 January 2023
Gemma Matthews
(Sheep Dip Lane Academy - Doncaster)
As a school we have been using Language Angels for the past 2 years. I can not recommend this company highly enough. It is the best scheme I have come across for teaching MFL. Everything you need is easily accessible and in one place. There are straightforward plans for every lesson with ample resources which include interactive PowerPoints, games and songs to reinforce the children's learning as well as differentiated written activities. The assessment activities at the end of the unit are easy to carry out. The scheme is very easy for all staff to use, there is no need for prior knowledge in the language you are teaching. There are a variety of different languages available, we are using the Spanish scheme. It is very well thought out and progressive.

The staff that work at Language Angels are amazing. Really easy to get hold of either via email or phone and any questions are dealt with promptly. The customer care is second to none.

If you are looking for a whole school scheme that you can pick up and run with from day one, I highly recommend you use Language Angels. It is great value for money for everything they provide. I am so glad I found them!
02 January 2023
Clare Hulme
(St. Peter's C of E Primary - Manchester)
Long Wittenham School is a small rural primary school with an equally small staff team. As a result, we lack the expertise to deliver high quality foreign language lessons. Language Angels has enabled the teachers to feel confident delivering French lessons from year 1 to year 6 and the children have loved the engaging and interactive lessons. I now feel confident that the children in our school are getting much improved language provision.
02 January 2023
Gillian Fraser
(Long Wittenham CE Primary School - Oxon)
We have been using Language Angels at our university with all our trainees in undergraduate and postgraduate teacher training in primary education for a couple of years now. Trainees (like teachers!) come with a variety of backgrounds in many different languages and Language Angels increases their confidence and subject knowledge in French, Spanish and Italian to support them to teach high quality lessons in school. The trainees particularly appreciate the excellent resources and games and the embedded links to the native speaker audio. These give them models of high-quality pronunciation, allowing both the trainees and their pupils to make grapheme-phoneme connections supporting pupil progress. As a teacher trainer, I also appreciate the simple to use end of unit assessments and pupil self-assessment "I can" statements. These really support good practice in a challenging area, with languages being one of many foundation subjects. I have attended some excellent online CPD on different language focus areas which are really useful. Paolo, Francesca and the team are also really helpful and understanding and have time to communicate with you about your bespoke school situation. An increasing number of our partnership schools in the Northwest are choosing Language Angels to support their delivery of the National curriculum and I would wholeheartedly recommend a subscription, as it is excellent value for money.
02 January 2023
Shirley Hindley
(Edge Hill University - Lancashire)
We are currently in our second year of using Language Angels and are so glad that we made the switch from our previous scheme! Spanish is delivered in timetabled lessons across KS2, this is for one hour every two weeks. Over the course of the year we aim to cover three units and include phonics work. There are so many brilliant features to Language Angels: from the support given to establish our curriculum map and ensure progression and consolidation opportunities to excellent resources that include PPTs, songs, games and differentiated worksheets. We deliver Spanish using a Spanish specialist but if a class teacher ever needs to cover a lesson this is so easy with Language Angels. All teaching resources have Spanish audio so the teacher does not need to know the language and actually they really enjoy learning themselves. I used to have to spend a lot of time creating resources with our previous scheme but not anymore, everything I need is provided. End of unit assessments cover listening, reading, speaking and writing and provide me with a summative assessment to compliment what I assess formatively. I love this resource and cannot recommend it highly enough.
02 January 2023
Jo Smith
(Belmont Primary School - Swadlincote)
Language Angels has enabled non-specialist teachers in my school to teach languages confidently, knowing that they are providing the children in their class the language experiences they require in order to progress securely to KS3.

The slides are created in a way to motivate the children and helps to structure the lessons so that there is a lot of opportunity for learners to practise what they are learning, in order to embed new knowledge, so that they learn more and remember more. At the beginning of each lesson, there are slides which require children to recall prior learning to ensure that they build on this learning so that progression takes place. Resources, such as worksheets which are provided, create an opportunity for language learners to demonstrate what they have learnt and now know. Worksheets are also differentiated to include every child in the class so that the learning is inclusive to all and helps to improve confidence and raise self-esteem.

Games, flashcards and songs enable the teacher to be creative with their lessons and also encourage the children to love learning languages. Children experience a sense of achievement as they feel successful and can see how they are making progress.

In addition to the implementation of the curriculum the topics covered and the progression between early teaching, intermediate and progressive, ensures the 3 pillars of language learning, phonics, vocabulary and grammar is taught explicitly so that children can continue to develop their ability to understand and produce language.

Language Angels also provides CPD in the form of live webinars which helps the specialist, non-specialist and language leaders to improve their knowledge and skills to ensure staff continue to gain confidence in their teaching and leading staff so that children see learning a language as purposeful, providing them with aspirations and enhancing their love of languages.
02 January 2023
Theresa Ryan
(St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School - Stockton on Tees)
We have thoroughly enjoyed using Language Angels so far this term. Lots of teachers have shared how they feel much more confident at delivering the Spanish lessons each week. Children have really enjoyed the visuals and varied listening and speaking tasks. Language Angels is definitely raising the profile of Spanish across the school and we look forward to continuing with it moving forward.
02 January 2023
Anna Dyke
(Reaside Academy - Birmingham)
At Parklands Primary, we absolutely love Language Angels and the huge positive impact it has had on Spanish at our school. The lessons are easy to follow with excellent differentiated resources and in-depth lesson plans; making it straightforward for all teachers to pick it up and go. It has allowed us to build on our Spanish skills with confidence and the children now absolutely love language learning and they are making excellent progress as a result. The karaoke and games are wonderful, the lesson content is fantastic and the support from Language Angels has been second to none. This is a scheme with heart and soul, and anything you might need, the team are there for you. Without a doubt, the best money our school has ever spent!
02 January 2023
Sam Sunderland
(Parklands Primary School - Leeds)
Language Angels changed our life at Coston. This scheme is wonderfully resourced and the website is easy to navigate. In compliance with the NC, it enables us to plan for the four skills of learning languages: reading, speaking, writing and listening. Progression Maps are available, which are a visual demonstration of the progression that takes place in each of the key language learning skills within each Language Angels Teaching Type and also across each Language Angels Teaching Type.

Units vary from Early Language Units (which are ideal for children with little or no previous foreign language knowledge) to Intermediate Units through to the Progressive Units. The structure of units helps link the learning of French with other subjects, thus making learning meaningful. Within each lesson, there are videos, songs and a range of activities and differentiated tasks.

Pupils continuously build on their previous knowledge as they progress in their foreign language learning journey through the primary phase. Children show a positive attitude to the learning of French. They are very curious during lessons and show an inquisitive interest in how the language sounds; they are keen and engaged and make good progress.
14 December 2022
Bruna Montis
(Coston Primary School - Greenford)
At Gatcombe Park Primary, we invested in the Language Angels program for teaching Spanish in July last year (2022) in preparation for teaching Spanish to children from Y1 to Y6. What a great investment and absolute value for money it has turned out to be! I am not a Spanish speaker, or even a languages expert, but I teach a Spanish lesson to every class every week and the response has been 'muy bien'!. Language Angels provides a clear learning program, with skills progressions and resources to support high quality teaching and progression across the school. Everything I need is there to help me plan the lessons and the resources are purposeful and engaging.

The audio files, attached to the interactive lessons, provide expert and authentic pronunciation, which has helped me hugely, as I am learning with the children! The range of topics is broad and appropriate, with packs for cultural learning too. As a non-class based Deputy Head, I work across the whole school in my role and am so often greeted in Spanish by children in all classes.

The team at Language Angels are constantly on hand for enquiries and support and they provide regular CPD to their team of teachers/schools, which has been really useful so far. I would highly recommend Language Angels to any school.
12 December 2022
Debbie Ogles
(Gatcombe Park Primary School - Portsmouth)
I was a full time MFL lead in my school for many years and taught Spanish throughout the whole school. I explored many websites to establish which would be the best for the school . I discovered Language Angels and never looked back ! I am now part time and have had to hand over the teaching to the class teachers and as non-specialists they find Language Angels absolutely brilliant... easy to navigate through and the units are excellent... and the pupils thoroughly enjoy their lessons.
09 December 2022
Jane Best
(St Jude's Primary School - Portsmouth)
Highly recommend this website as a very useful visual aid to learning a language. Multiple topics are covered that can be used for a range of language abilities.
09 December 2022
Jenny Cosens
(The Dell Primary - Monmouthshire)
Language Angels has made teaching Spanish far easier for our teaching staff. Its clear structure means that pupils build on their learning. Additionally, the pronunciation files ensure that words are spoken correctly, and the assessment opportunities help to monitor progress easily. Many thanks, Language Angels!
09 December 2022
Jo Dawes
(Laindon Park School - Essex)
Language Angels has transformed our MFL curriculum. Staff and pupils absolutely love the high-quality resources and sequences of lessons.

Paolo and the team are on hand at any time and provide swift answers to any questions they are asked. There are training sessions and lots of support available.

For a non specialist, this resource is excellent - easy to use, friendly and professional contacts and excellent language acquisition.
09 December 2022
Helen Sutcliffe
(Whitechapel C of E Primary School - Cleckheaton)
As a teacher who was new to being a subject lead, Language Angels has been a dream to use. Their lessons are sequenced well and have adaptations for mixed year group planning. We had a deep dive into French as part of an Ofsted inspection in the summer and all of the documentation Language Angels provided helped me massively! Their CPD courses have been relevant and useful - particularly those for Ofsted and bringing the language alive around the school. I simply cannot fault their service as they are quick to reply to any questions and support you where needed!
09 December 2022
Tasha O'Donnell
(Springmead Primary School - Welwyn Garden City)
We have been using Language Angels to teach French for several years now and it is very popular with pupils and teachers. Everything you need is included. There is a PowerPoint for every lesson and these are colourful and varied, with lots of games and interactive features to keep the children engaged and challenged. There are also differentiated worksheets and songs for most lessons. Our children absolutely love the songs and request them every lesson! They really help children retain the vocabulary. The assessment and tracking features are easy to use and help us assess children's speaking, listening, reading and writing skills effectively. I highly recommend Language Angels.
09 December 2022
Anna Dean
(Roman Way Academy - Hertfordshire)
We subscribed to Language Angels this year when I took up the role of Director of Languages across our Academy Trust. We are three schools and I teach in two of the schools. I have a group of teachers in my third school who are non-specialists and are absolutely loving teaching Spanish using Language Angels. I have done some observations on my non specialists and the level of language the children have is amazing. Both staff and students are absolutely loving the lessons and learning alongside one another. A huge well done to all Language Angels staff for producing such an amazing resource.
09 December 2022
Louise Pape
(Bourne Abbey CofE Primary Academy - Lincolnshire)
Language Angels has been a very valuable investment for our primary school. French is now taught with confidence and clear progression from Reception through to Year 6 by not only class teachers but also teaching assistants. The program provides fantastic teaching materials - power points, songs, worksheets, quizzes, puzzles and games ensuring all children are challenged in their learning of French. Lesson plans, unit summaries, support notes and vocabulary are very comprehensive. This program is wonderful and I highly recommend it.
09 December 2022
Julie Barron
(Fleet Wood Lane School - Spalding)
As a new FL lead, I introduced the use of Language Angels to assist the delivery of the Italian language into our school, at the beginning this academic year.

We were in need of a new scheme that was easy to use and engaged both pupils and teachers. I am pleased to say that Language Angels was certainly the right choice!

Lessons are fun, enjoyable and pupil progress has been evident throughout. The range of activities, songs and games have really helped to develop pupil confidence and have enhanced their knowledge and skills.

Staff confidence in teaching a foreign language has also increased thanks to this clear, easy to use scheme.

Assessments have helped to track progress and have been an extremely useful tool.

Any issues or queries regarding theme scheme have been dealt with promptly and efficiently.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Language Angels for use in your school.
09 December 2022
Francesca McGowan
(St. Edward's Catholic Primary - Birmingham)
We have been using Language Angels for 5 years now and their website is only getting better and better. It is the perfect solution for delivering MFL in primary schools even whether you have or do not have a specialist teacher in school.

The differentiated levels, as in “most”, “some” and “a few” children, are also a great help to show progression.

They also provide invaluable support with plenty of ready-made resources and excellent guidance regarding the curriculum.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank their team for their fantastic work and their availability when we needed it.
09 December 2022
Jerome Lantelme
(Middleton Primary School - Nottingham)
Our school aims to instill a love of language learning in our pupils. Using Language Angels is helping us do just that!. There are so many exciting and interesting topics to choose from the more traditional units to the unusual cross curricular ones. Lessons plans and resources are high quality and accessible for specialist and non specialist teachers alike. The lessons ensure optimum progress by embedding the grammar the pupils need to become linguists rather than simply learning vocabulary by rote. Curiosity is further fostered amongst our pupils by the inclusion of cultural lessons and interesting assembly materials. We have only just started using Language Angels but are already Language Angels fans.
09 December 2022
Andrea Arrol
(Yarm Preparatory School - North Yorkshire)
Language Angels is the scheme we use across our whole school including KS1. This is the only programme which clearly outlines every lesson, every unit and most importantly the clear progression for children as they go through Key Stage 2. It quite frankly could not be any easier to teach MFL in your school using this scheme of work. Paolo and the team are on hand if you want to ask any questions, day and night and offer phenomenal and meaningful CPD to teachers regardless of their own language ability. I have found the implementation of Spanish in my school easier as the MFL lead, as you cannot go wrong even if you are not a language specialist. Each lesson is supported by lesson plans, teacher notes and full PowerPoints with language pronunciation buttons for those less confident teachers. The children are engaged with lessons as they have fun, especially with the karaoke songs. The children have a clear understanding of what they are learning and why and can see their own progression through each unit.

We have used this scheme for over 3 years now and I know there is no better scheme out there for language teaching. As busy professionals, as teaching is, this programme takes away that stress and worry that you are meeting all curriculum requirements especially when you have important visitors in school. Quite simply because you will be and you can prove it too! The units are set out in such a way that you can tailor make them to fit your own school curriculum and ethos. We have been able to link all of our enquiry topics to a unit from Language Angels ensuring we are offering a broad and balanced curriculum to our children. You can be assured by following Language Angels, you are teaching effective and purposeful lessons to children, opening their world to the joy that is understanding and speaking a different language. They are building a wonderful foundation of language learning that will grow with them through their educational journey.

Thank you, Language Angels, for all of your hard work and your fantastic scheme. I could go on for hours but really, to feel the true benefit of this, just try one lesson, I promise you, your school won’t look back once they have experienced this scheme.
09 December 2022
Rebecca Slater
(Gusford Primary School - Ipswich)
Language Angels continues to be a superb resource for our school's ability to teach MFL. The programme allows all teachers, specialist or non-specialist to teach with confidence. Each session is thoroughly planned to support all adults and pupils and is matched to the MFL curriculum. The support from the Language Angels teams is also excellent, if ever I have to contact them I know they will always provide excellent advice and support. A fantastic resource which I wholeheartedly would recommend.
21 November 2022
Jo Mercer
(Inkersall Spencer Academy - Chesterfield)
Since beginning to use Language Angels it has made the learning of Spanish much easier. Our children are really engaged with the activities and developing their language skills. The additional resources and material really supports the teaching and learning of the language.
21 November 2022
Asghar Ali
(Ladypool Primary School - Birmingham)
Language Angels has transformed the way language is taught here at St Frideswide. Teachers are more confident in delivering sessions and children are engaged in their learning and applying their newfound language skills throughout the day, not just in Spanish time! We have been able to use the planning tool to map languages against our long-term progression planning and match it to our topics as well. Thank you Language Angels!
21 November 2022
Ria Nelson
(St Frideswide C of E Primary School - Oxford)
Language Angels has provided our staff with the ease to deliver good MFL lessons. We trialled it with two different year groups in the last term. We then shared our findings (no need to have any Spanish, resources are all available, songs and games are provided) during a staff meeting and all staff are now using Language Angels. It has only been a few weeks but so far the responses have been positive. We look forward to developing our MFL practice through Language Angels.
21 November 2022
Yann Cadieu
(Saint Ann's Primary School - Rotherham)
At Willowdown the children and staff have absolutely loved the Language Angels programme. Staff find it useful and supportive and it has given them a confidence in teaching another language that they did not previously have. Children love the recognisable resources, the PowerPoints support them and they enjoy the karaoke videos that are also available. Overall we have loved using Language Angels and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
14 September 2022
Lauren Jones
(Willowdown Primary School - Bridgwater)
Both students and teachers love using Language Angels at our primary school! The lessons are fun and engaging, and the helpful pronunciation audios mean that everyone is confident when teaching.
14 September 2022
Rachel Sene
(St Paul's CE Primary School - Hammersmith)
As a linguist and a subject leader of French, I have found Language Angels not only to be an invaluable, time-saving tool for teachers, but also a fantastic, progressive scheme in developing the teaching and learning of French in my primary school. The PowerPoints all have audio files to help non-specialists with the pronunciation of all vocabulary used within a unit. Additionally, there are PowerPoints to improve pronunciation through the teaching of phonics in the target language. Language Angels even has PowerPoints on cultural aspects of the country of the language being studied so that all strands of the KS2 Programme of Study are fully covered. The accompanying resources for each lesson are excellent: knowledge organisers and teacher notes are comprehensive and the worksheets are differentiated at three levels, saving a lot of teacher planning and preparation time. At the end of each unit, there are pupil self-assessment sheets as well as end-of-unit mini tests for the teacher to assess what each pupil has understood and retained in reading, writing and listening in the target language. As a school, we invested in the full package: French, Italian and Spanish and have used the Italian PowerPoints and resources to run an after-school club in Italian and this has saved time in the need to prepare and plan for the club. We have found Language Angels to be very good value for money for what it delivers and the team at Language Angels are friendly, supportive and always on hand to answer any of your queries with a very rapid response time.

Thank you Language Angels. We are glad to have found you.
06 September 2022
Rita Brice
(Longwell Green Primary School - Bristol)
We couldn’t be happier with our Language Angels package. It offers a clearly structured, comprehensive learning journey for all KS2 pupils with clear outcomes. The lesson plans and resources are brilliant and very high quality. They support members of staff who aren’t language specialists and give them the confidence to deliver high quality lessons. The audio elements for pronunciation are amazing – we are all learning as we go along! The full package which includes lesson plans and all resources mean teacher workload is kept to an absolute minimum too. We have recently appointed a qualified language teacher who is French to help deliver our MFL offer and she has said it by far the very best programme she has come across and is enjoying using it to deliver sessions across KS2.
12 August 2022
Melanie Backhouse
(Whittaker Moss Primary School - Rochdale)
This is my second year of subscribing to language Angels and I can tell how transforming and useful it has been to my pupils and I.

Language Angels is an exciting tool for teaching and learning French.

- It has developed communication skills including key skills of speaking and listening in my pupils.
- It encouraged cooperative learning method which gets my pupils motivated and excited about learning French.
- It accommodates all learners through differentiation in their worksheets.
- It is accessible to all my pupils and non Specialist Teachers both in school and at home.
- GAMES: what my pupils enjoy most is learning French through games which reinforces what was taught in class. All thanks to Language Angels.

I encourage YOU to use Language Angels.
12 August 2022
Onovo Chiamaka
(Abuja Preparatory School - Nigeria)
Language Angels has transformed the quality of our teaching of French overnight. As a result, we are seeing more writing being produced, of a higher quality and children really being challenged. The phonics lessons and grammar teaching embedded in Language Angels means that we are teaching the fundamentals, not just words and phrases linked to a topic - we are teaching children the skills they need to become life-long linguists.
10 August 2022
Tom Garner
(Fairhaven Primary School - Stourbridge)
Absolutely everything you need! Clear and simple to use, full of resources for the teachers and the pupils including brilliant assessment materials! A fantastic scheme of work that makes teaching a foreign language easy for the teachers and definitely fun for the children!
03 August 2022
Markella Afenti-Sassis
(Little Hadham Primary School - Hertfordshire)
Language Angels has revolutionised the way we teach French. It is a supportive teaching tool for non-specialist teachers and it has allowed us to teach consistently across the school. All of the staff and children who have used it talk so positively of their experiences. The knowledge organisers are extremely useful as they show the phonics and grammar focus in each unit and allow teachers and children to see the key learning. The planning documentation is clear and no further lesson planning is required so it saves staff time, allowing them to focus on the key knowledge they are delivering. The continual updating of resources and units is very much appreciated and the support for a non-specialist subject leader, like myself, is invaluable through emails and CPD to keep us updated. I would highly recommend Language Angels to anyone looking to improve their curriculum.
03 August 2022
Katie McGhee
(Northway Community Primary School - Maghull)
Language Angels were recommended to me by another teacher, who praised the learning platform as simple and accessible to everyone. Our school also subscribed to it, after a one month trial. As MFL lead, I listened to teachers' and children's voices. Children loved the songs and teachers loved the fact that lessons were hassle free and ready-planned, all accessible by a click of a button. I also got a lot of admin support from the team with creating logins and individual pupil accounts - a real time saver. Thank you Language Angels.
03 August 2022
Flavia Tomsa
(South Hill Primary School - Hemel Hempstead)
Language Angels' been brilliant both resources/subscription and the team!
A live saver for a subject leader like me that's got no French background at all.
Having very informative webinars with lots of great ideas, special day celebration by Virginie, new resources, children's games to mention a few has been a game changer. I've had good support and very timely too!
I love your practical ideas, energy, passion and positivity.
Thank you!
26 July 2022
Funmi Tinuoye
(Emmanuel Community School - Walthamstow)
Adopting the Language Angels SOW in our school has given the teachers much more confidence to deliver language lessons (French) even if they have no experience of the language themselves. The lessons are fun and engaging for the children and assessment is easy to do and to record. The unit planner, curriculum tracker and the curriculum guidance documents (particularly the Intent, Implementation and Impact statement) proved invaluable during our Ofsted inspection last year. Moreover, whenever we've needed advice, Paolo and the team are always there to help.
26 July 2022
Helen Stillman
(St Finian's Primary School - Thatcham)
We have used Language Angels now at our school for just over a year- we had no hesitation in re-subscribing for our second year! Language Angels has completely transformed our MFL curriculum. We now know that all knowledge is progressive and that the children are continually building their understanding of French, as well as having loads of fun (the songs are a real hit!) It has really helped with teacher subject knowledge, and now all staff, including support staff, feel confident to teach and model even if they are not language specialists. For myself as subject leader, the resources provided around curriculum mapping and the regular CPD webinars are invaluable in ensuring that we continue to improve and drive the curriculum forward. Language Angels is a fantastic resource, and we cannot recommend them highly enough!
26 July 2022
Dan Saunders
(Henbury View First School - Dorset)
Language Angels has been fantastic in our school for raising enthusiasm for modern foreign languages across KS2. It's so easy to use, both teachers and children look forward to our French lessons! The scheme ensures progression and the building of knowledge across KS2. The assessment and tracking tool has been invaluable as subject leader. I cannot praise Language Angels enough, thank you!
24 June 2022
Jade Smith
(Ashton Keynes Primary School - Wiltshire)
Language Angels has been invaluable in the consistent approach to teaching languages in our school. Having spent 14 years teaching languages in secondary schools, I was dubious about using a scheme when I moved to the primary phase. However, as soon as I saw the quality of the presentations and accompanying differentiated resources, I was sold. It has improved the confidence of members of staff who previously reported they were worried about teaching French because they didn’t know how to pronounce the words themselves and the children enjoy the karaoke songs and games which accompany most lessons. I have also enjoyed participating in the many, varied, high quality CPD events Language Angels offers (for free!). The team at Language Angels are always very quick to respond to any queries or requests for support too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Language Angels to anyone.
24 June 2022
Charlotte Bruce
(Owlsmoor Primary School - Berkshire)
Language Angels has been an amazing find for our school. Staff who were reluctant to teach French, due to a lack of confidence and knowledge of the language, are now willingly and confidently delivering lessons. The website is fantastic with everything you need already prepared for you. I was recently observed by the Deputy Headteacher and SENCO and they could not believe the transformation since we started using Language Angels. They commented on the amount of written work in books and the fact that every child in the class was involved and all speaking French. Some of our SEND children thrive in French lessons. I have contacted Language Angels several times for support and to ask questions and always get a response straight away, with nothing ever being too much trouble. I have already recommended Language Angels to other schools in the local area.
24 June 2022
Lynsey Jordan
(Barrowcliff School - North Yorkshire)
I have no regrets having chosen 'Language Angels' for our school. It has been perfect as a bright, fun, clear way for us to introduce our children to a new language. And the bonus is - as we grow into the language, Language Angels grows too! There are always new things to discover, updated units, excellent webinars to attend, and on hand help and advice always available. I highly recommend it for any school!
24 June 2022
Jackie Hamman
(Bournville Primary School - Weston-super-Mare)
I have been teaching French to LKS2 for a year now. The scheme has really helped me and the children love the songs! I will move up with the current Y3 and Y4s in September and Language Angels gives us the flexibility to have a non-specialist teacher take over from me in Y3. I have also taken part in the webinars (and am already booked on for next one!) I have found these really useful.
31 May 2022
Linda Finch
(St Mary's & St Benedict's RC Primary School - Preston)
Language Angels is simply awesome. It is the full package. I use it with reception classes through to Year 6 and especially like the full complement of songs, videos and differentiated worksheets.
27 May 2022
Leanne Steed
(St Faith's Prep School - Canterbury)
As a school, we were looking for a scheme to teach MFL that would be engaging and fun for pupils and enable our teachers to confidently teach French. After trying various schemes, we chose Language Angles because it provides our teachers with everything they need to teach French effectively. The scheme is very easy to use and the resources, games, songs and PowerPoints that accompany the content enables it to be a one-stop resource for teachers at any level of language competence. Our teachers feel more confident as the pronunciation of words is one click away and the layout of the lessons ensures progression. If we ever have any questions, Paolo and his team answer them promptly and effectively. The children greatly enjoy the interactive element of Language Angles and look forward to their French lessons with excitement!
27 May 2022
Kate Thomas
(Staples Road Primary School - Essex)
I would not hesitate to recommend Language Angels and have shared my positive experience with other teachers. Language Angels is a comprehensive, high-quality software package supported by real people who are there if you need any advice or support.

The program of study has depth and breadth and can be taught well, even by the least experienced teacher. The children love the games and songs, whilst teachers love the planned and differentiated activities and support notes.

I will continue to subscribe to Language Angels as it offers complete value for money, and guarantees that the teachers in my school have the resources and support they need to deliver French at a consistently high standard.

As a subject leader, I have enjoyed webinars conducted by Language Angels and used the curriculum guidance and progression plans provided in preparation for Ofsted.
27 May 2022
Jacqueline Farley
(St Patrick's Catholic Primary School - Southport)
As a school, we were stuck using the same old scheme, which was boring the children and the teachers. I had a number of staff who really didn’t feel confident using our previous scheme so I looked for something new and found Language Angels! I love that it targets not just spoken linguistic skills, but written skill, grammar skills and reading skills too! I finally feel like we are going to be able to send children up to secondary school with the correct level of learning. Furthermore, as language lead, I highly value the end of unit assessments and also the knowledge organisers. In addition, the fact that it is differentiated is an added bonus! We love using Language Angels and already we are seeing children that are more engaged and becoming more competent in French!
27 May 2022
Anna Syer
(Elveden C of E Primary Academy - Suffolk)
It is great! Structured and engaging. The children enjoy it - especially the karaoke area!
27 May 2022
Lucie Chavardes
(Langdon Academy - London)
We have been using Language Angels for about seven years now and it has transformed our French lessons. My non-specialist KS2 colleagues who teach French to their own class love it because it provides all the resources needed for a lesson, including pronunciation by a native French speaker, which a lot of teachers worry about. I love it because of all the materials and support it gives me as a subject leader, including the excellent, free webinars. Paolo, Francesca and Virginie are all very approachable and easy to speak to if we have a question, and they respond promptly. A brilliant resource which I would definitely recommend.
27 May 2022
Helen Jackson
(St Stephen's Catholic Primary School - Kent)
I highly recommend Language Angels. As a Spanish native speaker and linguist, I have used Language Angels for over 5 years to support my Spanish teaching, French teaching (non-speaker) and my role as MFL subject leader in different primary schools.

The Language Angels’ teaching tools are accessible to all - no matter the teacher’s level of competence in the foreign language – making the teaching and learning of a MFL fun and enjoyable for everyone. I also find their training webinars an excellent opportunity to share current practice with colleagues across the country and their specialist language team, as well as to keep up-to-date with new developments.

Language Angels provides everything teachers and leaders need to deliver a quality MFL curriculum.
23 May 2022
Rosa Phillips
(Mary Exton Primary School - Hertfordshire)
I have been using Language Angels for just over a year now and I really enjoy using your resources. My school first subscribed during lockdown, as your home learning resources enabled us to continue to teach Spanish to a good standard while children were at home. I find that the children engage well with the presentations and enjoy playing the games. It is also really useful to have the differentiated worksheets as this saves a huge amount of time preparing my own. I particularly like teaching the cross curricular topics, and have found that the Planets topic is extremely popular with our year five children.

I am fluent in Spanish and currently teach all the Spanish lessons myself , but when I am unable to teach other staff have found it simple to use the resources, especially the sound files, and I am confident that lessons are delivered competently by staff who have little or no knowledge of the language. The teacher support sheets are very clear and easy to follow.

The training webinars that you offer are extremely useful. I have only missed a couple of them since the school subscribed to Language Angels, and they have formed a large part of my professional development as Spanish Subject Leader.

Thank you – keep up the good work!
23 May 2022
Sheila Medina
(Bourne Westfield Primary Academy - Lincolnshire)
Language Angels has been a very welcome resource for our school to help support our teachers when teaching and delivering our languages curriculum. The children have also expressed how enjoyable the resource is to learn from and how the sound buttons help with the speaking and listening elements of the lessons.
23 May 2022
Emily Bonner
(Holy Family Catholic Primary School - Worksop)
We are loving your new Pupil Learning Intention Summary Sheets and Pupil Vocabulary Lists. The Pupil Learning Intention sheets are proving really useful to help inform teacher assessments and pupils are able to refer back to their vocabulary lists in their weekly French lessons. This helps to embed vocabulary and improve independence when using previously taught vocabulary.
18 May 2022
Kathrine Gibson
(Hartshead J&I School - Kirklees)
Language Angels is packed with excellent resources and easy to follow lesson plans. As subject leader, I am confident that our curriculum follows well-structured progression and children are building on skills and experience year after year to expand their abilities in all four areas of learning (listening, speaking, reading and writing). Teachers who are less confident in teaching a foreign language enjoy the support of native language audio clips on every lesson PowerPoint. I highly recommend the songs too which really help embed the language in a playful way. I truly believe that pupils leave Christ Church thoroughly prepared for a career in language learning at secondary school.
17 May 2022
Marianne Mitchell
(Christ Church CofE Primary School - Hertfordshire)
We have just changed our language taught in our school to French and were looking for a scheme that would offer not only the resources needed, but also CPD opportunities as we have no French speaking teachers. Language Angels has been amazing!

The resources are provided for every lesson, along with the tools to enable the children and teachers to hear how the words and phrases should be pronounced correctly. This has given us a firm grounding to build the foundations of our foreign languages curriculum. Paolo and Francesca are also on hand to assist with any questions or help if needed.

We highly recommend Language Angels and would also recommend following their social media sites too as we have found them to be a very valuable resource.
16 May 2022
Christina Perkins & Paula Taylor
(Hillary Primary School - Walsall)
I think that Language Angels is simply brilliant! Everything that is needed for teaching MFL in a school is provided and the whole scheme has been thought out and very carefully considered. It is perfect for specialist and non- specialist teachers alike. Planning, differentiated resources, assessment and recording progress tools are all provided. It takes a lot of pressure off of teachers and language leaders. The CPD provided is excellent and tailored to your school. Paolo and Francesca are there to help in any way they can! I would totally recommend! I’m so grateful to have found Language Angels!
21 March 2022
Kellie Fairhall
(Chartham Primary School - Kent)
Having studied languages myself at University, I am very selective about the materials that I share with colleagues at my school. Language Angels has been a fantastic resource to share school-wide to support non-specialist teachers with the delivery of MFL. The teachers feel much more confident in planning and delivering lessons and appreciate the sound clips and differentiated resources. The children love the online game platform and from a subject coordinator point of view, the progress documents and overviews are brilliant. I have also always appreciated the hands-on approach from Language Angels with CPD. No question is too big and they are always willing to offer bespoke support. I would recommend to anyone!
18 March 2022
Felicity Lacey
(Horton Grange Primary School - Bradford)
Our staff and children enjoy using Language angels to learn Spanish. The sequences build on prior learning and are colourful and interactive which the children love. Our Year 3s, learning Spanish for the first time, have found the activities engaging and useful to help remember new words and phrases. The teachers (some also learning Spanish for the first time!) have found the pronunciation sound clips particularly useful.
16 March 2022
Chris Hart
(St Marys CofE Junior School - Ware, Hertfordshire)
MFL is a tricky subject to co-ordinate as many people do not see themselves as natural speakers of foreign languages. This then translates into their confidence in teaching the subject.

Language Angels has given us the platform to deliver French in a fun and engaging way, which is easy for teachers to navigate and deliver. The voice notes are so handy - many adults in the classroom feel as though they are learning too!

The webinars have offered insightful ideas and have also helped to deliver best practice.

We are relatively new to Language Angels but as MFL lead, I can already see the benefits.
14 March 2022
Katie Price
(Christ Church Primary School - Surbiton)
Zero to Hero Language Teaching Using Language Angels

We have bought in Language Angels to ensure an organised and well-planned curriculum offer in Key stage 2 for Modern Foreign Languages focusing on French.

We had very little French teaching taking place before we bought in these resources. We are a small rural school and subject leaders co-ordinate more than on subject area and are very stretched. Language Angels is a good value resource, with a long and meaningful trail period to ensure the programme and resources met our needs.
04 March 2022
Katie O'Shea
(St Michael's Primary School - East Sussex)
At Queenswell Junior School we have found Language Angels to be an invaluable teaching resource. The children love the interactive PowerPoints, games and songs. For the staff who have no prior knowledge of the language, it has given them the confidence to teach Spanish successfully. All the units have lesson plans, learning objectives and vocabulary lists. The speaker icons on the PowerPoints ensure that the words are pronounced correctly. The grammar is clearly explained. The units become increasingly challenging as you move through the learning stages ensuring progression across the school. Thank you Language Angels!
02 March 2022
Deborah Corry
(Queenswell Junior School - London)
Language Angels offer exceptional customer service and support. Leading two very different schools: one 2-form entry and one very small school with only 50 pupils in total, we needed a completely bespoke approach for each school and many staff were concerned about delivering MFL for the first time. However, all of our concerns and queries were soon allayed, with expert support provided in relation to developing a rolling programme and implementation plan matched to their individual needs. The children are now a full half term in and are absolutely loving Spanish. Our staff are also confident in their delivery due to the excellent resources and training that come with being part of the Language Angels family. Thank you Paolo & the team!
28 February 2022
Jo Bland
(Fishtoft Academy - Lincolnshire)
I couldn't be more impressed with Language Angels who certainly live up to their name. We came from a position of not having taught MFL for a number of years, no staff skills/ confidence, and struggling to work out how to start teaching MFL and make a plan for meaningful progression. After inquiring, I received a bespoke unit progression plan from Francesca the very next day, which was super impressive, and the support has continued to go above and beyond my expectations ever since. The children are absolutely loving learning French and teachers are now empowered, through the comprehensive resources, to develop their own skills and are no longer traumatised at the thought of teaching languages!
25 February 2022
Angela DeGrande
(St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary - Bracknell)
Teachers in our school love using Language Angels. Great resources to help with structured teaching and since using this scheme pupils have grown in confidence and enthusiasm when speaking French.
24 February 2022
Kate Birss
(St Nicholas Primary - Hertfordshire)
We have been using Language Angels for 4 years now and it is firmly embedded. We have used the schemes to map out our curriculum and have linked it to the other subjects/units taught in school. Thanks to Language Angels we have a progressive curriculum which enables all pupils to succeed. The units of work are engaging and our pupils love learning Spanish. They are making great progress and our Year 6 pupils are able to read and write effectively. When they leave us, their enthusiasm for languages goes with them! It has also made a huge difference to the confidence of the staff teaching Spanish because none of them are language specialists yet they are well supported to teach it. They are guided with pronunciation and know that the children are learning it correctly. They teach Spanish with enthusiasm and you can see that throughout school when they say, "Hola, que tal?" When they pass me! A very effective resource that we do not want to be without!
22 February 2022
Hannah McGuire
(St Benedict's Catholic Primary School - Wilmslow)
I would highly recommend Language Angels as a comprehensive scheme of work. The progressive lessons are an enjoyable learning experience for the children incorporating a range of learning techniques. We have non-specialist teachers in our school who initially lacked confidence in teaching French, however the scheme helped them to overcome this. As a subject leader I find the curriculum guidance very useful as all policies and supporting documents are available. The assessment tracker tool is easy to use and there are clear reports which are useful for monitoring.
21 February 2022
Claire Woods
(St. Michael's Woolmer Green Primary School - Hertfordshire)
Language Angels gives us the backbone of our curriculum which means we, as busy teachers, have been able to spend more time focusing on adapting individual lessons to suit our children. We can choose the most appropriate resources from a wide range which cover all the main skills of speaking/listening/reading/writing. The resources are consistent, engaging and we acknowledge how much progress our children make using the Language Angels programme.

As the subject leader, the knowledge organisers, curriculum sequencing and assessment guidance helps me to know we are doing a good job of delivering a good quality MFL education to our children. Please keep up the additional pupil games, cultural event games and home learning resources. These are the bits the children love the most!
21 February 2022
Lauren Hayllar
(Almond Hill Junior School - Hertfordshire)
LA has really helped our staff get a feel for the language they are teaching. The visuals and the activities make learning fun for the children and enable them to learn the correct sounds, pronunciation and grammar. We couldn't teach accurately without it.
17 February 2022
Natasha Radford
(Horsmonden Primary Academy - Kent)
As a language lead, I have the onerous task of overseeing the delivery of MFL lessons by non linguist colleagues. With Language Angels, I can rest assured that everything, including audios, differentiated worksheets and assessment tasks, are all in one place. I can also rely on clear progression documents to ensure that MFL provision is meeting the needs of all pupils as they progress from beginner to secondary ready stages of language learning.
17 February 2022
Elaine Wilson
(St Peter's Methodist Primary School - Canterbury)
We have recently switched from having a very experienced Spanish specialist teacher to class teachers taking Spanish in our school. This is something that some staff initially lacked confidence in however, we have now successfully (and smoothly!) transitioned to teaching Spanish - and having fun whilst doing so!

Language Angels have honestly gone above and beyond! They have been there for us every step of the way. They have tailored our school curriculum, worked alongside our MFL lead with assessment criteria and hosted CPD for staff! In addition to this, we find the units and resources provided self-explanatory and incredibly easy to work from. We now hold a half termly Spanish quiz for staff as we are learning alongside the children!

Thank you so much for all of your support Language Angels!
10 February 2022
Abi Langton
(Varna Community Primary School - Manchester)
I would happily recommend Language Angels for primary languages.

We have been using the scheme for 3 years (can you check that Paolo - that may be wrong) and have gone from French being delivered less than weekly, to being covered regularly and happily by all members of staff with confidence and ease. The children have shown growing confidence and fluency and they all look forward to their lessons. A recent Local Authority inspection commented that they were very impressed by the French classes they saw.

As the Languages Leader, I find the Tracking and Progression Tool a fantastic resource to check on the whole school progress at any point in the year and to analyse the points or skills that might need more input during staff training.
03 February 2022
Amanda Doyle
(Wolsey House Primary School - Leicester)
Language Angels has revitalised the teaching of MFL in my school. Previously, I was not keen to teach Spanish as I felt I did not have the skills. Language Angels has provided us with a ready-made programme that is very easy to use whilst also ensuring that the children get engaging and challenging Spanish lessons. The teachers' notes, translations and differentiated worksheets are all excellent but it's the pronunciation that has really helped us. The children hear the words and phrases when we click on the icon on the screen and are able to say the words correctly; their pronunciation is great! My class assure me that they enjoy their Spanish lessons and this is echoed through KS2.
30 January 2022
Helen Sweeney
(Allington Primary School - Maidstone)
We find Language Angels to be a fantastic resource in teaching French in our school. Not only do the topics offer great opportunities for progression in all the communication strands but also covers grammar really well. The visuals, games and sound bites are really helpful to keep the children engaged, and the assessments at the end of each unit are so helpful to see how the children are progressing. Also, the Home School addition to the website was excellent for children working at home during lockdown, and even now where we have new children joining the school, or children with SEN, using these units on iPads in school for individuals has proved very helpful. The online games are lovely for the children to be able to access at home too. Thank you, Language Angels, for all you do!
26 January 2022
Lara Goldhill
(Northside School - London)
Language Angels has simply transformed our whole delivery of Primary Languages in KS2! All staff, regardless of their own language experience, express their confidence in teaching French to their classes. The lesson, resources, PowerPoints and embedded audio have enabled our staff to present high quality Primary Language lessons. Lessons allow all children to access vibrant and stimulating lessons, building on previous learning. The built-in assessments in each unit cover all aspects of learning a new language. As subject lead, the supporting documents have been particularly helpful.

Our children also enjoy learning French with Language Angels. Regardless of ability, pupils are engaged in lessons and find the repetition of learning new vocabulary a positive experience on which they can build their own learning. Our teaching of Language Angels has even inspired a number of children to continue their own language learning at home. After learning numbers to 100, a Year 4 boy independently worked out how to write and say numbers up to 10,000!

In summary, Language Angels is an excellent online teaching tool which I highly recommend to any primary school looking to improve the delivery of primary languages.
26 January 2022
Andrew Kay
(St. John's CE (Aided) Primary School - County Durham)
We have been using Language Angels at Hasbury at St Margaret's for nearly two years. Language Angels has helped us to structure how languages are taught across KS2, importantly ensuring language teaching isn't just a bank of words - the modules spiral and revisit earlier teaching helping children the retrieve and importantly build words, into phrases and scaffold conversation. We can see how our children will be very well prepared for their secondary language journey. We have also added in informal exposure for our EYFS and KS1 children, due to the resources being so easy for staff to access, not adding extra workload to their already busy schedules. Paolo and the team are very responsive and helpful. The CPD offered is excellent. Thank you!
26 January 2022
Lisa Homer
(St Margaret's at Hasbury C of E Primary School - West Midlands)
As a non-Spanish speaker, it's a great place for me to start and to anchor my own understanding as well as the children's learning on to. I have found the resources clear and easy to use and the lessons are well structured and helpful without overloading the children.
25 January 2022
Liz Christensen
(Djanogly Sherwood Academy - Nottingham)
As the MFL lead I have used Language Angels for 7 years now and have never looked back!

I find it easy to use and the resources are excellent . It expertly covers all the necessary requirements for Reading , Writing, Listening and Speaking through many different topics.

I have reduced my hours and although still MFL lead I only teach Spanish to Early Years . As non-specialists, the teachers and cover supervisors who now have to teach Spanish find Language Angels very easy to follow and gives them confidence in delivering the lesson.

The pupils themselves love learning the language and thoroughly enjoy the varied subjects covered.
24 January 2022
Jane Best
(St Jude's C of E Primary School - Hampshire)
As a school we are new to Language Angels. The team have been amazing. They have tweaked the KS2 Spanish long-term plan to fit with our history topics, which has been extremely helpful.

When we first got Language Angels, we had a Zoom meeting with Paolo, which was extremely useful and he went through the site step by step, which staff members found really useful.

I have asked several questions since we started, and we always receive a prompt response.
24 January 2022
Bev Waddington
(Green Lane Primary Academy - Garforth)
It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial, especially as I have been using Language Angels for almost four years and it just keeps getting better and better!

What I love most about this resource is that Francesca, Paolo and their team never sit still. They are constantly developing the programme, adding more topics, providing new resources and listening to those who are using it and responding to our needs.

Language Angels is so well-received by pupils. They love the illustrations, the songs, the games and the topics. Each topic provides opportunities to scaffold the language, building upon previous knowledge and challenging students through a variety of differentiated activities. For those who are non-specialists; sound files, guidance and lesson plans are provided too.

To support those who lead languages in their school, the Curriculum guidance section is brilliant. In it, you can find everything you will need to get through an inspection and to lead your department. I have even taken many of the documents provided and then adapted them to cover my Arabic section in the department, as it is a great way to support progression, transition and target setting.

The Tracking and Progression Tool is invaluable to be able to demonstrate the achievement of every pupil and show progression through the various skills. When you teach over 500 students, it’s so helpful!

In addition to the super resources, there are also the Webinars which have been hosted by Francesca and Paolo. They always bring a smile to my face with their banter but it’s their passion that shines through! The CPD they provide is insightful and packed full of useful tips and ideas and it’s FREE! This really does set them apart from other schemes as they provide a personal touch and they empathise with teachers! The support they provide is excellent and they are only just an email away, always responding to your questions, whether it’s a technical issue or a curriculum conundrum. I recommend this scheme to anyone who asks for a comprehensive Primary Languages resource; it’s brilliant!
24 January 2022
Kerry Singleton
(British School Al Khubairat - Abu Dhabi)
We have been using Language Angels at our school over the past two years with KS2 children and have also introduced Spanish to early years and KS1.

The children enjoy the different topics and look forward to their weekly lesson. Language Angels makes it fun, interactive and provides great display materials.

We have been really impressed with the package and materials provided, it easy to use and has been a god send to the Teachers and Teaching Assistants without the burden of planning and concern about the pronunciation of some words.

Language Angels provides phonics materials to support the children and adults in order to pronounce the sounds correctly. This has really made it possible for us all to improve our Spanish language skills.

The different assessment tools are very useful at the end of each unit and allow the children to self -assess and see their progress made. I have found the free training provided very useful, informative and up to date. I have shared my training with my colleagues to improve our delivery of lessons and support the children to become confident. Language Angels has also been really useful during Covid as we have been able to send passwords home for each class and continue with the class topic and set home learning challenges.

Language Angels has been invaluable and thanks to everyone at Language Angels for all your support and guidance.
24 January 2022
Marie Kirkbride
(Discovery Academy - Hyde)
I have taught French in primary schools for nearly 20 years and am a very confident French speaker, teaching lessons almost entirely in French but using Language Angels resources to support my teaching (both worksheets and the PowerPoints). However, last year we changed to teaching Spanish - thank goodness for Language Angels! I have only very basic Spanish and am not nearly as confident with my pronunciation so I have used the sound in every lesson this year which is new for me.

I really like the topic links which allow us to develop the children's understanding of history through their language learning as well (and give us further opportunities to revisit learning).

We use the assessment materials at the end of each unit to help inform our teacher assessments and children like to see how they're doing by seeing what they can remember without feeling threatened because there is a word bank to support them.

I think I would struggle to teach Spanish without Language Angels - it not only supports my own language learning but provides everything I need to help me support the children.
24 January 2022
Jenni Monach
(Grenoside Primary School - Sheffield)
We teach French at our school. Most of the French is taught by our fantastic HLTA during PPA cover. I myself am a Year 2 teacher and this year I have started to teach French to them. We have done the 'Nursery Rhyme' unit and just started the 'Salutations' unit. The children love the Language Angels videos and like to air guitar along. They are so excited to know some words in French and today were greeting each other in French with no prompts from me. The plans are all set out clearly and the real voices with the correct pronunciation are great.
19 January 2022
Jenny Gray
(Elm Grove Primary School - Worthing)
'My class (and I!) thoroughly enjoy Spanish using Language Angels. The lessons are varied, engaging and user friendly. We use the audio buttons to check the pronunciation of new words which boosts children's confidence and the games available to play at home are always accessed.
19 January 2022
Rebecca Cacioppo
(Pallister Park Primary School - Middlesbrough)
Language Angels is a well-structured and engaging programme designed to support teachers delivering modern foreign language lessons following the languages programme of study in the national curriculum in primary schools.

I have found the ‘Tracking and Progression Tool’ a simple and useful way of keeping a record for monitoring the children’s progress across year groups and the CPD webinars offered throughout the academic year to subscribers are always informative and most enjoyable.

I'd like to thank Paolo and Francesca and all the team at Language Angels for their continued support.
18 January 2022
Nadia Allen
(The Ryleys Preparatory School - Alderley Edge)
We have been using Language Angels for the past 18 months and in that time, I can honestly say that the pupils at our school have made excellent progress. They always look forward to French lessons and particularly love the games and karaoke. They have a positive attitude towards French and demonstrate this through the enthusiasm and participation they show in lessons. As MFL leader, I have been given lots of support and guidance by Paolo and his team and they are always on hand to answer any questions. All the documentation that you need as an MFL leader is there to be adapted for your particular school which has saved a lot of time. Language Angels is also fantastic for non specialists and I have witnessed teacher's confidence and enjoyment of French teaching, increase. I have nothing but praise for Paolo and his team and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Language Angels to other schools.
17 January 2022
Lena Rose
(Wyke Primary School - Dorset)
Language Angels is the scheme to use whether you are new to the role of an MFL lead in your school or a specialist like myself. I have been able to implement Spanish into our school over the last three years by using this scheme.

The scheme is varied and balanced and you even have the option with Paolo and Francesca and the team to have a bespoke curriculum made for you, it really is that simple. The tracking tool and assessments in each unit allow you to be able to track across a year group, class or like myself, the whole school. I have grown in confidence with the scheme as a subject lead as everything you need to be able to teach MFL effectively and accurately is there all ready for you to use. The lessons are designed in such a way that you don’t have to worry if your children are making progress as they do through the grammar progression in units and the vocabulary that is taught and built upon as they move through different year groups. This scheme is completely fool proof too! I have other colleagues who were reluctant to teach MFL, as they did not have language knowledge themselves. This scheme takes the pressure out of teaching MFL with the audio buttons for correct pronunciation already there. The children love to hear the audio and when I have completed monitoring, it has been fantastic to see my colleagues growing in their confidence too as they now use the audio buttons but are also speaking more in Spanish.

We have recently introduced KS1 to Spanish through the karaoke videos and simple songs that the scheme offers and this has been invaluable to implement a love of language learning throughout the whole school, perfect for when the children move into KS2, they already have that love of languages firmly cemented into their daily routine in school.

If you are looking for a complete package of language teaching, then Language Angels has to be the scheme you reach for. There is no hidden extras like other schemes; you get exactly what the team promotes. Children in your school, making clear progression in MFL, children who are exposed to the wider world through language learning and children who are developing their love of language learning which will continue into further education not just in a Primary setting. Everything you need for those all-important visitors whenever they arrive to Deep Dive into MFL in your school is there with this scheme.

The Language Angels team are there every step of the way too, I cannot thank the team enough for answering even the smallest of queries about MFL provision. They are always on hand to guide you through whatever the concern is. The CPD is also phenomenal, it is always a pleasure to be part of the CPD with Language Angels even on a weekend as it is informative and I know I am a better subject lead for completing it as there is always something useful, inspiring and that you will be able to use it in everyday teaching.

Thank you to you all at Language Angels for making my role as MFL lead so much easier and achievable and just being there every step of the way.
17 January 2022
Rebecca Slater
(Gusford Primary School - Ipswich)
Language Angels has been an amazing source of support for myself as MFL lead as well as the class teachers delivering French. It has enabled me to empower non specialists at my school to teach French with confidence. As a subject leader, I have found the guidance available on the website extremely comprehensive for curriculum planning and monitoring and the wonderful team at Language Angels also go out of their way to answer questions and provide support over email. Thank you Language Angels!
14 January 2022
Suzanne Cook
(Templefield Lower School - Bedfordshire)
Language Angels has lifted the quality of our French lessons. The teachers find it easy to navigate and the children love it. The songs are catchy and fun and the progression of skills and vocabulary is clear.
14 January 2022
Valerie Lyn-Jones
(Purley CE Primary School - Berkshire)
We have used Language Angels to support our French learning at Key Stage 2 for several years. The units are varied, relevant, engaging and user friendly. There is a wealth of material to dip into.

During Lockdown, the Language Angels Team set up a home learning website, as part of the school subscription, which parents and families could access. This was a wonderful addition which supported remote learning.

The team offers webinars and responds to queries regarding content in a timely fashion. The resources are reviewed and updated regularly. The cross curricular content is well resourced. This has been a bonus when trying to create a bespoke language curriculum.

Overall, a great resource which reflects its creators passion for engaging young language learners.
12 January 2022
Emma Smart
(Wheatfields Junior School - St Albans)
Our school has been fortunate to benefit from our subscription to Language Angels for a number of years now. Prior to signing up, we found that teachers in our school lacked confidence in teaching MFL and that children were unenthused by the prospect of learning languages. Since signing up we have seen a significant improvement in teaching and learning. Both teachers and Learning Support Assistants feel confident to teach MFL due to the support and range of resources that Language Angels provides. We also find that the children now love their MFL lessons due to the fun visuals and resources provided.
11 January 2022
Katie Lawrence
(Newdigate Primary School - Bedworth)
Having worked in primary schools for 13 years, MFL is usually one of the most neglected subjects. Whether this is due to a lack of specialist expertise, language learning not being a priority or the eternal struggle to find time in the curriculum. I’ve found that Language Angels is a truly comprehensive system that provides teachers all the resources they need at the click of a button to develop a quality MFL lesson. Children love the simplicity and ability to reflect and build on previous learning as well as the games at home. Would wholeheartedly recommend.
11 January 2022
Alex Feldman
(Dairy Meadow Primary School - Southall)
Language Angels is a fantastic resource - enabling confident and non-French speakers alike to deliver interesting and engaging lessons to the children. There is a great variety of differentiated activities, games, songs and more to choose from in each unit meaning an end to searching for resources (with support and challenge).

One of the aspects that I like the most, is the confidence that Paolo, Francesca and the Language Angels approach gives me as MFL Subject Leader. They provide tracking tools, subject leader advice and all the resources that you require to show that you are providing a systematic and progressive approach to modern languages teaching. CPD sessions are also offered and specifically delivered to give practical tips and understanding of the key requirements.

I would recommend it to anyone looking to deliver a structured and fun approach to language provision.
03 January 2022
Anna Low
(Sticklands Primary School - Dorset)
Language Angels is a fantastic scheme of work that has really transformed the way our school teaches French. Since using Language Angels, we have seen such a difference in the engagement of the children and it has really brought a love of language into the school. The website is incredibly user friendly and the high quality resources have saved teachers so much time. Each lesson ensures children take part in speaking, listening, reading and writing activities which has increased the progression for the children. We now feel that they are so much better prepared for the transition into secondary school language learning. Additionally, Language Angels always go above and beyond to interact with our school on Twitter which we are so appreciative of! Thank you Language Angels!
30 December 2021
Hayley Prichard-Jones
(Boldmere Junior School - Sutton Coldfield)
Language Angels is a great tool to help teach another language to our children. It has great videos for us teachers to learn from. The range of activities the children do is great. We did a pupil voice and they all said they loved learning with Language Angels as it was fun and they liked the part where it helps to pronounce the words and sounds.
09 December 2021
Samantha Whatling
(Nene and Ramnoth Primary School - Wisbech)
Language Angels is an essential teaching and learning resource for me, especially as I am completely new to Spanish, not knowing a word of it other than Hola, Adios, Agua con gas or Agua sin gas when I'm on holiday! The resource is easy to navigate and very straight forward to use. The interactive, ready-made slides are great fun, engaging pupils and teachers alike, whilst the differentiated, ready-made resources for every lesson accommodate all stages of learning.
06 December 2021
Claire Macfie
(The Galfrid School - Cambridge)
We initially started considered changing our Language scheme provider during the first National lockdown, as our school’s IT platform was not compatible with that of the scheme provider - although online learning was available, often it did not match the unit of work classes were following.

I enquired about a trial scheme. Language Angels was trialled after reading testimonies from other MFL teachers. The children were told what was happening with regard to the trial and their opinions sought for each Language Angel lesson they had. Unanimously, the children preferred Language Angels.

However, it became clearer that as a school we had made the right choice after I had completed teaching the first unit. I had looked at the various videos, uploaded each classes’ individual children’s names, then after inputting the assessment scores, I was given an overall score in percentage terms and Mastery; Exceeding Expectations; Meeting Expectations; Working Towards Expectations and Below Expectations. I could also use informal “I can” assessments.

The scheme matches National Curriculum expectations; has key vocabulary, knowledge organisers for each unit. It has Early Language, Intermediate and Progressive Language levels, plus many units within each level, so I can ensure breadth and depth of language learning throughout Key Stage 2. As a school, we are due to be inspected this academic year. I was recently interviewed by a School Improvement Partner in preparation for a possible MFL “deep dive” style interview - I was able to provide evidence to support my answers, as support and guidance given in Language Angels curriculum and tracking and data areas is thorough.

I’m completing the school’s first term using Language Angels - I absolutely love watching the children’s engagement and enjoyment in learning Spanish - best of all, I love their informal comments whenever they see me - usually in Spanish, always asking when they’re next having their formal lesson!
06 December 2021
Annemarie Roberts
(St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School - Warrington)
Our school started using Language Angels this year. We have found it to be easy to access, very straightforward with clear concise lessons. The children enjoy the games and are even excited about the assessments! We found it has enhanced our children's learning.
03 December 2021
Claire Newton
(Overchurch Junior School - Birkenhead)
Please find herewith a testimonial from one of my teachers...

My confidence in teaching French has increased significantly and I find myself really enjoying teaching the French lessons. The children are able to use their knowledge from prior lessons to complete the current task. I feel that the children are enjoying the French lessons too and love the interactive games that are available.

... and myself

I cannot praise Language Angels enough. They have increased the confidence of my staff in delivering lessons and the children look forward to their French lessons each week. There is a great balance or oral work, reading and written work building towards conversational French. The resources are excellent . As a small school I had to have the plans personalised to meet the requirements of our mixed age classes and Paolo and his team swiftly organised that for us. They are also always available to support with any issue you may have.
03 December 2021
Sharon Hatton
(Worlaby Academy - Brigg)
We subscribed to Language Angels following a recommendation from our local languages network meeting as part of the Loughborough Learning Alliance. Subscribing as part of a network of schools meant that we were able to secure a very good price and share the experience of using the same resource.

Whilst it is early days in terms of using the scheme my experience so far has been very positive. Initially the Language Angels team were able to advise me brilliantly on selecting the most suitable units for our KS2 classes. This advice meant that our children experience a solid and steady progression in their language learning. The units are interesting and engaging for the children whilst also giving them valuable language knowledge and understanding.

Previously we had used photocopied pupil booklets and I had to create all relevant resources but with Language Angels the children work in exercise books and all resources, including differentiation, are all provided. This is a massive bonus for me in saving time and having a variety of engaging tasks for the children to complete that consolidate their knowledge. There is an excellent balance of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

What I believe will be most valuable is the assessment task at the end of each unit. This is something I have found challenging to achieve in the past but now it is all there for me. Whilst a great deal of assessment is on-going I now have a summative assessment to use.

The PowerPoints are fabulous and mean that any member of staff can pick up a lesson and give it a try as all the audio is integrated into the slides. I just need to build staff confidence in trying this when I am not able to teach!

There have been some areas that I have been less sure of. The phonics units at the start of each year are on the whole very good but the expectation that we could get through the full alphabet with the Year 3 & 4 children was too optimistic for me. We focused on the vowels and key phonic sounds and have left the full alphabet for Y5 & 6. Fitting the full phonics unit in before the main unit has meant time is tight to cover everything. So far the majority of tasks have been well matched to ability and having differentiated tasks is great but one or two tasks have proven to be tricky for the Year 3 children. For example, labelling the key cities on the map of Spain was hard for them. I opted to use a different map outline and created my own PPT to support this task.

Overall I am really pleased with Language Angels and am enjoying delivering the scheme.
02 December 2021
Jo Smith
(Belmont Primary School - Swadlincote)
Everything about Language Angels is amazing! Right from the start of setting up the subscription to the actual teaching of the lesson. The website is easy to navigate around. When I have a query, the team is happy to help regardless of how silly my query is. The lessons are well planned and it is so helpful to have the pronunciation of the words there for you (especially as I'm not a French speaker) The children love the games and songs and, as the subject lead, I find having all the relevant documentation in one place extremely helpful (progression, assessments, guidance etc.) I have attended CPD which I found very interesting. I personally think the subscription to Language Angels is well worth the money.
02 December 2021
Sally Clark
(Newlands Primary School - Kent)
Language Angels has been great for our staff having previously used an outdated scheme that required a lot of additional work to use effectively and that didn’t support teachers with developing subject knowledge. Language Angels has however equipped our teachers with easy to use resources, CPD support and is something the children enjoy with specialist speakers providing voice and sound clips for correct pronunciation. Language learning made much easier! Thank you!
02 December 2021
Tom Gawne
(Great Sankey Primary School - Warrington)
Our French teaching & learning in school has been transformed, thanks to Language Angels. Teachers are now confident to be able to deliver the quality curriculum, which the children deserve. The resources are easy to follow and engaging for the children. We're so pleased we have Language Angels in our school!
23 November 2021
Helen Sutcliffe
(Whitechapel C of E Primary School - Cleckheaton)
The service that is provided by Language Angels is invaluable. It's amazing how a resource that is provided to so many schools can feel so personal! Language Angels have enabled our teaching staff to teach French with increased confidence and the children are thoroughly enjoying their language learning. On top of all of that, the generous amount of CPD that is offered is fantastic and has developed my ability to successfully enjoy leading the teaching and learning of a language.
07 November 2021
Megan Edmunds
(Birchington CE Primary School - Kent)
Language Angels, for me, is really, really useful! It is carefully thought out and very well presented! It provides everything you need- and more- for each lesson! Children and teachers can hear the correct pronunciation for everything, which is invaluable! And for Spanish speakers, it provides a brilliant base, which you can add to if you want to. By using Language Angels, it means you know you are covering everything you’re supposed to and you’re getting the assessments right! The support from Paolo, Francesca and the team has been invaluable too! They are at the end of a phone or email and have provided lots of free cpd - super! Thank you
07 November 2021
Helen Stanistreet
(Galton Valley Primary School - Smethwick)
Language Angels has been so helpful for the staff at our school to teach well planned and engaging lessons. The website is easy and clear to use and appeals to the children in all year groups. All children have enjoyed the Spanish lessons that have been delivered since we started using Language Angels. The resources provide a great way to support the lessons and are easy to locate. We have very much enjoyed using this website so far!
07 November 2021
Amanda Waters
(Swale Academies Trust- Sittingbourne)
with Class teachers delivering Spanish for the first time in their bubbles. Initial feedback of the programme was excellent, so after the 6 weeks we signed up for the full package in one language for the year. The children love the karaoke videos and songs, and the staff love the sound icons that demonstrate the correct pronunciation of all vocabulary being learned. As MFL lead in our school, I have used the data tracking system and assessments to give a whole school overview of achievement and progression. We have used the home learning section when bubbles had to isolate last year and the online games. The resources are differentiated and easy to use. Progression is clear, with older children able to see how they are building up their knowledge week on week. I have continued to use Francesca's CPD sessions, which have all been relevant and super useful. Language Angels Help Desk have assisted me in drawing up a programme of study that covers Reception to Year 6, which shows clear progression across the school, and covers a variety of topics suitable to the interests of each age range. I now feel more confident in my role as MFL subject lead, with a clear vision and understanding of the intent, implementation and impact of language learning across the whole school. Thank you Language Angels!
07 November 2021
Laura Suttill
(Ringway Primary School - Northumberland)
I have recently signed up for Language Angels after lots of recommendations when looking for a new language scheme for my school. As soon as I signed up the communication from Language Angels was exceptional and within a matter of days, I had a full scheme of work taking into consideration the small, mixed age classes in my school. The programme is so simple to use with everything you need there. which is amazing for reducing teacher workload. The lessons are engaging for all children, and they love the follow up activities, often wanting to take them home to show their families. The other teachers in my school also really enjoy the programme and say it has really increased their confidence when teaching French.
10 September 2021
Charlotte Alen
(Charleton Academy - Kingsbridge, Devon)
My experience with Language Angels has been brilliant! When I was assigned the MFL Lead responsibility in my school about 2 years back, I panicked but reaching out to you personally and your effective and efficient support that first year (and continually) was the best decision I could have made. And since then, your support over the years pre pandemic and during has been phenomenal. E.g. Provision of Subject Leader document templates, very friendly and easy to use resources & curriculum coverage, organising very informative and supportive CPDs/workshops, keeping abreast of the required curriculum coverage/breadths is another plus, e.g. inviting Michael Wardle (Ofsted Subject Lead for Languages) as keynote speaker on a CPD in November 2020. Also keeping in touch with your subscribers (i.e. good communication skills), listening to your users/customers etc. has been a great strength of Language Angels! I remember telling you that I'd like to have a French Celebration Day for our children and you included this via Virginie that creates fab interactive game for teachers and our pupils to enjoy. Same was the case when I mentioned that I love children learning French through play and you directed me to the online interactive games and how easily yet safely create accounts for our children to mention a few. Thanks very much to you and Francesca for your support that gets better year in year out! I look forward to leading French come 2021-2022 academic year with Language Angels!
09 August 2021
Funmi Tinuoye
(Emmanuel Community School - London)
We started using Language Angels during Lockdown as a free trial and quickly realised what a comprehensive, engaging and fantastic resource it is.

The children are completely engaged in every lesson and the resources are well thought out and of an excellent standard. Language Angels provide differentiated resources to challenge every level of ability which ensures that each individual in your class is challenged and stretched.

The dashboard provides resources and easy to access materials for every aspect of teaching, learning and assessment. Every aspect is covered! Every unit finishes with a child friendly assessment that allows you to chart every child's progress and POS covered.

In addition, the support seminars have been incredibly useful and highlight the professionalism and passion for ensuring MFL continues to be central to our broad and varied curriculum.

Thank you so much to Francesca and Paolo Pini for creating Language Angels. I can't imagine our school without you!
08 July 2021
Christina Al-Hasso
(Hampton Junior School - Richmond)
This past year and a half has been crazy with Covid and trying to teach. That's where Language Angels stepped in, and truly like an Angel, helped me organize and teach my 7th graders, French 1a classes in middle school! It's the best!
01 July 2021
Jeanne Engelkemeir
(West Milwaukee Intermediate School - Wisconsin, USA)
Language Angels has transformed our French teaching. The scheme is so well thought out and sequenced with resources provided that it has given our teachers (all of whom are non-specialist) the confidence to have a go with language teaching. The children really enjoy the range of games and songs, and the online games were an amazing resource to share with the children over lockdown.
17 June 2021
Anna Judd
(Meon Junior School - Portsmouth)
We are very new to Language Angels; so far we have been trialling it during the summer term! We have found it very user friendly, it has lots of ready made resources and interactive games to use and clear step by step lessons to follow. Language Angels has helped our school raise the profile of MFL and spark lots of interest and excitement in learning a new language. Parents have also reported that their children have been keen to share their learning at home. We have just designed our long term plan and can't wait to get started with it in September. We are having a French themed day, across school, to launch our learning.
10 June 2021
Kathrine Gibson
(Hartshead J&I School - Kirklees)
Fabulous resources and exceptional service! Such a wonderful scheme!

Paolo (and the rest of the team) is always helpful, attentive and very thoughtful. I’m fairly new to my MFL role in my school and he has always been supportive, going the extra mile to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The lessons are so easy to follow; pupils engage fully! Great planning, games and differentiated and visual resources. Language Angels has really increased the confidence of all the staff in my school thanks to the comprehensive curriculum guides and extra CPD for non-specialist teachers.

Thank you, Language Angels. You provide outstanding resources and support which saves us time and all our teachers and children love. Simply wonderful and I couldn’t recommend you highly enough!
17 May 2021
Maria Del Rio
(Budbrooke Primary School - Warwick)
We have now been using Language Angels in our school for three years and I highly recommend it. The system is very well-structured so that children can build on their knowledge year on year and there is a very clear learning pathway. The activities are engaging and are well-differentiated. The children enjoy the interactive games which are an excellent way of revisiting vocabulary. As well as being extremely reliable, the site is very well laid out enabling you to find resources quickly and easily. The assessment system is very easy to use and provides a good record of units covered and attainment in the key skills of reading , listening, reading and writing. This really is an excellent system which I would not hesitate in recommending.
22 April 2021
Nicola Geller
(Holland House School - Edgware)
I have been using Language Angels in both my previous school and my current one, and have always found Paolo and the team to be a delight to work with. They communicate quickly and efficiently and are always open to ideas on how to further support teachers by constantly evolving and developing the resources on offer. The children enjoy the interactive games and these really help to consolidate language we cover in class. The Home School section was very useful during lockdown too. I would highly recommend Language Angels to anyone teaching MFL as a class or a club.
19 April 2021
Anouska Blaza
(Kent College Junior School - Canterbury)
As a small, independent school, we have used the lessons and resources on the Language Angels website with tremendous success. The repetition of key vocabulary as well as the reinforcement of the units with appropriate and differentiated worksheets has been an invaluable addition to our vibrant French curriculum. Students enjoy the wide range of activities and PowerPoints. We have also noticed a marked improvement in the pronunciation of words since using the website.
12 April 2021
Languages Teacher
(St. Martin's School - London)
I have been teaching French to primary and middle school aged pupils for over 20 years. I have always used a textbook-based resource and have supplemented this with my own PowerPoints, worksheets and video clips etc.

Since starting at Woodfield Academy in September 2019, I have been teaching French to all of year 5 and 6, using Language Angels, which I had not previously been aware of!

I find Language Angels extremely easy to follow and like the progression of skills and assessments provided. My pupils really enjoy the lessons and are fully engaged with the activities. Differentiated work is included in every lesson, so each pupil is able to achieve success. There are a range of activities, focusing on all 4 skills. It has been particularly useful during the current lockdown to support our pupils' French learning at home.
08 April 2021
Nathalie Brooker
(Woodfield Academy - Redditch)
We have been using Language Angels since September and have had a very positive experience so far. Prior to this, MFL teaching was not as consistent as we would have liked resulting in gaps in the children's knowledge. Paolo and his team worked with me to create a bespoke two-year plan to plug those gaps. The children have enjoyed the units we have used so far and even staff with little or no MFL experience are now teaching units with increasing confidence. The units are extremely clear to follow, with follow-up activities for a range of abilities and assessments to track progression. During lockdown we have given access to the home school section which has allowed our pupils to continue to learn at home. This is brilliant and easy to use and we have had great feedback from parents.
08 April 2021
Gemma Bryan
(St Leonard’s C of E Primary School - Staffordshire)
Our school started using Language Angels following a recommendation from a colleague based on using it in a previous school. We have been using it now for over a year and feel it has really enhanced our provision. It enables all our language teachers to feel confident that they are delivering a structured and well planned curriculum. The variety of topics and resources keep pupils engaged and there is a great balance between listening, speaking, writing and reading activities. For the subject leader, Language Angels offers fantastic support in terms of model policies, curriculum planning documents and assessment resources.
08 April 2021
Kate Birss
(St Nicholas CE VA Primary School - Hertfordshhire)
As a school, we have introduced Language Angels to provide our staff with an easy-to-use programme to deliver language lessons without the need for teachers to have language skills of their own, and with minimal lesson planning required. The provision of power points with audio provided by native speakers, and differentiated worksheets has been fundamental to the success of this.

The detail and transparency of Language Angels' approach has facilitated the overarching vision and planning of units mapped against the national curriculum to ensure our pupils progress and can maximise their learning opportunities. I also appreciate the CPD opportunities and support offered by the Language Angels team and look forward to using them for years to come.

Additionally, the home learning platform provided during lockdown has been a big hit with many pupils and classes, and a fantastic additional resource for which we are grateful.
08 April 2021
Paul Burton
(St Botolph's CoE Primary School - Kent)
We started using Language Angels this year and it is fantastic! Very easy to navigate the site and the children love the songs and activities. Great for a non-specialist!
08 April 2021
Kay Gobby
(Dagnall C of E Primary School - Hertfordshire)
Parkway Primary School have been using Language Angels for a year now and choosing this scheme for teaching and learning French in our school was the best decision we made for our children. Staff find it easy to use, the lessons are very well structured, we love the interactive games and audio files which offer very good and accurate pronunciation of the focus words and phrases.

We recently started to use the assessment tool to complement our school’s own assessment system and the home school access has been received enthusiastically by our pupils, especially during lockdown. Francesca and Paolo are very supportive, we appreciate the fact that all our queries are answered promptly and extra resources and ideas are offered to boost out teaching and learning of French, i.e. certificates to give out to pupils, new content regularly added to support various topics. Could not recommend more highly. Thank you to the whole team of ‘angels’ for doing an amazing job!
08 April 2021
Ioana Lucaciu
(Parkway Primary School - Bexley)
As MFL subject lead, I have been very happy with the whole package that Language Angels offers. It provides absolutely everything you need, and I've only had positive feedback from other teachers. In particular, the home school section was extremely beneficial during remote learning and the children really enjoyed using it from home. They've even asked if they can still use it for extra learning!
08 April 2021
Amy Sutherland
(Southwood School - Milton Keynes)
The Language Angels scheme has completely revitalized the teaching and learning of French in our school. Our staff feel much more confident and enthusiastic when teaching MFL, and as a result the children are highly motivated too! It is such an engaging scheme which helps pupils to become keen learners of languages in the future.
08 April 2021
Julia Bowen
(Maple Primary School - St Albans)
We are new to Language Angels this year and it has enabled us to introduce French across the school, with clear progression planned in. We are a mixed age school so introducing it across KS2 at the same time might have been tricky but Language Angels have provided fantastic support and planning suggestions. The children love Language Angels and have made fast progress in a short time. They have also enjoyed carrying on with it during lockdown. As a teacher it is easy to use, even for non specialists. Could not recommend it more highly!
24 February 2021
Maggie Kirby
(Longney C of E Primary Academy - Gloucestershire)
As a school we have been using Language Angels since October 2020. The lesson plans and slides are amazing and very easy to follow. The children absolutely love learning Spanish this way and have picked up the language very quickly. Being a non-Spanish speaker presents no problem since the audio attachments does all the pronunciation for you. In terms of assessment, everything is laid out for you and you can track progress very easily. This is a programme that I would recommend to any school.
24 February 2021
Queenie Darteh
(Van Gogh Primary School - London)
I would like to thank Language Angels for the huge fun my students are having with the lessons. I am very glad we had Language Angels to hand during lock down. The interactive lessons are a hit or "boss" as so many students described them. Thank you Language Angels for making my language angels happy!
12 February 2021
N van Flute
(Runnymede St Edward’s Catholic Primary School - Liverpool)
We have been very impressed with Language Angels as a complete primary language programme. Both specialists and non-specialists in our school have thoroughly enjoyed using the resources, saving them a lot of time with planning and preparing lessons. The audio pronunciation for each word has been particularly useful for our non-specialist KS2 teachers. Our children find the lessons and activities engaging as they learn and develop their French language skills. As MFL subject leader, I am also impressed by the supporting documents and the clear built-in progression, which ensures pupils make progress throughout KS2. I would highly recommend Language Angels to any primary school looking to improve their delivery of primary languages in school.
12 February 2021
Andrew Kay
(St. John's C of E Primary School - County Durham)
Our school has used Language Angels to support our teaching and learning of French for a couple of years now. They have a wide range of lessons with games and PowerPoints to engage learners. The sound files also support children and teaching staff with pronunciation of words. We are really happy with Language Angels and the team there who are easy to contact and get help from.
09 February 2021
Hayley Stuart
(Sidmouth Primary School - Devon)
I have used Language Angels to support my French lessons for a few years now and find it very useful. The children enjoy the games we can play together and the worksheets reduce the time I need to spend planning. I highly recommend Language Angels to other schools and teachers as it does provide a good scheme of work that engages the children.
09 February 2021
Lesley Mishan
(St Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Bishop's Stortford)
At Saint Francis, we have been using Language Angels with great success for a few years now. It is clear, easy-to-follow scheme with cross curricular links. It is also a great step-by-step approach to learning French. Language Angels is a great aid to those teachers who can speak French and to those who cannot speak French it is a very handy and effective tool, with guides to pronunciation and grammar.

I would recommend this approach and scheme of work to any who are searching for something accessible and not at all daunting!

An added bonus, is that during lockdown there is also a clear path to learning from home in their home schooling section.
08 February 2021
Peter Jones
(St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School - West Sussex)
As a language specialist and subject leader I have been extremely impressed with the subscription package offered by Language Angels. The site has a comprehensive range of resources including power points with pronunciation guides, lesson plans and worksheets. It also has songs, interactive games and an assessment option to track how your students are doing. I find that it is equally suitable for language specialists and non-specialists alike and staff who are not so confident in teaching a language have told me that they love using it they can simply pick it up and use it in class.

Subject leaders will find a whole host of resources to support them in setting up their subject leader files, which I have found to be invaluable. Added to all this, there is fantastic, free CPD which is also offered and Francesca and Paolo are always on hand to offer advice and support if needed.

I strongly recommend subscribing!
08 February 2021
Sue O'Malley
(Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School - Coventry)
I am so thankful for Language Angels! When I picked up MFL as my subject, I was new to subject leadership and was certainly not fluent in French, and felt very overwhelmed. Language Angels is not only a scheme of work, with fabulous lessons, but is also somewhere to turn for support. Paolo and Francesca have answered many an email, and questions during webinars, and they make time to assure you are comfortable and confident delivering MFL in school. I have found their webinars extremely useful, and even been able to share recordings with my colleagues, to improve their confidence in teaching MFL too.

As well as personal support, the website has as much information as you could ask for, with lesson breakdowns, curriculum overviews, progression maps, you name it! It has been a life saver for a less experienced teacher like myself, and I know that all my colleagues feel the same. Lots have mentioned how Language Angels has given them the confidence to teach a language, and the children love the lessons too! Not to mention that now we can access units from home too with the home learning webpage - I honestly do not know where I would be without Language Angels!
08 February 2021
Demi Brown
(Greasley Beauvale Primary School - Nottingham)
Thanks for your amazing resource. The teachers who have never taught French before absolutely love the lessons. They are positively buzzing. The children look forward to their lesson too. All the children at home are able to access the home learning and are doing great work. I copy the worksheet onto a Google Jamboard so that they can write on it and submit their work in Google Classroom. It's working well.
01 February 2021
Emma Wilson
(St Joseph's Catholic Primary School - Newton Abbot)
I am an MFL lead in a two-form entry Junior school in a small city location. Before Language Angels, French was taught throughout the school. However, some teachers lacked confidence when teaching the weekly lesson as they felt they did not have sufficient skills, expertise and appropriate resources to execute engaging and accurate lessons in French. Therefore the concern was that children would not be accessing best possible language teaching and learning.

Since signing up to Language Angels, this has all changed.

From the very outset Paolo and his team provided clear and simple instructions to get the school started on the site and all it has to offer. Any phone call or email sent to the team was dealt with promptly, patiently and efficiently. Nothing has been too much trouble for Paolo who has ensured that the school and myself as Language lead have all the information we need, in order to execute the lessons successfully.

The progression of skills is well laid out and it was particularly helpful to have a suggested yearly scheme of work for us to use as we got used to teaching the units. The selection of unit subjects is wide and can often be chosen to be relevant to the current class topic being taught.

The lessons are engaging for the children with great visuals on a PowerPoint and the ability to hear the language pronounced correctly and with consistent opportunities for the pupils to practice the vocabulary .
Exercises are very well differentiated to suit and challenge all abilities.

Each unit has a useful set of 'I can' steps for children to fill in as they progress through the unit. Each unit vocab sheet is invaluable as children are able to refer to it in their written, listening and spoken responses within each lesson. Children of course relish the interactive aspect of the site and have enjoyed singing, completing word searches and other fun activities available in each unit. The flash cards are handy as can be printed off and used as display to reinforce the current unit's vocabulary.

The assessment is clear and enables each class teacher to keep a close eye on how each child in their class is progressing. Teachers can feel confident that everything being taught is in line with National Curriculum guidelines.

The staff at school are now much more confident in delivering French lessons safe in the knowledge the lessons are tailored well to the children's ability while children look forward to their weekly French lessons. Their confidence in speaking, writing and listening to the language has significantly grown.
25 January 2021
Martha Margetson
(Central Academy - Chichester)
We are very impressed with Language Angels and our teachers are enthusiastic about the lessons. It's definitely value for money and so well aligned with Ofsted requirements. I and my shadow MFL leader completed your CPD training which we found extremely useful and shared many findings with our staff. We think that it's brilliant that children can have access to Language Angels from home too. I can't remember how many people I have recommended it to as I constantly do when anyone asks on teachers' blogs or groups. Thank you for all your help and continuous support.
25 January 2021
Eve Glawinska
(St Mary's Catholic Primary Academy - Wolverhampton)
Language Angels has proved very successful in teaching French and Spanish to KS1 and KS2. With engaging and well-structured lessons already planned, and progress easily demonstrated, Language Angels is a blessing for the busy teacher. I particularly appreciate the fact that as the children are listening to native speakers, they are able to reproduce the language authentically. Moreover, they eagerly participate in lessons, and particularly enjoy the games, songs and differentiated worksheets.

Thank you Paolo and Francesca for your unending support and encouragement. I wholeheartedly recommend Language Angels!
25 January 2021
Jennifer O'Brien
(St Michael's School - Essex)
Our school has adopted Language Angels as a teaching aid for our key stage 2 pupils for the last few years. The benefits of this resource are as follows:

• children enjoy both listening and trying the verbal and practical activities
• enjoyment of a variety of resources: games, songs, visual cards for the classroom and practical written tasks encourage progression
• staff feel supported with teaching pronunciation if a non language specialist
• staff are guided by useful lesson plans
• subject leaders are supported with ideas, updates and webinars
• Language Angels is designed in line with DfE requirements hence progression within year groups and across the key stage

I have no hesitation in recommending this resource to help primary children enjoy and build their language skills.
25 January 2021
Donna Dean
(Leen Mills Primary School - Hucknall)
I want to thank language Angels for their great resources and support. As a French coordinator with little language experience, Paolo and Francesca have made me more confident to deliver French not only to my own class but I can now support the staff in their language journey. Paolo and Francesca were brilliant at creating a bespoke 2 year rolling programme based on our mixed aged classes and also taking into account the children's previous French understanding. The staff and children are loving the weekly lessons.
25 January 2021
Annette Waugh
(Linby-cum-Papplewick C.E. Primary School - Nottingham)
Since we purchased the Language Angels programme, I have been delighted with both the programme itself and the costumer care. Previously we had an external Spanish specialist teaching MFL in our school, this stopped at the end of last year. A number of our staff expressed their concerns about delivering Spanish so it was important we purchased a scheme/programme which supported the teachers fully. Language Angels has been great at building the confidence in staff. All of the schemes are meticulously planned and supported fantastically by high quality resources. In the first term it has been great to hear staff speak confidently about their teaching of Spanish.

In terms of support from Language Angels, I cannot speak highly enough of the company. Historically Spanish had not been taught well in our school so most children irrespective of age were at the same point. I contacted the company and they creative a long term scheme bespoke to our school, which has helped immensely. Whenever I contact them I am struck by their friendly 'nothing is too much trouble' attitude. I have been delighted with our purchase and would highly recommend Language Angels to other schools.
25 January 2021
Jo Mercer
(Inkersall Primary Academy - Chesterfield)
We are in our third year of using language angels in school. Our KS2 children enjoy participating in the lessons and often ask if they can do French on the days it’s not timetabled! The lessons are interactive and a great way for the children to show off what they’ve learnt. There is lots of help for teachers that are not confident teaching French and teacher notes for every lesson to go with the PowerPoints. The assessments and tracking tools are great for us as school to see where our children are at and the progress they have made throughout the units. CPD training ha also been great and nothing is too much trouble for Paolo and Francesca, they’re always at the of an email or the phone should you require extra support. I would highly recommend Language Angels
25 January 2021
Nicci Prescott
(Huyton-With-Roby CE Primary School - Liverpool)
We are currently in our second year of using Language Angels to teach Spanish. All of our staff find it so easy to use and the children love it! Many have accessed the Home School section and feedback from parents are that the children really enjoy it. I have taken part in CPD sessions and found them extremely useful as a subject lead. Nothing is ever too much for Paolo and Francesca, they are always there to help in any way they can. A fantastic resource which I would definitely recommend!
25 January 2021
Helen Newbold
(Pallister Park Primary School - Middlesbrough)
We trialled Language Angels over six years ago using their very generous 6-week Free Trial period and we haven't looked back. As subject leader responsible for supporting reticent, non-specialist staff I had plenty of time to check it out and allow (encourage) my colleagues to give it a go. It proved to be just what we needed and meant that myself and my colleagues felt well supported with differentiated lesson plans, authentic voice clips, PowerPoint presentations for every lesson complete with teacher 'script' and interactive games and differentiated activities. All this for a wide range of unit subjects including an assessment lesson. We also had access to assessment and tracking tools, plus more. Since then, Language Angels have gone from strength to strength, adding more units across three levels, songs and more games that can now be accessed from home; and can be set and monitored to suit. In addition, Language Angels provide excellent FREE CPD and during the recent pandemic created a successful Home School section (children are fully engaged), delivered CPD and offered unfailing customer support throughout. I really can't recommend Language Angels enough and school budgets being what they are, I HAVE looked at other schemes, but for value for money I think Language Angels has it all!
25 January 2021
Maria Nichols
(Holly Trees Primary School - Essex)
Language Angels are a fantastic company to work with. They are always just at the end of an email to answer any questions and send out just the right amount of timely emails with information about new features or to remind you of how they can help with tracking and assessment.

The children love the interactive aspect of the lessons and, even though I am a confident French speaker, I love the fact the planning and resources are of a high quality so I don't need to spend hours preparing to deliver a good lesson that we all enjoy.
25 January 2021
Anna Low
(Sticklands Primary School - Dorset)
As a devoted Language Angel, I must admit that the home schooling section that you have created has been life-saving. The lessons are detailed and the best of all is that pupils can self- assess, which takes the pressure off teachers marking endlessly. Thank you for adding new material all the time as well.
25 January 2021
Myra Papaspyratou
(Livingstone Primary School - Barnet)
I can’t thank you enough for your fantastic scheme of work - Language Angels. I began using it this September and found it very easy to use in the classroom. During this stressful time, remote teaching with Language Angels has been such a massive support to me. I have been using it with Years 1 to 6 and the children are really enjoying the topics and learning so much about the structure of the language to help them make good progress. They are also able to learn independently through playing the games in between lessons, which helps them consolidate the vocabulary. I very much enjoy the free webinars that you run and feel that I am getting some great , relevant CPD training and meeting other teachers. I can’t thank the Language Angels team enough.
25 January 2021
Kathryn Gibson
(Fosse Bank School - Tonbridge)
The home-schooling programme that ‘language angels’ has provided has meant that the children at our school have not lost any learning time with their French. They are all enjoying accessing the materials from home and continue to make good progress with their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
25 January 2021
Emma Willmore
(Smeeth Primary School - Ashford)
I have introduced Language Angels now in 3 different primary schools and in each case, the confidence of the teachers (non specialist) has increased in terms of their ability to correctly deliver French in all year groups in a progressive manner. Over the years, LA has continued to develop their offering to meet changing school requirements and has moved to offer a proper remote schooling offer that has meant minimal interruption to language acquisition. I particularly appreciated the high level CPD that is free and resources made available for wider staff training. Finally, the response from the whole Language Angels team is always professional, helpful, tailored and speedy!
25 January 2021
Lois Dignan
(Benenden C E Primary School - Cranbrook)
Language Angels is a well-structured and engaging programme designed to support teachers delivering modern foreign language lessons following the languages programme of study in the national curriculum in primary schools. I have found the ‘Tracking and Progression Tool’ a simple and useful way of keeping a record for monitoring the children’s progress across year groups and the CPD webinars offered throughout the academic year to subscribers are always informative and most enjoyable. I'd like to thank Paolo and Francesca and all the team at Language Angels for their continued support.
25 January 2021
Nadia Allen
(The Ryleys Preparatory School - Cheshire)
Language Angels has been excellent for our school, especially for those non-specialist colleagues who are worried about pronunciation, as the PPT for each lesson does it all for you. The package provides excellent resources for teachers, and useful documents, CPD and support for me as subject leader. Their remote learning programme has been fantastic and very well received by colleagues and children.
Paolo is very approachable and prompt to reply if ever I have a question. I would thoroughly recommend Language Angels.
25 January 2021
Helen Jackson
(St Stephen's Catholic Primary School - Welling)
I would highly recommend Language Angels for use in school. I came across Language Angels when I did one of their online CPD webinars during the first lockdown which was invaluable. As I had recently taken over leading MFL in the primary school that I work in, I must admit that I did feel a bit lost as to where to start and on how to promote progression (and what that would look like) but Language Angels provided clear guidance on how to teach Primary MFL.

As a school we have since signed up to Language Angels and feedback from the teachers has been great and the pupils love learning Spanish in their classes. We have also used the home learning platform so that children can still access their topics from home in lockdown. Overall, the 'presence' of languages has increased in our school which is fantastic.
25 January 2021
Charlotte Kollross
(Manorfield Primary School - London)
It is simple to navigate the site, having all the things we need in one place. Also, the fact that there is already planning and differentiated worksheets, help with the teacher workload and direction for taking creative/interactive routes for activities. Most of all, the embedded audio files have boosted teachers confidence in teaching French.
01 December 2020
Bobbie Reid
(St James's School - Bermondsey, London)
I would like to begin by saying thank you to Language Angels for all of their hard work and dedication to languages and the scheme of work that they have produced.

I cannot recommend this scheme enough to all teachers, teaching assistants whether you are a specialist or non-specialist this scheme will change the way you approach language teaching in your school. I have taught Primary Spanish for over ten years and followed varying schemes, as a specialist and fluent speaker, this scheme from Language Angels is by far the most efficient scheme to follow and to teach from. As the MFL subject lead for my school I have been responsible for introducing Spanish into our school and it was easily achieved with the Language Angels scheme. I am the only fluent speaker, as all my other colleagues are non-specialists but they have found the scheme easy to navigate around and are reassured by the sound buttons which aid their pronunciation. As one of my colleagues stated in her staff voice survey recently,

“I absolutely love the scheme, so easy to use and I am learning along with the children how to pronounce vocabulary correctly!”

Recently, I attended the webinar from Language Angels with a focus on grammar and I was inspired and motivated but also reassured that within school we are covering the National Curriculum requirements for language teaching by using the Language Angels scheme. It was wonderful to understand in more depth how the grammar is interwoven into the scheme without having to concern myself if all the year groups are covering the requirements.

I especially like the tracking and monitoring of the scheme as it allows me as a subject lead to be able to monitor Spanish and know how well the children are progressing within each year group. Everything that you need is within this scheme, every language teacher should be using this scheme and I cannot thank Language Angels enough for the support that they give too. I am fully supported by Paolo and Francesca and the Language Angels team anytime, any day! They are true angels, thank you so much!
01 December 2020
Rebecca Slater
(Gusford Primary School - Ipswich)
I am the MFL lead at a Primary school in Hull and we have been using the Language Angels scheme to teach French for 3 months now. As we are a 1.5 form entry school and have many mixed year group classes, we needed a scheme which would cater well to this. Paolo and Francesca were both extremely helpful when applying for the scheme and put together a personalised long term plan for our school. This plan ensured that children would not repeat any units.

Units are organised into ‘Teaching Type’ rather than by year group. Each ‘Teaching Type’ represents a different level of challenge which makes it easier and clearer for teachers to choose the most appropriate units for each of their classes.

The resources provided by Language Angels also make teaching each unit a lot easier. There are lesson plans, presentations with sound files, differentiated worksheets, songs and assessment materials.

Children have been extremely engaged in lessons and feedback from teachers throughout KS2 has shown that those who are new to teaching French, feel more confident in doing so. I can definitely say that introducing the scheme has had a positive impact on the quality of teaching and learning within our school.

Thank you Language Angels.
30 November 2020
Bethany Atkinson
(Newland St John’s CE Academy - Hull)
I am the MFL subject lead for my Primary school and a non-language teacher. When I was given the role as subject lead I felt really overwhelmed as I had no experience in how to teach languages or where to start with the subject.

I signed up for the free trial of Language Angels and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. Language Angels has been fantastic with the support, resources and CPD training they have offered. I emailed them about CPD for the other teachers in the school and they were more than happy to help and sent videos for me to share with the staff.

The site is easy to use and all the staff in my school have said that they are really more confident when teaching the lesson. The team are also great with communication and always so quick to reply if I have any issues.
24 November 2020
Louise Rogers
(St Mary's Catholic Primary School - West Midlands)
I am very much enjoying using the Language Angels programme and the children are enjoying the lessons too. I have also enjoyed getting to grips with all of the different elements that you have to offer and things that I would still like to explore further.
23 November 2020
Jack Day
(Bishop Rawle C.E. Primary School - Cheadle)
Language Angels is an excellent method to teach a foreign language. It gives you the structure, the resources, the planning and the assessment... All you need to save your time so you can just enjoy delivering the lessons. Children love the interactive games or simply listening to the recordings on the slides. I strongly recommend it!
16 November 2020
Elena Beltran
(Avanti Park School - Somerset)
Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the programme, really easy to navigate and the children love it!
13 November 2020
Kay Gobby
(Dagnall C of E Primary School - Berkhamsted)
We've been using Language Angels for over a year now and it has really helped support non-specialist language teachers in delivering French and Spanish lessons across Key Stage 2. We love that there are so many audio clips to support pronunciation and that everything is prepared for us. There are lots of different activities to support children's learning and my colleagues love that they can deliver great learning with minimal stress. The team at Language Angels have also been incredibly supportive, responding quickly to emails and creating personalised schemes of work that fit with our school context. The children make great progress as there are so many opportunities to repeat the target language in different fun activities. They especially love the computer games.
21 October 2020
Amy Driver
(North Bradley CE Primary School - Wiltshire)
Middleton Primary School have subscribed now for four years to Language Angels and pupils and teachers love it.

Language Angels is a great website with a well-organised content following the KS1 and KS2 curriculum and there's an excellent range of interactive activities and games. Worksheets are always straight to the point and child friendly. Language Angels is also offering all four skills and teaching stages which MFL teachers need to teach.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your team for your fantastic work and your availability when we needed some help.
12 October 2020
Jerome Lantelme
(Middleton Primary & Nursery School - Nottingham)
I found Language Angels almost by mistake when researching the availability of a French teaching resource for the non-specialist teacher and accessed the free six week trial. My colleague and I reviewed the program and , on comparing it with many others we had sourced, decided that this was the one for us. It was reassuring to be able to ask any questions of Paolo and Francesca ( and I did... often ) concerning the suitability for the individual needs of the school and the answers were always delivered promptly and professionally. Language Angels has now been in use for only five weeks in Year 3-6 and yet the teachers have embraced it eagerly and the feedback so far has been nothing other than positive in relation to the planning and the resources and I have found the webinars extremely useful and reassuring. I have no doubt that the children will make progress and (perhaps even more important dare I say) will love their learning of a foreign language.
12 October 2020
Alison Cornell
(St Margaret's C of E Primary School - West Sussex)
As a teacher, I’ve found the Language Angels site easy to follow. The lessons are well organised, with a range of useful sound and video clips for the children to practice as a class. The worksheets are well differentiated and there is a big enough range of lessons to be able to pick and choose. I also like the fact that the lessons explicitly cover the different skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing.
15 September 2020
Suki Pascoe
(Bibury CofE Primary and North Cerney Primary Academy - Gloucestershire)
As a primary school French teacher, I was so pleased to find the Language Angels site during lockdown. I was struggling to find a resource (accessible to children) where they could hear French correctly modelled and still continue to progress through the carefully planned and structured lessons.

As a school, we are now subscribing to the Language Angels online scheme of work and I am able to incorporate it into French lessons, which I plan for other year group bubbles. (Previously, I taught all classes throughout KS2). The class teachers are reporting back very positively and I feel it is also building their confidence to deliver French themselves to their classes.

Language Angels is a highly flexible scheme, with some alternative units and differentiated worksheets (where needed.) There are songs and also a games section. The attractive end of unit assessment sheets make it far easier to fulfil the individual key skills progression monitoring. This, I feel, will be a major reason for our school to continue subscribing (even when the current Covid situation improves.)

Children and staff love the clarity of the lessons and the team at Language Angels has been incredibly supportive, replying quickly by email to answer any of my technology questions!
15 September 2020
Penelope Pitt
(Powell's C of E Primary School - Cirencester)
I am the MFL coordinator for my Primary school and a non-language teacher. When I was given the role as coordinator I felt really overwhelmed as I had a big task on my hands to ensure that the school has a scheme fit for purpose.

Language Angels has been absolutely fantastic with the high quality support, resources and CPD training. They have created a bespoke progression plan for my school. If I have had any queries the quick response has been very impressive.
03 August 2020
Parveen Rehman
(Moorside Community Primary School - Halifax)
Teaching languages that you aren’t comfortable with becomes easy and fun with this fantastic language scheme! It has everything you need to teach and assess as well as a variety of games for the pupils to consolidate learning! Highly recommended!
20 July 2020
Markella Afenti-Sassis
(Little Hadham Primary School - Hertfordshire)
I am a non-language specialist teacher in a mixed year group primary school. Having been given the role of Language Coordinator I was considerably out of my depth and the school decided to buy into Language Angels to support myself and other class teachers in delivering high quality French lessons.

I attended a webinar on supporting subject coordinators and found it extremely useful and informative. Language Angels have also helped me by developing a bespoke progression plan for my school involving catch-up lessons and a two year rolling program for each KS2 teacher. They have responded very quickly to any queries and are personable and supportive.
20 July 2020
Hilary Dodd
(Stoke Canon Primary School - Devon)
It has been such a relief to discover Language Angels and being able to subscribe after doing the 6-week trial. So many resources available and the free CPD sessions have been incredibly helpful to become a more confident subject leader. Thanks again!
20 July 2020
Fleur Leroy
(Penwortham Primary School - London)
Language Angels is a fantastic, well planned and resourced site that has allowed non-specialist MFL leaders and teachers to deliver exciting French lessons to pupils at Old Park Primary. The sound PowerPoints have proved invaluable for ensuring correct pronunciation of tricky vocabulary and the pupils enjoy the online games. We would recommend this programme to other schools and other non-specialist leaders. Language Angels are always an email away if difficulties with delivery or technical problems with the site occur.
01 July 2020
Laura Payne
(Old Park Primary School - Wednesbury)
Language Angels is a brilliant package which is well structured, easy to navigate and fun for pupils. I would not hesitate to recommend.
23 June 2020
Lorraine Oldham
(King's Ely Primary School - Cambridgeshire)
Language Angels is a fantastic, well-planned resource, that has allowed teachers and teaching assistants at Blakehill to deliver fun, engaging, National Curriculum-linked Spanish lessons to pupils in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. The online games have proved particularly popular with students. We would highly recommend this programme to others.
18 June 2020
Aaron Sidebottom
(Blakehill Primary School - West Yorkshire)
Language Angel's live up to their name with their online support. They are a fully supportive team that get you up and running in no time at all and touch base with you often to see how things are going. Their website is user friendly and very self explanatory.

We are new to teaching Spanish and using the resources but so far so good and all staff in Years 3 to 6 are happy with the scheme. (Yes, all 8 of us were very happy with the purchase!) We are very much looking forward to using this more with our children as we grow in confidence over the next academic year.

Very easy to use and would definitely recommend.
17 June 2020
Kate Morris
(Brackenhill Primary School - West Yorkshire)
We have absolutely loved Language Angels! We were nervous about the scheme as we are non-specialist so we were worried we wouldn't be able to pick it up and teach it confidently to the children. We needn't have worried! It's so easy to follow, all the resources are there for you and most importantly the children love it! A brilliant purchase!
10 June 2020
Emma Harding
(St Mark's C of E Primary School - Stockport)
I inherited Language Angels from my predecessor around 5 years ago and have continued to use it since then as I find it a fantastic programme. Not only does it contain well-structured and varied lessons, it also has a great pupils area which has been an invaluable resource to offer pupils during lockdown! Although the programme is aimed at KS2 Pupils, it can be easily adapted to teach KS1. The Curriculum Guidance Section was very helpful in assisting the formulation of our School MFL Policy and preparing the necessary documentation for an OFSTED “Deep Dive”. I would strongly recommend Language Angels to all primary Schools with specialist or non-specialist language teachers.
08 June 2020
Pip Lawrenson
(Saint Bernadette Catholic Primary School - Hertfordshire)
Language Angels is a fantastic resource to support with the teaching of MFL. We have recently changed from French to Spanish and with the help of Paolo and the website resources, we were able to create a new whole school long term plan. Language Angels is a brilliant tool for planning and teaching as the resources are high quality and easy to follow. I love how each word is accompanied with a speaker to ensure pronunciation is taught correctly. The songs and raps are also fantastic! Thank you Language Angels.
04 June 2020
Sophie Gorski
(Park Hall Academy - Stoke On Trent)
We have been using Language Angels at our school for nearly 2 years now, with great success! The lessons are clearly set out with useful resources and teaching notes, and the vocabulary provided at the start of each unit is invaluable. The songs are great fun, and really reinforce the learning. Our pupils enjoy logging on from home to play the games which are bright and fun to play. The creative curriculum units link well to what we are delivering in other topic areas of the curriculum. Paolo and his team are always just an email away, and always happy to help, and I would most certainly recommend Language Angels to schools at any stage of their language delivery.
04 June 2020
Anouska Blaza
(St David's Prep School - Kent)
Dear primary language teachers out there,

I would like to talk to you about what Language Angels has done for me as a teacher and language leader and for my students since we joined their organisation back in September.

They have given me a different and new perspective on how to put across certain aspects of grammar and vocabulary to young learners, which, as a native speaker, is not always easy to do. Getting the balance right between giving too much information and over-simplifying is a challenge, but it is a crucial task when trying to get the students to engage and progress throughout their learning journey. I think Language Angels have got it just right.

For Subject Leaders, they also provide invaluable support, with a wealth of documents and advice that helps enormously with getting an overview of what is required in terms of documentation and how to put together a sound Leader's File. Their very well designed and delivered CPD free webinars only emphasised the great dedication that this team puts into what they do, the expertise they bring to their work and the total love for languages they radiate.

The students are currently benefiting from a Home Learning Pack which is useful and interesting for the children, with games and other activities to keep them going with their language learning.

I would advise you to have a look at their website and take advantage of the 6 weeks free trial, which will allow you to get to know what they do and what they can provide for you a bit better. Don't just take my word for it.

Carmen Aguilar (Subject Lead and Teacher of Spanish)
22 May 2020
Carmen Aguilar
(St Mary's CE Primary School - Slough)
I have just been involved in a Language Angels CPD webinar and wanted to say a huge thank you. The content was great and as a language leader in school I feel very supported by Language Angels.
I really don't think there is another POS for French that delivers as much as Language Angels, at such a reasonable price. For that I am eternally grateful! Many thanks.
01 May 2020
Jacqueline Farley
(St Patrick's Primary School - Southport)
Language Angels is a fantastic resource which is easy to use and does all of the work for you. The units are progressively structured and we've found the long term planning very useful to ensure progression for all. The lesson powerpoints give the children the chance to hear the vocabulary pronounced clearly and accurately and our staff and children enjoy the range of follow up activities provided. It has The online gaming area has been particularly useful at this time, with lots of children enjoying the games at home. We've yet to explore the tracking and reporting tools as we are fairly new to Language Angels but know that the support from the how to videos or via email will be exceptional. It has transformed our teaching of languages.
24 April 2020
Sarah Fahey
(Coxhoe Primary School - Durham)
Language Angels is a fantastic resource for teaching French. We recently switch from teaching Spanish to French in school and you made the switch and allowed us to keep both subscriptions whilst we were transitioning! All teachers have said that they have gained in confidence teaching French as they can use the speaking button, which allows them to hear the correct pronunciation before teaching it themselves. The activities are easy to follow and well differentiated. I love the topics and these have linked to our history and science learning so have allowed us to revisit this knowledge as well! The CPD webinars available have been amazing and allowed me to create progression documents for the rest of the school and gave me a great understanding when I first started as subject lead. I could not recommend you guys enough. Thank you!
22 April 2020
Lauren Willetts
(Middleton St Mary's Primary School - Leeds)
Language Angels has been a fantastic resource in our MFL teaching. With concise and engaging activities on the plans, as well as the interactive resources and printable worksheets and revision materials, Language Angels has been very useful in getting the children excited about language learning.
20 April 2020
Gina Job
(Park Hill Junior School - Croydon)
Language Angels is a fabulous interactive resource. As well as being able to use it in my teaching, I also needed a platform that the pupils could access at home to consolidate their learning. It has been so easy for them to logon and access the engaging games; I can manage whole classes or even whole schools with passwords so I can select activities relevant to our learning. Paolo's personal touch & support is hugely impressive: always available and willing to solve any query. Paolo and Francesca have clearly put a lot of work into their product and share a passion for its success.
17 April 2020
Katherine Smith
(Vale Languages)
Mansfield Green E-ACT Primary Academy has found Language Angels very useful when teaching the KS2 modern foreign language curriculum to our pupils. The interactive lessons have kept the class engaged and the recordings of native speakers have been an invaluable resource - supporting pronunciation for even the most nervous Spanish speakers (including some of the teachers!) We would highly recommend it to those looking to explore MFL in the wider curriculum.
15 April 2020
Bec Dolphin
(Mansfield Green E-ACT Primary Academy - Birmingham)
My experience with Language Angels in year 3 is as follows:

I, as a non-speaker of Spanish, have greatly appreciated the option where the children can hear and adopt native pronunciation of Spanish. As in any language, the spoken form of it is the most fundamental and significant part. I loved the fact that the learners have the opportunity to be exposed to the verbal part of Spanish as much as possible without us teachers being proficient speakers of Spanish. In other words, the learning starts with listening which simulates first language acquisition and in children of this age, it is the most natural way of acquiring a language.

I have loved the fact how the skills and knowledge are divided into speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. For a foreign language learner, using a language is not just about speaking and listening, but the correct use of grammar expressed through writing is very important as well. This needs to be delivered academically and Language Angels managed to provide it implicitly by focusing on the speaking and listening form of the Language first as I explained in the paragraph above.

Grammar is introduced in logical and comprehendible steps adequate to children’s age, again, by delivering it implicitly which is natural for the children. I think explicit explanations of grammar would not work that well in year 3. All the other essential skills such as reading and writing are complemented through activities through stories, songs, exercises etc.

In summary, Language Angels provides an adequate substitute for a Spanish speaking teacher and has played a significant role in my class whereby I have gained confidence and progressed as a Spanish speaker myself and have learnt the language skills alongside the children.
15 April 2020
Rado Kvak
(The James Cambell Primary School - Essex)
How has Language Angels helped me? Let me count the ways.

1. The lessons are well organised, structured, highly resourced. The language is spoken throughout on the PowerPoints so non language specialists can deliver with peace of mind. There are three levels of differentiated worksheets to be used as is or adapted. There are games for every lesson

2. My non language specialist teachers and teaching assistants tell me how confident they feel delivering the lessons, due to the set up. Equally they feel as if they are learning, they enjoy teaching it and the children enjoy their learning.

3. As a language specialist, I felt that every lesson was appropriate and easy to teach to, adaptable where I wanted but all there too.

4. Language Angels are always there for support. Whether it be to access something when the school’s internet is down, delivering training via webinars or face-to-face, or even offering advice when delivering my own training, they are there to help.

5. I feel very safe in the knowledge that Language Angels are up to date with all the latest info. Deep-dives, Ofsted, I know that everything is constantly updated and implemented.

6. As a languages coordinator who now doesn’t teach the language, I feel very confident that our children are making progress; being taught in a fun, up-to-date and challenging manner by adults who are now enthusiastic about teaching them.
05 February 2020
Vicky Gray
(Lobley Hill Primary School - Gateshead)
We have been using Language Angels for a few years now and our teachers love it, especially those who are anxious about their ability to teach French. All the resources, including pronunciation, are provided, and the site is very easy to navigate. Paolo is always very helpful whenever I, as subject leader, have a query and he responds very promptly. Recently they have added CPD to their provision. I would not hesitate to recommend Paolo or Language Angels.
04 February 2020
Helen Jackson
(St Stephen's Catholic Primary School - Bexley)
We introduced Language Angels in our Junior school in September 2019, following recommendations from other schools. It's an invaluable resource for busy class teachers as it's designed to be accessible to non-MFL specialists and provides all the necessary resources for lessons, including online interactive games and PowerPoints. The children really enjoy it and the teachers say it's a great time-saver in terms of planning. It thoroughly covers all aspects of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum and its engaging units of study plot a clear progression path over four years. It helped to provide an excellent framework for evidence in our recent successful Ofsted inspection in which the children’s enthusiasm for MFL was also noted: inspectors described how the children “have embraced this learning with zest”.
03 February 2020
Judith Crouch Algorta
(East Preston Junior School - Littlehampton)
Language Angels has helped our school massively in delivering focused and fun lessons to our students. It has helped to develop their love of language while supporting staff in the delivery of topics. It underpins our drive to make children aware of other cultures and enjoy learning a language.
28 January 2020
Cesare Galasso
(Federation of Trosnant Schools - Hampshire)
We recently renewed our Language Angels subscription and changed from French to Spanish. So far we have started all of the children in KS2 on the early learning programme as the children have only ever been introduced to Spanish in the past. The lessons are engaging and really easy for all of our teachers to use. We are all very happy with it and are confident that it is all there so is one less lesson to have to worry about planning for! The children have responded well and we feel like the children in our school have had a good introduction to speaking Spanish!
27 January 2020
Megan Moore
(Fleetwood's Charity Primary School - Lancashire)
Language Angels is a must for all adults teaching MFL, whether they are able to speak another language or not. The whole scheme is designed to make teaching MFL fun and informative. The resources are helpful, interactive and easy to use. We teach Spanish at our 3 form entry primary school, and as non speakers of this language, myself and a higher level TA, were filled with the anxiety of teaching MFL to our children. However, since having this resource purchased for us, teaching Spanish has become one of our favourite lessons. I am the PE lead of our school and with my colleague, cover classes of 90 pupils in each year group from years 3 - 6 using Language Angels. The lesson plans and teacher support notes are so helpful and easy to navigate. The children really do enjoy the power points and the repetition of language ensures that by the end of the unit, pupils have grasped the basics for each unit. The pronunciation of vocabulary isn't a worry as there are audio files to help with this. The programme focuses on all aspects of the MFL curriculum, eg listening, reading, writing, and grammar. In fact, a Spanish speaking supply teacher who came in to cover once was very impressed and congratulated us on purchasing such an easy to use scheme of work. Language Angels is a great resource and the children are making good progress. It has even improved our Spanish and we are enjoying learning along with the children.
27 January 2020
Christine Shaw
(Honilands Primary School - Enfield)
I really enjoy using Language Angels in my Spanish primary teaching. The graphics are attractive and colourful and my young learners find the activities engaging and fun. I particularly like the sound buttons which are voiced by native speakers so that the children can hear and try and reproduce native-speaker pronunciation. There are lots of brilliant go-to worksheets such as crosswords and matching up activities which I can pick and choose and are often differentiated too. The interactive games are fabulous for motivating students and I often use them as starters or plenaries or even just for fun. Thank you so much for the plentiful resources and lesson ideas.
24 January 2020
Sangeetha Batra Vecchi
(Holywell Primary School - Hertfordshire)
The thought of teaching French to me was horrendous due to lack of knowledge and expertise.

However, using the Language Angels programme my confidence has grown and there is a clear structure to the lessons with great progression. The best part of the scheme is the recorded vocabulary phrases, without this I would not be able to teach being a non speaker myself. This has meant my confidence has grown as I don’t need to worry about pronunciation and can learn alongside the children. The children have now become more active within their French lessons, learning with me.

For anyone lacking in confidence in this area this is an invaluable resource and comes highly recommended.
24 January 2020
Alexandra Morgan
(The Crescent Primary School- Croydon)
We had a high school Spanish teacher (an expert to us) in the other day and the headteacher asked her to look at Language Angels for us to see if it offered our staff and children support and quality and give us her opinion. She was amazed by it and said that our children were far more advanced than other primary schools that she visits. She was very impressed and said that she wished she had known about this resource before. I was surprised that she hadn't heard of it. I feel so lucky and fortunate to have this amazing resource. More people should know that you are out there and what your website offers the staff and children.
05 July 2019
Louise Bates
(St Peter & St Paul Catholic Primary School - Bolton)
For many of our staff, the thought of teaching a language was a daunting task due to a lack of confidence and expertise. They weren’t secure on where to begin or how the progression of skills would work which lead to the patchy teaching of languages.

However, within months of introducing the Language Angels programme, our teachers are a lot more confident and enthusiastic to teach languages. The best parts of the scheme are: the recorded vocabulary phrases on every lesson; and clear and easy to follow medium and short term planning designed with clear progression of skills. This has meant even the least confident members of our staff have become more confident and enthusiastic. As a result, our children have been more engaged in the learning and enjoying the interactive lessons and games.

Not only this, but the units of work have clear assessment opportunities planned in to allow the tracking and monitoring of progress identifying the children who are at Age Related Expectations, above or below.

The impact and value for money can not be argued with.
25 June 2019
Claire Cameron
(Oakridge Junior School - Hampshire)
"Language Angels is a very well thought our program which is designed to cater for all ages across the primary range. It is fun and engaging and consolidates learning before moving onto the next topic. It teaches children strategies they can use when learning Spanish, that can also be applied to other languages."

"Language Angels has been put together very coherently and is effective in teaching children to communicate even in the early stages of their language learning. It's a great program and I would highly recommend it to other schools."
13 June 2019
Fatma Saraci
(St Mary's Catholic Primary School - London)
The Language Angels programme has been invaluable to me. I teach French across the whole of Key Stage 2 so having suggested planning is really useful as I can ensure progression through the year groups. The online resources are engaging and the Year 3 children love the songs! Paolo is always on the end of an email with technical support and advice whenever I have needed it. I would happily recommend Language Angels to specialist and non-specialist language teachers.
11 June 2019
Fiona McLean
(Lionel Walden Primary School - Cambridgeshire)
Language Angels has been a life saver for me as a non specialist language subject lead. The lessons are engaging, interactive and the children love completing the games. The subject lead area has everything that you need to support colleagues with the delivery of French. The Language Angels team are always available by email to provide help and support where necessary, and they have provided additional units that were not originally covered. All resources are of a high quality and as a school we would definitely recommend purchasing a subscription.
05 June 2019
Laura Payne
(Old Park School - West Midlands)
Language Angels is really easy and simple to use. The lesson plans are easy to follow and they have a great variety of resources. The children really enjoy playing the games. The assessments are useful and link well to the topic that has been covered.
05 June 2019
Year 5 Teacher
(Minster CE Primary School - Wiltshire)
I’ve been teaching our Year 4 class this morning and we decided to send you an email. The units we have used this year are: Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, the Christmas Unit, Je Peux, Les Fruits and Les Instruments.
We enjoyed Le Petit Chaperon Rouge very much because we knew the story. When we finished Les Fruits we made fruit salad, had croissants and French bread. The games are brilliant and good fun, they help us to learn how to read and pronounce the French words properly. The lesson activities are interesting (we love the sound effects) and help us to do the worksheets. Our teacher loves Language Angels and enjoys teaching us French because the planning and resources are so well thought out.
02 May 2019
Mrs Russell & Year 4 Class .
(Clarborough Primary School - Nottinghamshire)
Language Angels has been a life saver to me in providing resources and support for the three schools in which I teach. The scheme covers everything a school needs to be compliant for non-specialist teachers and allows specialists to tweak according to their need. The technical support has also been prompt and thorough. I certainly feel part of a Language Angels team.
24 April 2019
Elizabeth Fletcher
(Woodlands Primary Academy - Oldham)
I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that the children absolutely love your resources and they especially adore the songs that they have learnt so far. Their favourite by far is the days of the week song. If they are well behaved, I put it on as a treat for them to sing and dance to. We haven't been able to check out all the songs available yet but we look forward to what else you have. I just felt you should know how much we are enjoying your resources! Language Angels is fabulous and I regularly recommend you guys to my teacher friends in other schools. Thank you for everything.
10 April 2019
Trudi Amponsah
(St Andrew's Benn C of E Primary School – Rugby)
Our school has found Language Angels brilliant. As MFL coordinator it has eased the burden of curriculum planning and resource making and has empowered the staff to have the confidence to teach French even when they know little of the language themselves. The children also love the games and activities that come with it. Thank you.
01 April 2019
Maya Brown
(Withymoor Primary School - Dudley)
We have been using Language Angels for the past 2 years across years 3-6 for French and Spanish and have found it an interesting and useful MFL tool. The topics are ordered in an appropriate and interesting way for each year group covering a variety of vocabulary sets and grammar points. We have the found the worksheets to engage the pupils, enabling us to extend their knowledge and easily track progress. The games are an excellent extension/rewards activity and our pupils love being able to access them at home – thus reinforcing classwork,
29 March 2019
Louise Lightfoot
(GEMS Metropole School (Motor City) - Dubai)
We love Language Angels! It is so easy to use and laid out so well. The children love the range of topics, songs and games and the staff love how they (as non-specialists) can teach languages so effectively. Could not recommend it more!
29 March 2019
Helen Robbins
(Cape Primary School - Smethwick)
Language Angels is so easy to use. All the planning is done for you and the end of unit assessments provide an accurate picture of where each child is. The programme is presented in such a way that units can be allocated to different year groups for each half term. The children enjoy being able to access the games at home, providing valuable activities to consolidate their learning, while sharing what they have been covering with their parents. The lesson resources include sound which means that even a beginner can teach the correct pronunciation. The team at Language Angels are always on hand and respond to requests efficiently.
06 March 2019
Arlene Hudson
(Holy Cross Primary Academy - Nottingham)
I have been really pleased with my decision to subscribe to Language Angels. Even though I have been teaching French for the last 12 years and have tons of resources, I like the way Language Angels is organised. Each unit is well planned, allowing for progression and building on skills. The printed resources are useful and I especially appreciate the end of unit assessments, as this has always been a challenge.
The songs and games also give an extra dimension to aid language teaching and to encourage a love of language in young children. Finally, having been off sick for a period of time recently, I was relieved to be able to let the cover teachers ( all non specialists) use Language Angels to carry on my lessons, as it is so clear and easy to use.
11 February 2019
Fiona Cohen
(Bronte House School - West Yorkshire)
Language Angels has enabled us to enjoy teaching French. The prepared resources and support materials allow time to be given to the quality of the delivery and deepening the understanding of the content. We even learn too!

The cross-curricular links are wonderful and it has inspired the children to take ownership and WANT to learn more vocabulary and share their French words in different subjects.
07 February 2019
Ruth Cousins
(Round Diamond Primary School - Hertfordshire)
Language Angels is an exceptional website. It provides an extensive and informative step by step guide to primary languages success. It has broken down and interpreted the 12 foreign language teaching requirements listed in the DfE Languages Programme of Study into interesting and exciting lessons within the classroom. It also ensures that we are on track to meet what is expected of schools in terms of foreign language teaching and learning. The pupils in our school thoroughly enjoy the lessons and their confidence and enjoyment in speaking another language is growing.
31 January 2019
Jane Best
(St Jude's Primary School - Portsmouth)
I’m really enjoying teaching MFL to Key stage 2 using Language Angels. I am a year 4 class teacher but also teach Spanish to years 3 ,4 and 5 and French to year 6 . I am very busy and so it is great to have language angels as a structure for my lessons. I plan around it and as I used to be a secondary language teacher for many years , I do supplement it with my own things . A non language specialist , however, could easily and simply just follow the programme with no additional resources or planning required. It is very easy to use and having all the worksheets, PowerPoints games and assessments ready and waiting is great. I also love all the documentation that you provide to show that it is national curriculum compliant as well as schemes of work, lesson plans etc all ready to go . The creative units are great and cover many ks2 topics. My year 4 loved learning about the Tudors in Spanish alongside our history lessons. Great cross over. I also used it for kS1 as the core language units are very basic and accessible to younger learners too. I would recommend Language Angels!
28 January 2019
Claire Casson
(St Bede's Prep School - Manchester)
We are delighted with our experience of Language Angels. Before we subscribed to it, staff felt very self conscious and reluctant to teach French as they were particularly worried abut pronunciation. This barrier has been removed as Language Angels does the pronunciation for you if you want it to. Now, staff love teaching French, it is taught regularly and the pupils enjoy learning it. They love the PPTs, online games and activities.

Subscribing to Language Angels has drastically cut our planning and preparation time for French. Paolo Pini has been so helpful since we first subscribed. He ran a staff meeting to introduce the resources to staff and is always available and willing to help us. Any member of staff can email or ring him if they need help and I as subject leader greatly value and appreciate this support. I would definitely recommend Language Angels.
25 January 2019
Helen Jackson
(St Stephen's Primary School - Kent)
As a fellow Language Angel user I can confidently say that it is a platform designed with the children and teachers in mind. Every lesson has an objective and focus whilst also working to impart a thorough and enriched learning experience across the school. I would highly recommend Language Angels. Support and assistance is always at hand. Confidently teach and enjoy the experience of learning a foreign language!
21 January 2019
Arthe Kandeepan
(Oak View Primary School - Hertfordshire)
Prior to taking over as Spanish Coordinator, all Spanish lessons were delivered by the three Spanish Specialists in our school ( Yes we were very lucky). The Head of Spanish and a specialist a year ago and I took over.

I was really keen to find a comprehensive programme which all teachers, including, non specialists could use and feel confident using.

I delivered a staff CPD on Language Angels and the staff received it warmly.

They liked the fact that it was step by step, they could learn along with the children and it had a teacher guidance for each lesson. They said it looked easy to use and liked the idea of the slides, interactive games and worksheets.

I would like to report to you that there are now three non specialist teachers delivering their own weekly lessons and enjoying it. They are incredibly proud of the fact they are teaching a language they are unfamiliar with and they love the website. Success! this is the first time in our school that Spanish has had such a boost and teacher confidence in it is high.

I have been using it in my class and the children love the interactive games which they love playing on the interactive whiteboard and have them on during wet play too.

Thank you!
10 January 2019
Debbie Farcinsen
(Westbourne Primary School - Hampshire)
I would like to thank the Language Angels team for the invaluable support that they have given me, in taking over the role as Spanish lead at Brookland Junior School. The support that they provide in terms of a well planned and balanced set of units with excellent quality resources, is invaluable for the day to day teaching. I am also very grateful for the help and guidance given in assessment and the fact that everything is clearly linked to the curriculum.
09 January 2019
Thomas Gee
(Brookland Junior School - Cheshunt)
My school launched Language Angels in September 2018 in Key Stage 2 and the children have taken to it very quickly. We are still finding our way round all the great resources, but the staff are finding it very easy to use and the children are giving us good feedback about enjoyment of learning. Online support from the Language Angels team is exemplary. I’m so glad we chose this resource when we reviewed the effectiveness of our language teaching!
07 January 2019
Suzanne Dent
(St Werburgh's C of E Primary School - Derby)
My school decided to completely change direction and switched to teaching Spanish this year, after decades of teaching French. This change meant we faced some real, serious issues about the quality of our teaching a foreign language. Many teachers were anxious, and some had absolutely no Spanish knowledge. We decided that opting for some assistance in the guise of Language Angels may help provide teachers and children a smoother process. Not only has Language Angels done this, but they have by far surpassed all of our staff’s expectations. The lessons we now teach have purpose, progression and something we felt we were starting to lack: fun! The feedback I have had from children and teachers right through from Year 1 to Year 6 is clear. There’s a new love of learning a language, less hesitation from teachers as they are guided and supported the entire way and much more interest in the wider curriculum. Furthermore, the customer service and support from Language Angels has been some of the best all staff have experienced. It’s not an exaggeration, the entire Language Angels team have worked above and beyond to help me implement a brand new curriculum in a 3 form entry primary school and it’s been one of the easiest changes in school to date. Thanks to them I cannot recommend the investment highly enough.
29 November 2018
Sarah Bennett
(Broad Oak Primary School - St Helens)
I like Language Angels because it is fun, and I really like learning French using Language Angels. It’s just like playing Friv but in French!
27 November 2018
Scarlett (Pupil)
(Brookburn Primary School - Manchester)
The games are creative. The PowerPoint slides we use in our lessons really help us with progression unlike some other websites which are boring. I have always done well in my French assessment and always achieve Mastery Level (above 87%).
27 November 2018
Billy (Pupil)
(Brookburn Primary School - Manchester)
Language Angels is good because the games are fun. The lessons are good because they use pictures and pronunciation help and the lessons are complete. They give you a better chance to get the highest score in your test as the end of each unit.
27 November 2018
Cillian (Pupil)
(Brookburn Primary School - Manchester)
Language Angels is good. The slides used in the various topics are good and for preparing you for tests. It is a great website and I love the games such as Treasure Hunt. It’s great for your progress in French.
27 November 2018
Umair (Pupil)
(Brookburn Primary School - Manchester)
Language Angels is good because the website is very complete, and it builds up your knowledge of the subject to the point that you are confident in your assessment in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.
27 November 2018
Tom (Pupil)
(Brookburn Primary School - Manchester)
I really like Language Angels because it is very educational and fun. It has a variety of different games like Treasure Chest and it gives you a great head start for the topic you are learning in class. This term we learnt about the weather and I got a very good head start because of Language Angels.
27 November 2018
Isabella (Pupil)
(Brookburn Primary School - Manchester)
I like the Treasure Hunt game. My favourite topic in Language Angels is World War 2 because of the different people’s stories. I also enjoyed the School topic and learning the different school subjects in French. I think my French has improved because of Language Angels.
27 November 2018
Lylah (Pupil)
(Brookburn Primary School - Manchester)
Being a Language Angel is fun because there are lots of educational games and it gives you knowledge for learning a new language. French gives you a head start because I know my French numbers and colours for example a lot easier because of Language Angels so maybe other kids will too!
27 November 2018
Nimrah (Pupil)
(Brookburn Primary School – Manchester)
I like being a Language Angel. It is fun and awesome because you should be enthusiastic about learning the French language and helping others. The website is very helpful for all year groups and gives children like me a great head start.
27 November 2018
Hawwa (Pupil)
(Brookburn Primary School – Manchester)
Language Angels is great because whilst being full of fun and games, it helps everyone who uses it with their French speaking, listening, reading and writing. It isn’t just serious learning, it’s a fun way to progress with it. My favourite game is Treasure Hunt because I like doing French numbers. Since we have introduced it, the displays around school have been much nicer. The children love playing the French games in ICT suite. Thanks a lot!
27 November 2018
Amber (Pupil)
(Brookburn Primary School – Manchester)
I love Language Angels because it really helps me and my friends to learn in a fun supporting way. I run a French ICT club and every child who comes gets over excited over the games and so do I. One amazing thing about the creative games is that they are fun and easy to use. Even if you are not confident with Language Angels, you can always find a game to match your level. From the ages of 3-11 and upwards you can always find something suitable for you. Even at the age of 10 I continue to use the amazing app!
27 November 2018
Scarlett (Pupil)
(Brookburn Primary School - Manchester)
Before I started using Language Angels, I was using a Scheme my school had previously bought and I was so bored delivering the lessons. Each week there was something different to teach. There was no continuity and no progression for the children as it was all very bitty. I decided to give Language Angels a go. I started with the free 6-week trial, but I knew within a week I would subscribe to it and 4 years later I have never looked back and I have recommended it to other colleagues too. What attracted me at first was the thematic approach as each unit typically lasts 6 weeks with very detailed lesson plans, high quality resources offering differentiation opportunities and the cross curricular topics too. My favourite unit is World War 2 which I teach to Year 5 at the same time as they are learning about it in topic. I love reading the stories of the family who escape London to flee to the country side and the slides and sounds are so authentic and the children are always really engaged. The progression the children can make is excellent and my deputy head teacher has mentioned several times during lesson observations how advanced the children are and assumed in Year 5 and 6 they would just be learning numbers and colours! When I explained I teach colours and numbers to children in EYFS and Key Stage 1 using the Core Vocabulary Units of Language Angels, the look on her face was a picture! I really enjoy the assessment at the end of each topic and love the fact it covers all 4 skills setting the children up for secondary school language learning where each skill at GCSE accounts for 25% of the examination. The tracking and progression tool are simple and excellent. I have seen other tracking tools which just seem like a mind field and where teachers just get bogged down. Language Angels does all the hard work for you! You simply enter the test scores and it works out percentages, levels and monitors each child throughout their language learning journey. Language Angels also offers amazing interactive games which are great fun. I have been so inspired by this Scheme that I have created my own Language Angels leaders and 4 of these now help me run a Language Angels ICT club on a Monday lunchtime. We have so far trialled this to 2 year 3 classes and turnout has been amazing. We have even had to turn people away! Language Angels really is the complete package. It is excellent value for money and is a sound investment. Furthermore, Paolo and the team are always incredibly helpful and the service is exceptional. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
27 November 2018
Donna Warrington
(Brookburn Primary School - Manchester)
Teaching French from Y1 to Y6, I found Language Angels to be the perfect tool. Our school have subscribed now for three years and it is getting better and better every year. Children are able to access fun games at home to improve their vocabulary and grammar. The worksheets and other resources are really well made and newcomers to language teaching find the whole website very easy to use and my colleagues got the hang of it very quickly. The price is also a big plus as it is the most reasonable I found on the market for such a rich language website. A huge thank you again and keep it up.
27 September 2018
Jerome Lantelme
(Middleton Primary School - Nottingham)
Language Angels has completely helped re-invigorate my school’s passion and enjoyment for languages, for which I am very thankful - MFL now constantly features throughout our school day. The lesson plans, resources, interactive songs, games and now also the assessment tools are so easy to use. I would recommend Language Angels to anybody looking to inject a love of languages into their school.
11 September 2018
Laura Geggus
(Hurst Drive Primary School - Hertfordshire)
We have used Language Angels for three years now and have found the service to be extremely useful. It has supported teachers planning, resources are well organised and easy to use and it has provided a consistency to language teaching throughout the school. Thank you.
11 September 2018
Elena Print
(Christ Church CE Primary School - Barnet)
As a new prep school teacher, offering multiple languages across all year groups, I have found Language Angels brilliant. Paolo and his team have been extremely helpful when I contacted them asking for advice, for which I am very grateful. The resources are easy to use and very well designed! I consider the annual subscription a very good investment for the school. Thank you for all your work!
06 September 2018
Roxana Popa
(Stamford Junior School - Stamford)
For non subject specialists, teaching a foreign language is a daunting prospect, even at a very basic level. But with Language Angels, even the teachers who are terrified of foreign languages and otherwise dread delivering MFL enjoy teaching it! Most importantly, the children are engaged, and start picking up and using the language from the very first lesson.
13 August 2018
Callie Wood
(St Anne's Primary - Manchester)
A fantastic resource for teachers who are not confident in teaching modern foreign languages, that includes planning, all interactive resources and worksheets, differentiation and assessment tools!
13 July 2018
Markella Afenti-Sassis
(Little Hadham Primary School - Hertfordshire)
Language Angels' French scheme of work has really helped to develop and progress language skills in KS2. With interactive videos and games, lessons have been fun, informative and have helped the children with their key and progressive skills in French. The pupil assessment tool and testing helps the children and teachers to assess their learning and next steps.
22 June 2018
Helen Procter
(The Meadows Primary School - Staffordshire)
Being new to teaching French this year, I was very keen to try ‘Language Angels’ as all the planning, resources and assessment materials are included. The plans and teaching support notes are clear and easy to follow and the interactive screens are invaluable to non-specialists although I’m sure specialist teachers would happily use them to engage pupils in their learning. Communications from ‘Language Angels’ are timely and informative: Paolo regularly keeps us up to date with new developments and resources. The website is easy to navigate and I have never had any issues with it. I would recommend Language Angels to specialist and non-specialist language teachers.
14 May 2018
Fiona McLean
(Lionel Walden Primary School - Cambridgeshire)
We are all enjoying our Language Angels experience here at St Faiths Prep, both teachers and pupils alike! As the specialist language teacher here I enjoy the progressive, varied and fun topic areas, that act as additional material to my own plans. Throughout the school from Year 1 to year 6 it has also been a confidence-building tool for all our form teachers, who now offer additional reinforcement sessions in Spanish and French where children speak accurately and with enthusiasm.
20 March 2018
Helen Stokes
(St Faith’s at Ash School - Kent)
I have been using Language Angels with my primary school. We needed to start teaching Spanish at a basic level, as the children were new to learning Spanish. The teachers in my school have found the site useful as you can click on the words and see how they are pronounced correctly. There are also lots of visuals to help the children. I have enjoyed using the resources and hopefully new material will be added, in order to improve the website even further. I like the songs as this helps make the lessons more memorable.
04 January 2018
Laura Levy
(Darlinghurst School - Leigh on Sea, Essex)
I requested a trial of Language Angels before the end of the academic year with a view to starting teaching as soon as we came back in the new year. I teach it to my Year 3s and they love it! I have also noticed that I hear snippets of French language in the corridor, even though not all year groups have started teaching it yet, which is a new experience for us. I believe this is down to the content of Language Angels materials which make it possible to use the language in real life situations. The resources are easy to prepare and are engaging for the learners. Also, the units can be linked to other NC topics such as 'The Romans' and the additional support that our pupils can get from the online games has proved useful for those who wish to extend or revise their vocabulary. I am very glad that I changed our SOW to Language Angels ; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other schools - indeed I already have!
04 January 2018
Shani Westgarth
(All Saints Primary School - Northamptonshire)
As a school we made the difficult decision to switch from French to Spanish at the end of last year because this reflected what our pupils want to learn and what our secondary schools are looking for. Once we had made this decision we hunted high and low to find a resource that would engage our pupils and that our staff would feel comfortable using, particularly after years of teaching French! Language Angels has certainly exceeded our brief. The resources are easy to access by teachers and cover supervisors and the clear framework has ensured that pupils have made good progress in all areas of the languages curriculum this term. Staff and pupils alike are enjoying their Spanish learning and we are making progress together.
13 December 2017
Jenny Kilsby
(Northern Parade Junior School - Portsmouth)
Our school began using Language Angels this year, after it was highly recommended. To date, the children have absolutely loved learning a new language in such a fun, engaging way. Language Angels has it all; speaking, listening, differentiated writing activities and a thorough tracking and assessment tool that has direct links across the curriculum. Language Angels is the perfect scheme of work for busy teachers with little language experience . At the touch of a button, everything is done for you, you don't even have to pronounce the words as the authentic Spanish speaker does that all for you. Paolo is amazing, nothing is too much trouble. So much so, with almost no notice at all, he put together an interactive Spanish assembly that I used on international day. The children really enjoyed themselves and showed copious amounts of enthusiasm to continue learning an additional language. Moreover, it is excellent value for money. The teachers and children from St Aidan's Catholic Primary School would like to say a huge GRACIAS to everyone at Language Angels for making our learning so fun!
16 November 2017
Kerry Proudman
(St Aidan's Primary School - Liverpool)
Language Angels has given us a framework which has supported teachers with less subject knowledge and less confidence to plan and deliver progressive and challenging lessons. We know our pupils will now be much better prepared for languages at Key Stage 3.
09 November 2017
Sarah Sparks
(Sidmouth C of E Primary School - Devon)
We started using Language Angels 3 years ago in our French lessons. It is an active learning tool for both the experienced and inexperience Language teachers and a fun way for children to learn a new language. It is a complete package from planning to assessment. Moreover Language Angels takes on board teachers’ suggestions and requests adding in fantastic new materials!
28 August 2017
Mira Jamnadas
(Abbey Primary School – Leicester)
Language Angels is a great scheme which targets and can enthuse all types of learners. Our teachers have found this scheme very easy to use; all resources support teachers to teach our pupils, to differentiate their lessons, to make them interesting and fun through interactive resources and to assess pupils (assessment is a valuable tool of this scheme). We especially like the cross-curricular units as well as the phonetics and grammar units - something that was missing from our previous scheme.
12 June 2017
Markella Afenti-Sassis
(Little Hadham Primary School - Hertfordshire)
We purchased Language angels 2 years ago to support the consistent and cohesive teaching of Spanish within KS2 and we haven't looked back since! There are lots of language programmes on the market at the moment but this resource is great value for money and reduces planning time significantly. In addition the language angels team go above and beyond in supporting teachers, whenever I have had an issue or query Paolo is always at the end of the telephone or computer providing quality support and detailed advice.

This resource is fantastic especially for non-specialist teachers as it is easily accessible. Language Angels supply organised planning, additional support notes on correct pronunciation and clear assessment tools to enrich the learning of language. I find that having this structure has given me the confidence and skills to teach the curriculum but most importantly enjoy teaching Spanish! It promotes progressive learning across the key stage that securely meets the current expectations for MFL provision.

Our staff are equally happy with the variety of differentiated resources to engage and challenge all learners at the right level; It is fun, engaging and enjoyable! It is evident that the children love using language angels as they look forward to their lesson each week. I often hear them singing songs and chants and repeating phrases with an authentic Spanish accents during break times, thanks to the incorporated native Spanish speaker. They especially love the time challenge interactive games that we play at the end of each lesson to reinforce new language learnt.

Overall I cannot rate this scheme high enough, Guardian Angels loves using Language Angels!
06 April 2017
Laura Potter
(Guardian Angels Primary School - Birmingham)
I would like to say thank you for the wonderful resources and brilliant service we have received whilst we have been working with Language Angels. The Language Angels program of study for French has allowed my school to deliver French lessons that are well planned, interesting and differentiated. The teachers using the system have commented on how easy it is to use and time saving for them, as well as how much the children in KS2 are enjoying their French lessons.
03 April 2017
Jacqueline Farley
(St Patrick's Primary School - Southport)
I have been using Language Angels for 2 years now and I am a specialist French teacher and find it brilliant. It has everything including differentiation and the assessment and tracking tool is so easy and the topics are all thematic leading to a mini project and assessment in all 4 skills. The topics are really interesting too especially the World War 2 topic and The Olympic Games!
29 March 2017
Donna Warrington
(Brookburn Community School - Manchester)
We love Language Angels!

As a Modern Language Specialist, I like using LA because there is a huge choice of topics and resources to choose from, without me having to make my own resources and worksheets each time.
The children love the music and listening to the authentic native speaker on the IWB. They love volunteering to have a go and see if they can say the correct word and pronounce it the same as the native speaker. It saves them getting bored listening to my voice all the time!

I asked for more worksheets to practise writing skills and to consolidate new learning; no sooner had I asked then new worksheets appeared! It’s brilliant to have differentiated levels already catered for too, as in “most”, “some” and “a few” children.

One of the elements which persuaded me to trial LA originally was the ICT games; I am still really pleased with these as the children can practise at their own pace and even at home.

I do consult the Lesson Plans and support sheets to ensure I don’t miss anything, but I tend to still rely on previous experience and resources in addition to these. For a non-specialist, however, these would be absolutely crucial in guiding the teacher. For a non-specialist nothing else is required.

The only hiccup I have encountered is in losing the first assessment data that I had spent hours inputting … absolutely my mistake somehow but frustrating in terms of time and work lost! Paolo came to my rescue and ensured that his team replaced what I had lost, for which I was very grateful.

The only possible improvement that I could ask for would be to make some screens in the PowerPoints interactive in terms of “drag and drop” (currently each answer appears in a set order). No doubt if I enquire about the possibility Paolo will already have been working on it, as they always seem to be one step ahead.

Overall, absolutely love Language Angels. If ever you are in Staffordshire, you would be very welcome to come and meet my little Language Angels!
07 February 2017
Sharon Bird
(Millfield Primary School - Staffordshire)
We have been using Language Angels for our third consecutive year. We started with a short trial and the accessibility it provided us as well as the clear horizontal progression for the children have been a solid platform for them to develop and fly. This has been evidenced on a termly basis on their easy to use assessment system, which is clearly related to the National Curriculum requirements. Pupils have really enjoyed it and have been learning and reviewing by using the online games at home.
14 December 2016
Miguel Santillan
Midfield Primary School (Kent)
Language Angels has worked really well for our children. They are enthused by the language thanks to the fab resources, games and songs. It's been heartening to hear children chatting about French in the playground and singing the songs together in their free time. Our staff have love the materials too. We are all so time poor now that having a ready-made program at our fingertips has made sure French is never pushed out of the week as it was in the past. We are all able to teach languages across KS2 in a cohesive and consistent way. In short, Language Angels was and is exactly what we were looking for!
14 December 2016
Hayley Boag
St Peter's CE Primary School (Saltburn-by-the-Sea)
I think Language Angels is an excellent resource; it is easily accessible, relevant and gives the teacher everything they need to deliver a lesson where significant learning takes place. I have a degree in Modern Languages, but colleagues who have little or no knowledge of another language are equally happy and comfortable using this programme.

In my experience, the children love the range of resources - from crosswords, to matching games, to songs and stories - and I love the pronunciation guides, the clear lesson plans and additional notes which come with each unit. It's all simple and easy to use and it saves me a lot of time because it's all right there and extremely comprehensive.

Language Angels is set up in such a way that you can dip in and out for five or ten minute bursts, or you can teach a longer lesson with plenty of variety, if and when time allows. Additionally, there are units which cover - amongst other things - Christmas, the Second World War and the environment, complimenting topics you might be teaching at school.

There are many excellent language teaching resources out there, but I have found that the team at Language Angels really goes the extra mile to support teachers. They're always mindful of the pressures we face and the budget constraints we are under. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services and I really appreciate what they do. The most important thing however, is that the kids in our school really enjoy learning French!
09 December 2016
Jo Hilton
(Cottenham Primary School - Cambridgeshire)
Language Angels is a great language toolkit consisting of planning, teaching tools, interactive activities, tests and assessment tools. It ensures coverage of the curriculum and reduces long hours of planning. The children are engaged and excited about Italian and have access to an excellent selection of online games which they can use at home as well as school. Language Angels is current and always looking at ways to improve their service.

Thank you, Language Angels.
22 November 2016
Mina White
(Westfield CP School - Hertfordshire)
We have used language Angels for two years now. The teachers enjoy the ease of following the syllabus and SLT enjoy clarity of the tracking and progression tool. The children have utilised the at home access as well.
22 November 2016
Leann Valiquette
(St Mary's School - London)
Language Angels has made the teaching of French in our school a much more enjoyable experience. I find that the structure and additional information provided give me the confidence that I am covering all of the curriculum objectives and am able to easily assess progress and attainment.

The wide range of differentiated activities ensure that all of the pupils are challenged and supported at the right level.

The children love the games and they are excellent as a way to reinforce and apply the vocabulary learnt during each unit.
21 November 2016
Anna Low
(Sticklands Primary School - Dorset)
We have been using Language Angels at our school since September this year and we are absolutely delighted with the difference it is making to our MFL here at Round Diamond.

It is the most fantastic resource with lesson plans and worksheets all easily accessed to prepare each lesson. The power point presentations mean we can also deliver the lesson with new confidence and without the stress of finding the resources ourselves.

As none of our staff are French speakers, to have the correct pronunciation for the children to hear has given us all a boost and it is very reassuring to know we are doing the right thing. The scheme is carefully planned providing well organised, progressive learning across the school that meets or I feel exceeds expectations for MFL provision. I was thrilled to see how successful our children were after following the assessments in lesson six of our first topic. Our staff are also very happy with how easy the scheme is to follow- even the tracking has been organised brilliantly making it simple and quick to administer.

Finally the most important feature of Language Angels is that the children really love it and look forward to their French lesson. They are gaining in confidence every week and it is something for everyone to look forward to.

I should also mention that Paolo has been very supportive and is always happy to help and we feel the whole package is incredibly good value for money and well worth every penny.
21 November 2016
Jakki Thorne
(Round Diamond Primary School - Hertfordshire)
I have been using Language Angels for French language teaching in our school for two years and I find it extremely easy to use, especially if you are a non specialist teacher. The children love the interactive games we play at the end of each session as well as the songs. It is also great that it links to some of the topics covered in school, like WWII, which gives us the opportunity to teach French very much like the CLIL method.
21 November 2016
Myra Papaspyratou
(Livingstone Primary School - Barnet)
I have been using Language Angels for a couple of months and have been very impressed by the overall product.

As a French teacher in a primary school I find the website very entertaining for the children with its interactive games provided for each units. It is also full of worksheets with different sort of exercises adapted to children's capabilities. The vocabulary section of the units is very well done and the core knowledge of the French language.
It is easy to use as well.

Paolo Pini and his team provide amazing client support and training. I can only recommend it.
02 November 2016
Delphine Sim
(Northside Primary School - Barnet)
Since using Language Angels at our school I have found the children to be engaged and excited about French. I feel relaxed and confident about teaching it and I love using the colourful eye catching presentations each week with voice files to support me when needed. It has been wonderful to hear the children, their parents and teaching staff commenting on how much the children are enjoying their French lessons. Hearing from the parents that children are sharing their learning at home is particularly wonderful. Many thanks to the Language Angels team for your fantastic resources and support!
02 November 2016
Hollie Ringe
(Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School - Leicester)
I'm delighted with Language Angels as a scheme. The ease of access, high quality resources and linked planning/activities provide a structured and thorough starting point for colleagues' language lessons. I particularly like the integrated language sound files, as they are very useful for teachers who are not language experts. I have had positive feedback from my colleagues in my school.
06 October 2016
Adam Whitworth
(Westcott Primary School - Hull)
Language Angels is a great way to develop French across the school. It is easy to use and has very simple and achievable lessons in the different modules. The children enjoy learning from the activities and the programme is flexible as well as progressive.
06 October 2016
Georgia Chew
(Torre Academy - Torquay)
The Language Angels program is a great tool to use, either on its own or as a complement to my own lessons. The resources to practise (worksheets) and assess learning (assessment units) are fantastic! The pupils love the activities & games!
19 September 2016
Mira Jamnadas
(Abbey Primary School - Leicester)
We use Language Angels to teach KS2 French. The lesson plans are easy to follow and even if you have never spoken French the PowerPoints are fantastic. In this day and age with the mount of planing and assessments we have to do it's nice that French is all taken care of.
18 February 2016
Kerry Bowie (The Arches Community Primary School)
Language Angels...the answer to our 'Languages' prayers!!

Quite simply, before we invested in Language Angels, our staff were struggling to deliver the Languages curriculum...but once we invested in Language Angels we were 'on cloud nine'!!

The resources are 'magnifique'...our children love all of the activities that they can access...and the 'behind the scenes' support is second to none, including the marvellous initial INSET provided for all staff so that they can deliver the content with confidence and understanding.

Sometimes, things can seem 'too good to be true'...but this is certainly not the case with Language Angels.

Would you expect anything else from such 'heavenly beings'?!

'Tout simplement superbe!!'
22 January 2016
A Gorton (Head Teacher - St Josephs Waltham Cross)
Two Waters Primary, pupils and staff ,continue to enjoy Language Angels. Several new staff have joined the team and they very quickly got to grips with the full package of learning and assessment information. Paolo ran an excellent training session only last week, where he revisited the units of work and talked us through the new assessment tool. Thank you Language Angels for providing an excellent service!
18 January 2016
Jane Hill (Two Waters Primary - Hertfordshire)
We started a free trial with Language Angels at the start of this academic year and have now taken out the full subscription for French. It is proving a popular and effective key teaching resource with non-specialist class teachers and the pupils. The Language Angels team are extremely supportive and have gone the extra mile to support us.
15 January 2016
Joanna Holt (Boxgrove Primary - Greenwich)
I am yet to introduce the programme to my school, but it has already helped my planning as a subject leader. I have created a folder for each year group which includes many of the excellent features from Language Angels. I find it very helpful for the term by term teaching; it correlates very well with what is expected from the DfE.
15 December 2015
Claire Stephens (Burnt Oak Junior School - Bexley)
Myself and the children love our Language Angels sessions. We enjoy all aspects of the programme and the children are progressing well. I find it very easy to use and follow with the tests at the end of each 6 week session helpful in assessing how the children are doing.

I am always keen to recommend the Language Angels programme to other teachers and schools.

Thank you so much for making learning a new language such a pleasurable experience for teacher and pupils alike.
15 December 2015
Rachel Bateman (Tritlington Sch - Northumberland)
Our Federation of schools and the teachers within these schools have found Language Angels an easy programme to use. We have utilised the assessment feature which compiles all of our contextual data. Not being native French speakers, our teachers have found the programme easy to use and follow. The end of year and unit objectives are clearly set out and enable us to see where the pupils are headed. We would recommend this programme to other schools.
25 November 2015
Leann Valiquette (St. Mary's & St. Saviour's)
Language Angels is an incredible resource to use in teaching MFL. At Summerside it has been an excellent support for teachers, with easy to follow plans ready to use, fantastic resources which include PowerPoints with sound buttons, games and activities, and wonderful assessment tasks at the end of each unit of work. Units cover a wide range of interesting topics, many of which are perfect for cross-curricular work. Grammar is well covered too, and there are opportunities throughout to tie in the language learning with SPaG, consolidating these skills in both English and in French / Spanish. The children love the lessons and the teachers have grown enormously in confidence.
25 November 2015
Joanne De Luca (Summerside Primary - Barnet)
Good resources. Brilliant assessment. Kids are really enjoying the grammar i.e. verbs. Flashcards would be a bonus, as well as game ideas to play in classroom. Thank you for a great resource. Very pleased with it. Language Angels is easy to use and offers a wide range of activities. Children love the interactive games. Whenever help is needed, the team is very quick to respond and gives clear and thorough answers. Thank you Language Angels!
16 October 2015
Sabine Purcell (St Philip's Primary - Merseyside)
Being a French speaker, teaching French isn't a problem, however teaching Spanish was a concern for me as I do not know the language. After having used Language Angels, I've received a real confidence boost in teaching Spanish and have found the slides, instructions and resources really helpful. In honesty, I've only used one unit (at an Intermediate level as my learners have some basic understanding, the unit "all about me") - though I've started to look at the unit about family and feel that the songs and resources provided will give me the support I need. The website is easy to use, access and navigate and so far, I cannot fault the content.
07 October 2015
Gianluca (Unicorn Primary - Bromley)
We have only been using the Language Angels resources for a short period of time, and everyone has been very impressed with the quality of the materials, the level of detail within plans and supporting documents, and the wide range of resources available. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their lessons and activities, and the love of language learning has certainly started to develop amongst the classes! Also, the support provided by Paolo and the team has been excellent - help is only ever an email away!
01 October 2015
Becki Turner (Bradworthy Academy - North Devon)
Thank you for your continually, updated and improved resources which make MFL so much easier to deliver, for both experienced and non- language specialists, without hours of extra planning or stress. Thank you to for responding so promptly and enthusiastically every time that we have asked for additional resources, like flash cards and songs, to support our language learning. The addition of assessment materials is useful and the programmes allow lots of flexibility and options about delivery to make it possible to fit well with class teachers creative curriculum topics too. The children are so amazed at how quickly they can begin to understand, speak, read and write the information and love to link French learning with other subject learning like the planets. It increases their interest and self-esteem and reinforces their understanding and learning in these areas too.
23 September 2015
Rosemary Eldridge (Summerswood Primary - Herts)
I am new to Language Angels and started using it this year as MFL co coordinator for our school; I have found it to be a fantastic scheme that provides teachers with structured lesson plans, PowerPoints, activities and assessment for a variety of topics ranging from core vocabulary to much more advanced content.

The website and resources are extremely easy to navigate and provide a very clear progression as you move through the lessons and the topics. As well as this, and most importantly, the children love it! They are engaged and motivated in their language learning and look forward to the next lesson. I have spoken with staff and children throughout our school and have heard nothing but praise for Language Angels and the resources provided. I would highly recommend Language Angels for any school and can't thank them enough for all of their wonderful work!
17 September 2015
Danielle Ingleston (Hillstone Primary -Birmingham)
I love using Language Angels as do my colleagues in KS1.

Language Angels provides you with fun, interactive and easy to use resources that the kids really enjoy. It also gives you great tips on how to teach it and what to focus on in each session, a must-have if you are new to language teaching. This is combined with the tracking and assessment resources to give you confidence that you are meeting the new curriculum objectives. We love it.
29 June 2015
Anna Low (Sticklands Primary School - Dorset)
We started using Language Angels in our school in the autumn term of this school year. We searched to find a scheme that was comprehensive enough for staff new to teaching languages to feel confident to deliver their MFL lessons. This scheme is not only in enough detail to do that, but the colourful power points, excellent activities and games, and the structure of each unit are enjoyed so much by our children.

One of the challenges facing teachers when delivering languages is accuracy. AS MFL co coordinator for our school, I have taught the majority of KS2 a language at some point, and the children always want to know WHY a word has to be masculine/feminine and if there is a rule/pattern- amongst many other questions. I have found that the notes provided with each session allow teachers to feel comfortable answering such questions, and teachers can be prepared for them by reading the unit overview provided. The sound bites for each word only add to building confidence of the staff, as pronunciation was a concern to many members of staff.

Language Angels allows you to clearly and easily assess the children in their language learning. Each end of unit assessment provides feedback on how well the children can read, speak, write and listen to the language that they are learning. The nature of the units themselves allows for the teacher to see if children are struggling, and the differentiation provided allows a higher level of support for those who are having more difficulty.

On top of all of the wonderful teaching and learning that takes place within our language sessions now, the staff at Language Angels is extremely professional, helpful and friendly. They respond to emails quickly, they are always at the end of the phone and offer training for schools new to the scheme. They are happy to accommodate the needs of your school, such as topics and how their units can fit in with this. I asked for a suggested yearly overview of units based on the curriculum we teach at school , and Paolo very quickly replied with a sequence that offered progression and kept as closely in line with our wider curriculum as possible, which was extremely helpful!

I would recommend Language Angels to any school. It makes language learning stress free for staff and more importantly fun and accessible for ALL children. We love it here!
20 April 2015
Nicola Macdonald (Hillstone Primary - Birmingham)
I really do like the tasks on this website and have been using them significantly with my classes. I find that it's very easy to navigate and the resources are succinct. What I also like is the fact that there is a great focus on the interactive listening activities. A non-linguist can rely on the listening activities to deliver the lessons without any hesitation.

I do not need to create any resources nor even dip into any other scheme of work.

I also highly rate the resources, not just for the development of children's learning but for the sheer multitude of activities and resources which can help influence my own language learning and in turn helps promote their love of learning languages.

Thumbs up from me!
05 March 2015
Chris Barwell (Scraptoft Valley - Leicester)
Language Angels is easy to use, a god send for those who are less confident delivering MFL, providing engaging resources to enrich your teaching. I would recommend this product!
16 February 2015
Rachael Staples (Burlington Juniors - Yorkshire)
We are using the units in our school to deliver the MFL curriculum. The teachers are comfortable using it as they don’t need to be “French Speakers” and your website makes this less scary and less stressful especially as it is all planned, ready to deliver. I would (and have) recommended it to other schools to try!
03 January 2015
Justine Florido (Lime Walk Primary - Herts)
Language Angels has been really supportive as we have moved over to the New Curriculum 2014. We were already teaching French to our Key Stage 2 pupils, but this resource has given our teachers the confidence to teach MFL in the light of the curriculum changes. The children find the interactive nature of the lessons interesting and the teachers like the planning format. Thank you Language Angels for all your help!
03 January 2015
Wendy-May Foster (Wareside Primary - Herts)
Two Waters Primary School have been using Language Angels to teach French, for around two years. Prior to that, we were using 'bits and bobs' from 'here and there' and in some classes no French was being taught at all! All KS2 teachers now teach French lessons every week and there's even some teaching in KS1 too! Teachers and pupils love the scheme! Teachers, who had previously lacked confidence when delivering a language, now confidently teach the subject. Each lesson has been planned for them, including all of the required resources. The children (and teachers) can hear the vocabulary being pronounced by a French speaker at the click of a button! The games and worksheets have been enjoyed by all age groups. Many of the topics link to subjects being taught in the class, which certainly enhances our creative curriculum. Display material, linked to the topic, reinforces new language learnt and also assists visual learners. In addition to all of this, teachers now have end of unit assessments (self assessments and more formal), which it seems, will satisfy Ofsted criteria. Finally, Language Angels now provide a suggested timetable which shows which topics should be taught for each year group over each half term. This ensures that clear progression is achieved. On a last note, I must also mention the excellent and very prompt support provided by Paolo and Francesca. Thank you Language Angels!
03 January 2015
Jane Hill (Two Waters Primary - Hertfordshire)
Our children love the fun and interactive games on Language Angels, they particularly love the games where they have to beat the clock! The children listen to an authentic French speaker modelling the target language. Lesson worksheets are differentiated for most learners & every unit gives our children an opportunity to practise the 4 language learning skills. I am really enjoying teaching French with Language Angels.
03 January 2015
Samantha Ridout (Downsell Primary School - London)
Teachers are finding Language Angels a fantastic resource. It gives them confidence with pronunciation and lesson planning. The modules are well designed to match curriculum topics which helps to reinforce prior learning across subjects. Links to grammar are strengthened giving an added boost to the focus on English grammar in the new curriculum.
03 January 2015
Bridget Knapper (Burnt Ash Primary - Bromley)
Language Angels has been a brilliant support for me as I was given the task of introducing Spanish across the whole of KS2 this academic year. The scheme Is ‘fool-proof’; each lesson is planned and resources explained step by step for teachers. Added to this, my students really enjoy the games and worksheets the scheme provides, and being able to log on with their individual logons at home means that parents can be involved in their learning too. Paolo and his team respond to questions and queries quickly and can’t do enough to help!
03 January 2015
Helen Manly (Bowmansgreen Primary - Hertfordshire)
Language Angels supported our teachers who are not specialists in MFL and those who can't speak Spanish. They used the lesson plans to either follow or for ideas and the resources were very useful especially those with the sound buttons as they didn't feel embarrassed by having to speak a language they were not confident in to the children.
03 January 2015
Susan Wiles (Bursted Wood Primary - Bexleyheath)
Language Angels is quick and easy to use, providing a great starting point for teachers who may be unfamiliar with a certain language. The resources are simple to navigate and use within the classroom. I've been using the French on Language Angels, it is easy to use and navigate around. The PowerPoint resources are bright and eye catching with really useful pictures to explain the words.The audio pronunciation is really clear and it can be repeated as many times as you like using the speaker symbol. This is very useful both in the class and when planning, so I can check my own pronunciation!
03 January 2015
Sarah Garbutt (Five Lanes Primary - Wiltshire)
Used in a mixed age group class very effectively. Easy to use and the children enjoy it!
03 January 2015
Jackie Gunter (Hindon Primary School - Salisbury)
I have been using Language Angels to teach Spanish to children with special educational needs. I have used it to teach pupils aged between 8 and 14 with varying degrees of needs. I have been able to differentiate all the resources available for the language. The children have enjoyed the structure of the lessons and staff have also enjoyed learning the language.
The games for each topic are great for group work on the interactive whiteboard or for individual work on tables or computers. The end of the topic assessment was easy to complete and I was able to use this as my assessment evidence.
23 December 2014
Jeanette Cole (Fairmead School - Somerset)
This is the fourth year I am using it so it must be good!
23 December 2014
Noella Cuven (Al Yasmina School - UAE)
Earlier this year I was thrilled when our Head Teacher asked me if I would be interested in teaching Spanish to KS2. Learning Spanish is my hobby and I visit my house near Barcelona, as often as I can. However, moments after saying yes, the reality hit me. Where would I start? How good is my accent? I lead Nursery and Reception, I haven't taught KS2 for some years, how would I keep these older children engaged? Would this mean more hours of making games, props and work sheets? Then my Head explained he was considering buying in to 'Language Angels' and would I have a look at it and tell him my thoughts. This I did and I immediately realised what a brilliant resource he had discovered. I quickly emailed him saying 'Yes please!' and in September the children and I began our 'Language Angels' adventure. Right from the start we have all found it fun and engaging. I deliver lessons to a Y3/4 class and a Y5/6 class. Both classes started at the same entry point but it is fascinating to see how each lesson evolves differently, as we make full use of all the resources available. Everything is so easy to use: listening repeatedly, moving through the lessons, playing the interactive games. I have not needed to write lesson plans, to prepare any resources and have not needed to worry about my accent as the voice on the program is so clear. Everything I need is at my fingertips. However, as stated in the teacher's notes, there is plenty of opportunity for me to add in bits of my personal knowledge and although it is absolutely unnecessary, I have enjoyed adding in some little ideas of my own, like playing a bingo game about colours, after learning them through the program. At the end of the first unit the children used the assessment sheets. As we had some extra time we used the two options and the children reported that they really enjoyed doing both. All the children are very enthusiastic about our lessons and I hear them practising around school. They seek me out to ask what we'll be learning next and many are teaching their parents and siblings and bringing in books to support their learning. So .......... what more could you want but this easy-to-use, engaging, fun, hassle-free program. I thoroughly recommend it to all and thank you Paolo Pini for Language Angels.
23 December 2014
Ann Stone (Acorns Primary School - Warwickshire)